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*umbanvag mag-, -um-; goal -un.To go (somewhere) in a group or flock (usu. used derogatorily).Miyadtu sila nagꞌumban pa bāy sin mayul.They flocked to the mayor’s office.OV SYN.baanCf.panunagad 1
umbulnNumber.Unu in umbul sin tikit mu?What is the number on your ticket?vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To number, give a number (to something).Umbuli in manga tikit ini.Write the numbers on these tickets.
isa, hambuuk1
hangpuꞌ tagꞌisa11
hangpuꞌ tagduwa12
hanggatus iban hambuuk, hanggatus tagꞌisa101
hanggatus hangpuꞌ110
hanggatus hangpuꞌ tagꞌisa111
upat ngagatus400
unum ngagatus600
siyam ngagatus900
duwangaibu, duwangibu2,000
tūngaibu, tūngibu3,000
upat ngaibu4,000
limangaibu, limangibu5,000
unum ngaibu6,000
pitungaibu, pitungibu7,000
walungaibu, walungibu8,000
siyam ngaibu9,000
hangpuꞌ ngaibu10,000
hanggatus ngaibu100,000
umbulsatuadjOutstanding, the best.Siya in umbulsatu ha iskul namuꞌ.He is the outstanding (student) of our school.
umbun-umbunannCrown of the head, fontanel.Ayaw mu pagkaputi in umbun-umbunan sin bataꞌ-bataꞌ.Don’t touch the fontanel of the baby.
*umidvag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To take good care (of something), prevent harm (to something), economize.Umid kaw sin baran mu ampa kaw diꞌ maluhay masakit.Take good care of yourself so that you will not easily get sick.Umiran mu subay mahugut in sīn hipagꞌiskul mu.You have to economize well with the money for your schooling.adj./advmaumidCareful, protective, preventive.In tau maumid ha unu-unu niya miyumumus marayaw.A careful person keeps his things properly.Cf.ayadhalliꞌ 1
ummatnA believer or follower (of any religion), the faithful, members of a congregation.In manga Muslim ummat hi Nabi Muhammad.Muslims are the followers of Prophet Muhammad.Cf.tindugantindug 1.1jamaa
umpakvag mag-, -um-; goal -un; ran/inst pag-…-an.To jump (off the ground).Umpak kaw makapitu.Jump seven times.Diꞌ ku maabut in paga-paga, subay umpakun.I can’t reach the shelf, someone should jump to reach it.adjmaumpakCharacterized by high jumps, jolty (as of the movement of a jeep on a bumpy road).Maumpak in jīp bang in dān mabatu.The jeep is jolty if the road is rocky.OV SYN.laksu*tugpaꞌlumpat
umpan1nBait (for animals or fish), something that serves as enticement (to something).Ūd in hinangun ta umpan mamingit.We’ll have worms as bait for fishing.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To bait, lure, tempt, entice, attract (something).Subay umpanan in bingit ullang, supaya tuminduk in istaꞌ.The hook should be baited with shrimp so that the fish will bite.2nSomething that distracts a child’s attention.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To distract (a child or a child’s attention).Umpani in bataꞌ-bata panayaman bat diꞌ tumangis.Distract the child with toys so she won’t cry.
umulgimb.ummul1nAge.Pila in umul mu?What is your age? (i.e, how old are you?)vact mag-.To reach an age.Bang magꞌumul na siya kawhaan tahun subay na siya magꞌasawa.When he reaches the age of 20 he should marry.adjmaumulOlder.Maumul siya dayn kākuꞌ.She is older than I am.advsaumulForever.Wayruun tau maghulaꞌ ha dunya saumul.There will be no people living on the earth forever.Cf.gulang2nThe end of (one’s) life.Bang aku panawn sin sundalu adlaw ini, umul ku na.If the soldiers come after me today that’s the end of my life.
unavag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To go ahead or before, be first.Una na kaw dayn kākuꞌ.You can go ahead of me.Ikaw in nakauna dimatung. Subay ikaw in muna.You were the first to arrive. You should be first.Unahun ku in paglutuꞌ dayn sin paglanuꞌ bāy.I’ll put the cooking ahead of cleaning the house.nunahanA place or position ahead of or in front of (others).Hisiyu in naglilingkud ha unahan mu?Who is the one seated in front of you?ANT.ulihan*huli
una-huliadjOne after the other, out of order, at different times.Una-huli in pagdatung nila.They arrive at different times.vag mag-; pat -un.To do things one after the other at different times.Diꞌ aku mabayaꞌ magꞌuna-huli in pagparā sin tugun ku.I don’t like you to send my orders at different times.Cf.subli
undamnA small basin, bowl (made of plastic or metal).Nagdakdak aku ha undam.I washed the clothes in the basin.OV SYN.batiyaꞌpastan
undannA wild duck of any species.1: Birds and Flying Insects
*undanvag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To follow closely behind (someone), follow (someone) around (often causing annoyance, usu. used derogatorily).Malisuꞌ tuud aku ha tau ini. Imuundan sadja kākuꞌ.This man really annoys me. He keeps following me around.Amu sadja in iyuundanan mu in tau malunsul.The only ones you follow around are people who wander around.SYN.*tundan 2OV SYN.urul
undulvar.yundulnResult, outcome.In undul sin hinang mangiꞌ mapatay, atawa majīl.The result of bad deeds is dying or being jailed.In undul sin pagbiat ku ha manga anak ku nahinang sila katān tau marayaw.The outcome of my training of my children is that they all became good people.vact mag-, -um-.To result (in something).Bang masāꞌ in pagdā ta ha baran ta, magꞌundul pa way na magꞌaddat kātuꞌ.If we don’t behave properly it will result that no one will respect us.nundulanResult, outcome.Tumaka mu yan tiktikun in undulan niya mabagbag.If you keep on hitting that the result will be it will break.Cf.baynat
untaꞌnA camel.In untaꞌ pagpanguraan sin tau maghadjiꞌ pa Makka.A camel is what is ridden by the people who become hadjis at Mecca.4: Animals, Non-flyingvag mag-.To ride on a camel.Magꞌuntaꞌ sadja in tau ha Misil bang umuntas dayn ha hula paslangan.The people of Egypt always ride on camels when crossing the desert.
