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Utuꞌ1nAn affectionate term of address for a boy in one’s family or any small boy, Sonny, Junior.Pakauna na hi Utuꞌ.Feed Sonny.Cf.iting12nA masculine name.
*utudnA cut or slice (of something).Dihili aku hangka-utud salikayaꞌ.Give me a slice of egg pie.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To cut (something) in two (widthwise or crosswise).Utura kunuꞌ in patung ini.Will you cut this bamboo in two (for me)?vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To cut off a part (of something widthwise or crosswise).Iyuturan nila in duhul sin buhuk ku.They cut off a little from the ends of my hair.OV SYN.huyaꞌdīpCf.*sipak
basbasscrape off the surface of something
dīpslice fruit to be eaten
galiꞌmake a score or notch in flesh
gunting 1cut with or as with scissors
gūtcut flesh all the way through
hilapslice fruit or meat thinly
huyaꞌslice any soft object
ipuscut off an extra end of something
kagasscratch, break the surface of something
laguthack with a bladed weapon
lapacut grass
paliꞌsuffer a cut, be wounded
palucut off a rotten part of something
pilaꞌcut down a tree or other plant
pindangcut an animate object into parts
pingagcut off a small piece of something
pukulcut off a limb or a head
punggulcut off the upper part of something
punggutcut off something, esp. a human head
sāgcut off a branch of a tree
saksakmake an incision or split something
saplungcut a part or the end off something
sipakcut in two lengthwise
tabascut with scissors according to a pattern or measurement
tadtad 1cut part way through many times
tamaꞌchop up into small pieces
tigbaschop, hack, stab something
tiktik 2cut the end off something
tuꞌtuꞌcut branches off a tree
tuissplit or chop wood
tuktuk₂chop up into pieces
tuptup₁cut or trim the nails
utascut something apart, sever something
utudcut in two widthwise or crosswise
utuk1nBrain.Nabagbag in utuk sin tau nahulug dayn ha bāy mataas.The man’s brains smashed when he fell from a tall building.
utuk2nA sickness (resulting from false swearing on the Koran, in which the stomach swells, the skin becomes yellow, and death eventually results), the curse (of which this illness is the evidence).In utuk sapa landuꞌ mangiꞌ, sampay manga anak sin iyutukan kugdanan da isab.The curse resulting from (false) swearing is extremely serious, even the children of the one who is cursed get the disease.vag maka-; act mag-; ran -an.No difference in meaning between mag- and -an.(For God) to curse (someone who swears falsely on the Koran) by making (his) stomach swell and (his) skin turn yellow, and causing eventual death.The Koran is the mediator of the curse.Abila in tau sumapa sin kiyabubunnalan siya, na utukan na siya sin Tuhan.If a person swears (he has not done something) and then is found out, God will curse him by making his stomach swell and his skin turn yellow.Bang in magsapa biyaꞌ magkampung masuuk, na magꞌutuk na yan karuwang-sipak.If the ones who swear (and one is lying) are close relatives, then both of them will be cursed by their stomach swelling and their skin turning yellow.Utukan pa aku, way aku nakakāꞌ sin sīn mu.May God curse me if I took (lit. I didn’t take) your money.vran -iy-…-an.(May God) curse (you), (God) damn (you).Iyutukan kaw! Bang man kaw mabugtang da.Damn you! May you drop dead.Cf.sapa
*utungvAQ ag/goal mag-, -um-; pat -un.To drag, pull (something).Utungun ku in lubid kaymu.I’ll pull the rope for you.Mautung mu kākuꞌ in baul yaun?Can you drag that chest for me?OV SYN.hillaꞌCf.*bisud
utung-bisudvact mag-.(For a person or one’s emotion or mind) to vacillate, waver (usu. about a decision).Magꞌutung-bisud in bayaꞌ niya kākuꞌ.She vacillates in her affection for me.Papagꞌutung-bisurun ku in pikilan nila.I’ll make their minds vacillate.OV SYN.duwa-ruwaduwa 2
utusvar.uttusnChicken pox.In utus makalamin.Chicken pox is catching.8: DiseasesvST pat -un.To develop chicken pox.Pagpalanggit kaw bat kaw diꞌ utusun.Get vaccinated so you won’t catch chicken pox.Ayaw kaw magpahangin bang kaw iyuutus.Don’t go out in the wind if you have chicken pox.Cf.pangkutsampal
ututvag mang-, mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To emit or pass gas (through the anus).Ayaw kaw mangutut bang awn tau.Don’t pass gas if there are people.Biyaꞌ ututun in buliꞌ ku yan.My rear end feels like I want to pass gas.Kiyaututan siya sin sapiꞌ hangkan way limagguꞌ.A cow emitted gas on him, that is why he doesn’t grow.
*ūūvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To pacify, appease, placate, comfort (someone).Ūūha in bataꞌ bat diꞌ na tumangis.Pacify the child so she’ll stop crying.Diꞌ mu siya maūū minsan unu in hinangun mu.You can’t comfort her no matter what you do.Subay kaw maingat magꞌūū kaniya, bat kamu makapagdayaw.You should know how to placate her, so that the two of you can be reconciled to each other.Cf.sulut
uwaꞌnThe mature female milkfish (having hard scales).Mahunit saggawn in uwaꞌ sabab makusug lumanguy pa malayuꞌ.The mature female milkfish is hard to catch because it swims fast to a far distance.2: Fish and Swimming Marine Creatures
uwak1nA crow, any large dark-colored bird resembling a crow.Mataud in uwak.sayingnThere are many people with the same name (lit. There are many crows).2vag mag-; ran -an.To introduce oneself (to others).Subay sa aku ini magꞌuwak supaya nila aku kakilahan.I should introduce myself so they will know who I am.OV SYN.inuwak 1
uwaynRattan.Marayaw hinangun bangkuꞌ in uway.Rattan is good for making chairs.Makamdus in manga sīya hīnang dayn ha uway.Chairs made from rattan are durable.5: Plants
*uwayangvar.wayangvag mag-, -um-; ran (expresses reason) pag-…-an.To cry out loudly.Maytaꞌ kaw nagꞌuwayang?Why did you cry out loudly?OV SYN.*ulaktulikgasud
uwiꞌ1vTV ag mag-, -um-.To come or go home (to one’s abode).Uwiꞌ kaw masamut.Come home early.Diꞌ pa siya makauwiꞌ.He can’t go home yet.Piyauwiꞌ sin mastal in manga bataꞌ iskul pasal sin pagbunuꞌ.The teacher sent the school children home because of the fighting.nuwianThe place to which (one) returns, (one’s) home.Harap pakain in uwian mu?Where are you returning to?2vran -an.To start living in (a new house).Iyuwian nila in bāy baꞌgu kahapun.They started living in the new house yesterday.OV SYN.tau 1
uyintj(An expression of surprise) oh!‘Way bahagiꞌ mu sin pagꞌistaꞌ’ laung sin amaꞌ ha anak. In sambung sin anak ‘Uy!’‘You have no share in the fishing,’ said the father to the son. The son said ‘Oh!’
ūy11intj(A courteous answer to someone’s call) yes?Nagtawag in inaꞌ hi Abdul kaniya, in sambung hi Abdul ‘Ūy.’The mother of Abdul calls for him, Abdul answers ‘Yes?’2intj(A response indicating that the speaker is pleased or appreciates something) oh!, well!, ah!‘Ikaw in napīꞌ magad pa Manilaꞌ humadil sin pagmiting.’ ‘Ūy, marayaw sa yan, makakitaꞌ na aku Manilaꞌ.’‘You were chosen to go to Manila to attend the meeting.’ ‘Oh, that’s good, I’ll be able to see Manila.’3intj(Spoken in order to embarrass or anger someone) aha!, ah!Unmarried people of the opposite sex do not eat together.Ūy, nagsāw kunuꞌ sila nagkaun.Aha, they (boy and girl) are eating together.
ūy2adjmaūy(Of a person) in serious condition.Sabab sin sakit niya maūy na hi amaꞌ.Because of his sickness father is now in serious condition.OV SYN.malammalammagarabi
*uyugvipat ma-, magka-.(For something) to rock or shake (as if about to fall), be unsteady, totter.Nauyug in sanga sin mampallam.The twig of the mango tree shook.Nauuyug in panaw sin tau hilu.The walk of an intoxicated man is tottering.Magkauyug in hāg sin taytayan yan.The post of that footridge is unsteady.vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To rock or shake (something).Ayaw na mayan kamu magꞌuyug sin kahuy yan tumaka mabaliꞌ na sa yan.Don’t shake the stem of the tree any more, it might break.Diꞌ mahublut in hāg bang diꞌ uyugun muna.The post can’t be pulled out if we don’t rock it first.Cf.*jugjug
uyumnA smile.Malingkat in uyum mu ha pattaꞌ ini.Your smile is pretty in this picture.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To smile.Diꞌ aku umuyum ha tau diꞌ ku kakilahan.I don’t smile at people I don’t recognize.Marayꞌ uyumun in amaꞌ mu bang kaw kakitaan niya nagpapantalun gisiꞌ in buliꞌ.Your father will probably smile when he sees you wearing pants with the seat torn.Cf.katawahikhikpaghakhakhakhak
*uyun1vact mag-.(For horizontal people or objects to be arranged) straight or in line.Matanam aku magkulang nagꞌuuyun.I like to lie down straight.Subay nagꞌuuyun in pagluun mu sin manga būk yan supaya tumuput ha labban.Your placing of these books should be in line so that they’ll fit in the box.2vag mag-, -um-.To agree with (another’s) opinion, (for two or more opinions) to agree.Nagꞌuuyun in pikilan namuꞌ pasal sin pagparayaw sin kawman.Our opinions about improving the community agree.