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*ungaꞌadjmaungaꞌEmotional.Maungaꞌ tuud in babai ini.This lady is very emotional.
ungasadjBald above the forehead.In katauran sin sayantis, ungas.Most scientists are bald-headed.viST pat ma-.To become bald.Maungas kaw lumugay bang mataud pikilun mu.You will become bald eventually if you have many responsibilities.vtag mag-; pat -un.To make (oneself or someone) appear bald by shaving off (his) hair.Diꞌ siya mabayaꞌ magꞌungas.He doesn’t want to shave off his hair so as to appear bald.SYN.upaw
ungsitvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To ask (someone for something) to be repeated (as a word missed in dictation or conversation); remind (someone of something, as a promise).Ungsitun ta mān in mastal sin kabtangan way ta nakāꞌ.We will ask the teacher later to repeat the word we missed.Ungsita siya sin utang niya.Remind her of her debt.OV SYN.asubu*usihatCf.pariksaꞌ
ungsud1nBride price, (usu. paid in rice, animals for feasting, and cash to the parents of the bride).Diꞌ makaaku sin ungsud in usug.The boy cannot afford the bride price.vag mang-, mag-, -um-; ran -an.To give or pay a bride price.Ungsuri na in babai.Pay the girl’s bride price.
ungsud2vCV 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.To give or hand over (something to someone).Hiungsud ta in pilak ini pa mayul.We will hand this money over to the mayor.OV SYN.dihilduhal*tukbal
ungsud-ungsudnA drawer (to a desk, cabinet, etc.), cabinet.Tawꞌan in sīn ha ungsud-ungsud.Keep the money in the drawer.
ungsuyvar. ofhungsuynA tobacco pipe.
unguꞌnA matching pants and shirt dark red (pula ulum) in color.Māhang na in magtamung sin pakayan unguꞌ bihaun.People seldom wear the dark red matching pants and shirt nowadays.GENR.walnaꞌ
upaꞌnThe refuse of betel nut after chewing, quid.Bugitan in upaꞌ mamaꞌ ha palurahan yaun.Spit your quid of betel nut in the cuspidor there.Cf.mamaꞌapug 1
upama1vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To talk about (something, often in a negative way).Bang pasal sin ngiꞌ nila in upamahun mu gām na kaw himundung.If you’re going to talk about their wrongdoing it’s better if you stop.OV SYN.limut2vag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran (expresses reason) pag-…-an.To worry (about something).Bang kaw magꞌupama sin kalugian mu nakauna kumangiꞌ in pikilan mu.If you worry about your previous losses in business you will go crazy.OV SYN.susa
upamakunrelFor example, likened to (used in comparisons).Bang upamakun magbingit ikaw yan in umpan.If it’s likened to fishing, you are the bait.Cf.ibāratsapantun
upāngnYaws.Nasakit siya upāng sin timpu Jipun.He was sick with yaws in the Japanese time.8: DiseasesvST pat -un.To develop or be afflicted with yaws.Iyuupāng in maas usug yaun.That old man has yaws.Cf.suplit
upatadjFour.Upat da sila in nakabīn ha bāy.There are four of them who remained at the house.vrdp. pat -un.(To do something) by fours.Upat-upatun ta in pagdihil kindi ha manga bataꞌ.Let’s give four pieces of candy to each child.
upat matanA person with eyeglasses.Pasal awn samin mata niya, laung sin manga tau upat mata na siya.Because he has glasses, people say he’s now a person with eyeglasses.
upawadjBald on the crown of the head.nBald pate.Pagsaruk kaw bat diꞌ kakitaan in upaw mu.Wear a hat so your bald pate won’t be seen.SYN.ungas
*upiksaꞌvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To attend to, look after (something) with great care and diligence; provide (someone’s) needs.Upiksaa in nasasakit.Take great care of the sick.Upiksaa in pagkaun sin manga anak mu, ay mu sila pasāri.Attend to your children’s food, don’t neglect your children.adjmaupiksaꞌAttentive to, looking after (something) with great care and diligence.Maupiksaꞌ siya sin hinang niya.She is attentive to her work (i.e., is diligent).Cf.*ayuraparuliisbat*ayuput
upiraEng.nA surgical operation.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To perform surgery, operate.Kinsūm upirahan in bugun niya.Tomorrow her goiter will be operated on.Magpaupira in bagay ku sin hubag niya ha siku.My friend will have his swollen elbow operated on.