untasvag mag-, -um-; goal -un; ran -an.To cross (a road, street, sea, bridge, etc.).Untas kaw bang lumabay na in jīp yaun.Cross (the street) after that jeep passes.Cf.labay
untayawvpat -um-.(For one’s health or condition) to recover, regain its former state, improve.Di na matantu bang makauntayaw pa siya dayn ha sakit niya.It’s not certain whether she’ll recover from her sickness.Pauntayawun ku siya marayaw dayn ha pagpaiskul kaniya.I will give him a better condition in life by sending him to school.OV SYN.tangun 2
untuknA (heaped-up) excess (of commodities being measured, as rice or salt).Bihaini in untuk sin pagtupung niya sin bugas.The excess when he measured the rice was like this.adjmauntukFilled to excess, heaping.Malugiꞌ kaw bang mauntuk in pagtupung mu sin asin.You will take a loss if you give heaping measures of salt.vpat -um-.(For something) to pile up in a heap (i.e, beyond the top of a container), heap up.Imuntuk na in basura, walaꞌ na mayan kiyakawaꞌ.The garbage has heaped up, it hasn’t yet been collected.Subay mu diꞌ pauntukun bang kaw magdihil kaniya kaunun.Don’t heap up (the container) when you give him rice.OV SYN.būd 2Cf.lasay 1
untungnProfit, gain.Way untung sin pagbisnis.The business didn’t yield a profit.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To make a profit or gain.Untungi in dagangan niya.Take the things which he sold to you and make a profit on them (by reselling).Cf.usahavpat -un.To take (something) as profit.Ayaw mu na aku pabayara sin hambuuk badjuꞌ untungun ku na.Don’t make me pay for one shirt, I’ll take it as my profit.
unu1pronWhat.Unu in kabayaan mu?What is it that you want?/What do you want?vag mag-.The patient is contained in the stem.(For someone or an animal) to do what.Magꞌunu kamu?What are you going to do?vCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To do what (to or with something).Magꞌunu sila kākuꞌ bang aku magad?What will they do to me if I go along?Unuhun mu in bāy ini?What will you do with this house?Iyunu mu in bataꞌ ini?What did you do to this child?Hipagꞌunu in tubig piyasuꞌ ini?What is this hot water for?vST pat ma-.What will happen/happened? (with negative diꞌ, for something not) to matter.Naunu kaw yan?What happened to you?Maunu kaw bang kaw minum sin ubat ini?What will happen to you if you take this medicine (i.e., nothing will happen).Diꞌ da maunu bang kaw diꞌ mabayaꞌ magad kākuꞌ.It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to go with me.2vpat mag-.What is the (kinship) relationship (between or among people).Magꞌunu kamu iban sin iban mu yan?What is your relationship to your companion?
unu-unu1pronWhatever.Unu-unu in kabayaan mu agad da kami.Whatever you want we will just do it.vST pat ma-.How is (something, condition, situation).Maunu-unu kaw bihaun?How are you today?Maunu-unu bihaun ha Sūg?How are conditions in Jolo?2nProperty, possessions, belongings.Ayaw niyu tangkuga in manga unu-unu niya.Don’t touch her belongings.
unud1nFlesh, meat, substance.In unud sin tau biyaꞌ da dagbus sin unud sapiꞌ.The flesh of people looks like the flesh of beef.vST pat mag-, -um-.To develop flesh or substance.Bang magꞌunud na in panggiꞌ subay na kaliun.When the cassava root develops substance it should be dug up.adjmaunudFleshy, having substance, fat.Maunud in manuk binī mu.You bought a fat chicken.Cf.tambuksubuk2nThe quality (of fabrics).Marayaw in unud sin kakanaꞌ ini.The quality of this cloth is good.3nA blood relative.Diꞌ aku makatawakkal mamunuꞌ sin unud ku.I don’t dare to kill my blood relative.SYN.duguꞌ 24n(With bichara) the suggested or implicit meaning of something said (that should not be plainly expressed due to courtesy or decency).Awn unud sin bichara niya.There’s an implicit meaning to what he said.
unumadjSix.Unum in anak niya.He has six children.umbul
unungnA companion (sharing the same circumstances).In unung niya miyatay, banta niya.His companion in death was his enemy.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.(To die) with another, live or stay together with (someone, sharing the same fate or existence).Nagꞌunung sila miyatay.They died together.Unungi in anak ku ha Manila.Stay together with my daughter in Manila.