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usahanWork, occupation, labor, vocation, business, means of livelihood.Magꞌistaꞌ in usaha niya.His occupation is fishing.vag mag-, -um-; pat usāhunTo earn (money), engage in business or occupation so as to make a living.Makausaha aku hangibu pilak hangka-pitu.I can earn one thousand pesos a week.Diꞌ in tau mabuhiꞌ bang diꞌ magꞌusaha sin kabuhianan.People won’t survive if they don’t earn a living.Pila sīn in nausaha mu adlaw yan?How much money did you earn today?Usāhun ku mān in singsing mu kiyaragang ku.I will earn (money equal to the value of) your ring which I sold.vpat magka-.To be earned from, used as livelihood.Awn waktu makausaha kita, awn isab waktu magkausaha kita.There are times we can make a living, there are other times we are made a living from (i.e., we lose money).adjmausahaCharacterized by earnings, able to earn.Mausaha in tau ini.This fellow is able to earn.Cf.hinang 1.1kabuhiananbuhiꞌ 1
usalEng.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To use (something).Magꞌusal aku kantiyu bang matūg.I’ll use loose-fitting pants when I go to bed.Bang mataud in lutuun subay usalun in dapulan gās.If there is a lot to cook we have to use the gas stove.Pagꞌusalun ku in sāmin ku bang magbassa.I am using my eye glasses for reading.OV SYN.*pakay 2lagiguna
usbanPaternal kinfolk (a kinship term referring to the male parent of ego and the consanguinal kin of the male parent).Usba in makapagbayaꞌ ha manga anak mu.It is your husband and his family who have authority over your children.vag mag-, -um-; ran ka-…-an.(For paternal kinsfolk) to have or exercise rights (over the children).Maas sin usug in makapagꞌusba ha manga bataꞌ ini.It’s the elders of the male who have the right over these children.Cf.warisusba-waris
usba-warisnOne’s maternal and paternal kinfolk (see usba and waris).Subay tipunun in usba-waris bang awn magpangasawa kaniya.(Her) paternal and maternal kinfolk should be gathered together when someone asks for her hand in marriage.OV SYN.lahasiyaꞌ1 1kampung
*usbu1vpat -um-, mag-; ran ka-…-an.(For a liquid) to give off steam, (for a liquid, gas, heat, cold) to be forced out or up under pressure.Nagꞌusbu na in tubig piyasuꞌ mu.The water you heated is giving off steam.Pausbuhun ku pa taas in asu dayn ha makina.I’ll cause the smoke from the engine to be forced up (i.e., direct it up).2vact mag-, -um-.(With sakit sin atay, dugal, pasuꞌ, etc.) to lose one’s temper or poise, seethe with (anger).Imusbu in sakit sin atay niya kahapun.He was seething with anger yesterday.Diꞌ lumugay umusbu na in pasuꞌ ku.I’m going to lose my temper in a minute.
*usibaꞌ1vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To spoil, ruin, waste (something, as food or money).Ayaw niyu usibai in pagkaun yan.Don’t waste the food.Cf.luppas2vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To rape (someone).Iyusibaan niya in daraakun nila.He raped their maid.Cf.*kapkap*iyut*wati
usibaꞌ saytannDemon wasting (a kind of sickness caused by evil spirits).Bang usibaꞌ saytan in sakit niya diꞌ kaulian sin duktur.If his sickness is demon wasting, a doctor cannot cure it.Cf.abat 1labhaꞌhantu
*usigvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.(For dogs) to growl or snarl.Nagꞌusig in manga iruꞌ.The dogs are growling.Bang in tau magkaun unud iruꞌ, usigun tuud siya sin kaibanan iruꞌ.If a person eats dog meat, other dogs will growl at him.npagꞌusigThe growling or snarling of a dog.Nakabatiꞌ aku sin pagꞌusig sin manga iruꞌ.The growling of the dogs woke me up.Cf.*tanghul*taul
*usihatvAQ ag/goal mag-, -um-; goal -un.To ask or inquire (of someone) for further information or clarification.Usihata bang biyaꞌdiin in pagbūs sīn ha DBP.Inquire how to obtain loans from the DBP.adjmausihatInquisitive.Bang kaw mabayaꞌ umingat subay kaw mausihat.You have to be inquisitive if you want to know a lot.OV SYN.asubupariksaꞌsumariya
*usngawvact mag-, -um-; ran ka-…-an.(For a gas, heat) to diffuse, spread, be emitted.Nagꞌusngaw in pasuꞌ dayn ha makina.The heat from the machine is spreading.vran pa-…-an.To cook (something) by steam, steam (something).Bang magtugnaꞌ piyutu subay pausngawan sadja in panggiꞌ līis.When cooking steamed cassava the grated cassava should just be steamed.OV SYN.*usbu 1
ustadjAr.nA teacher of Islam.Maingat maghinduꞌ in manga ustadj yan.Those teachers of Islam are really good at teaching.vag mag-.To be or become a teacher of Islam.Siya in magꞌustadj ha manga tau dī.He’ll become a teacher of Islam of the people here.