upisEng.nAn office.Madtu kami pa upis sin piskal.We will go to the office of the public defender.vag mag-.To work in an office, go to work (in an office).Magꞌupis aku minsan Ahad bang mataud hinang.I go to the office even on Sunday if there is plenty of work.vran -an.To use (a place) as an office.Pagꞌupisan ta in sawm bāy.Let’s use the space below the house as an office.nmagꞌuupisOffice employees.Way hinang sin manga magꞌuupis adlaw yan.Office employees are off today.
upisyalEng.nAn officer, official.Subay in sundalu magsalura ha upisyal.A soldier must salute an officer.vag mag-; pat -un.To become an officer or official, appoint (someone) as an officer or official.Mabayaꞌ tuud siya magꞌupisyal ha kappal.He really wants to become an officer on a ship.
*uplutviact mag-, -um-; ran -an.(For the sun) to rise, (an object) to rise up; (for seeds) to sprout.Imuplut na in suga.The sun has risen.Wayruun hulaꞌ kiyakitaan ku luwal in būd Siasi biyaꞌ da lagguꞌ bulan imuplut dayn ha higad dagat.I didn’t see any land except Siasi mountain rising up from the ocean like the size of the moon.Subay hangka-pitu ampa umuplut in bigi tiyanum mu.It will take a week for the seed you’ve planted to sprout.Cf.umbatubuꞌ 1vtag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.To thrust (something) out.Ayaw mu uplutan in ū mu dayn ha tandawan.Don’t thrust your head out of the window.
uralnCoarseness (of cloth).Ayaw kaw magbī bang bihaini in ural sin kakanaꞌ.Don’t buy it if the cloth is this coarse.adjmaural(Of cloth, mats, or anything woven) coarse in texture, (of meat) not tender.Maural in unud sapiꞌ ini.This beef is not tender.ANT.mapūnyuknyukCf.kasap
urulvTV ag mag-, -um-; goal -un.To come or go after someone, follow.Awn jip imuurul ha ulihan ta.There’s a jeep following us.Urula sadja in dān simintu.Just follow the paved road.Iyurul namuꞌ siya pa bāy niya.We followed him to his house.Nakaurul siya sin limpaꞌ siki sin amaꞌ niya.He followed the footsteps of his father. (May be literal or fig.).Cf.agad 2apas 1
urusnAn excretion from a millepede.
*ūsvag, aux mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.Often rdp.To hurry, hasten; be hasty (to do something).Imūs sila minīg dayn dī supaya sila diꞌ abutan sin banta nila.They left here in a hurry so that their enemies wouldn’t meet them.Nagꞌūs-ūs sila pa tabuꞌ.They hurried in going to the market.Ūsun ku in hinang ini sabab kagunahan.I’ll hurry this work because it’s needed.Subay diꞌ ūsan in tau bang naghihinang supaya diꞌ masāꞌ.A person should not be hurried when working so that he/she won’t make a mistake.Piyaūs-ꞌūs niya in bataꞌ kimaun hangkan biyungkul.He ordered the child to hurry eating, that’s why heꞌūsanOften rdp.Reason for hurrying.Unu in piyagꞌūs-ūsan mu?What are you in a great hurry for?adj./advmaūsQuick(ly), hurried(ly), in a hurry.Maūs in panaw namuꞌ hangkan diꞌ na kami sumakat pa taas bāy mu.We are in a hurry so we won’t come into your house.OV SYN.kasay 1samutsiglaꞌbiskay
ūs-ꞌūssee*ūsvTo hurry, hasten; be hasty (to do something).