usugnMale, man.Subay usug in magbuhat sin baul.It should be a man who lifts the trunk.ANT.babaiCf.subul 1nkausuganGroup of men or males, bridegroom’s party.Nagtipun in kausugan.A group of men gathered together.Dimatung na in dayn ha kausugan.The bridegroom’s party has arrived.npagkausugManhood, masculinity.Kawgun in pagkausug mu bang kaw diꞌ mangatu ha sibuꞌ mu.Your manhood is just wasted if you don’t stand up to your equal.vusug-usug ag mag-.To have an affair with a man (usu. of a married woman).Maytaꞌ magꞌusug-usug in asawa niya?Why is his wife having an affair with another man?npagkausuganAn invulnerable person.OV SYN.bunut basaꞌcomp.bunutkubulanCf.tagiktik
usuknA pole, post, stake (for marking a boundary, supporting a plant, etc.).Butangi usuk bat diꞌ maligad in jambangan yan.Put a stake there so the plant won’t fall over.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To mark a location or boundary with a stake, support (something) with a stake, put up a post.Subay usukan bat kaingatan in daplinan sin lupaꞌ.A post must be put up to indicate the boundary of the land.OV SYN.hāgpangkaꞌ
usuk batunA kilometer.Kulang-labi kawhaan taglima usuk batu in kawman Parang pa Tiyanggi.The community of Parang is more or less twenty-five kilometers from Jolo town.sukud1
*usulvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To relate (historical events of the past).Usulun ku kaniyu in pagkari sin Kastilaꞌ pa Lupaꞌ Sūg.I’ll relate to you the story of the coming of the Spaniards to Sulu.nusulanGenealogical history.Mabayaꞌ siya umingat sin usulan sin manga karatuan.He would like to know the genealogical history of the various datus.Cf.salsilakissa
*usungvCV 3 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To carry (someone) in a litter or by interlacing the hands to form a seat.Usungun natuꞌ in dimaug nagpasu.Let’s carry on our hands the one who won the horserace.nusunganA litter.Iyuusung in Sultan ha usungan.The Sultan is being carried on a litter.
ūt1nThe place between, gap, space.Naglilingkud siya ha ūt ku iban hi Wilma.She was seated between Wilma and me.Ha ūt na siya sin kamatay iban kabuhiꞌ.He is between life and death.vCH 1 pat -un; ran -an.-un and -an are usu. interchangeable.To come between, put (something) between (things or people), divide or separate (things or people).Iyūtan sin manga sundalu in kālu nila hangkan walaꞌ limagguꞌ in bunuꞌ.The soldiers came between the quarreling (groups), that’s why the fighting didn’t become serious.Ūtun ta in kulangan nila sin ūan.We will put pillows between their sleeping places.vag magpa-, magpati-.To intervene or come between (to settle a quarrel).Magpatiūt na kaw bat sila diꞌ maglingug.Do intervene so they won’t get into trouble.Cf.giꞌtungutlang 1bahagiꞌ2nA person or animal born between two offspring.
utaknA (working) bolo.Dā kaw utak bang kaw pa uma.Take a bolo when you go to the field.Cf.janaplahut
utak-utaknFish balls made of stripped leftover fish mixed with some spices and grated coconut meat.
utannTaro (hupiꞌ) when the leaves are not yet open (eaten as a vegetable).
utangnA debt.Bayari na in utang mu kākuꞌ.Pay your debt to me.vag mang-, mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To borrow (something [esp. money] from someone), get an advance (on wages).Nangutang siya kākuꞌ hanggatus pilak.He borrowed 100 pesos from me.Subay utangun ku in gadji ku hangka-bulan, hipamī pantalun.I must get an advance of one month’s wages to buy pants.Iyutangan nila na isab in tinda ha alupan sin sini.They borrowed again from the store in front of the theatre.vran -an.To buy (something) on credit.Iyutangan ku sa in lilus ini ha tinda sin Lannang.I bought this watch on credit at the store of a Chinese.vag magpa-; pat hipa-; ran pa-…-an.To give a loan (usu. of money to someone), sell (something to someone) on credit.Ayaw kaw magpautang ha tau putingan.Don’t give a loan to a liar.nmangungutangA borrower of money, debtor.Bukun jukup in bayad sin manga mangungutang.Those who borrowed haven’t completely paid their debt.adjpangutangProne to be in debt.Ayaw kaw mangandul ha tau pangutang.Don’t trust a man who is prone to be in debt.Cf.būs
*utas1vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To cut (something) apart, sever (something).Utasa kunuꞌ in patung yaun kākuꞌ.Will you sever that bamboo stem for me.utud2vipat ma-; exp ka-…-an, -an.(To do something) strenuously, painstakingly, laboriously.Kiyautasan na aku ha paglawagan kaymu.I searched strenously for you everywhere.vtpat -un.To make (someone) work strenuously, tire (someone) out.Utasun mu tuud aku ha paglanuan sin lantay, lummian mu sadja.You’re really tiring me out cleaning the floor, you keep dirtying it.OV SYN.laul3vpat ma-.To lose all one’s money.Mautas kaw bang kaw diꞌ mīg dayn ha pagpanayaman.You’ll lose all your money if you don’t get out of the gambling den.Mautas kita ha pagpaiskulan bang kaw diꞌ makapās tahun-tahun.We’ll lose all our money in paying for school if you fail every year.OV SYN.ubusCf.*daug
utinnPenis.Pantaluni in bataꞌ-bataꞌ bat diꞌ kakitaan in utin niya.Put pants on the child so his penis can’t be seen.Cf.butuꞌbuyung
utlang1vpat ma-.(For people or places) to be far from each other.Nautlang sila hulaan iban sin manga taymanghud niya.The places of residence of the siblings are far from each other.2vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To separate (people, things or places) with a partition.Marayaw bang utlangun in usug iban babai, supaya diꞌ maglamugay.It’s good if the men and the women are separated by a partition so that they don’t mix.OV SYN.ūt 1
uttaraꞌ1nNorth (the direction).In hangin bihaun dayn ha uttaraꞌ.The wind now is from the north.SYN.masrikCf.sātan 2taksinaꞌmaksinaꞌsadlupan*sadlup 2subanganmagrib 32.1nA strong north wind.hangin2.2nThe season when there are strong winds from the north.