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wadjitnAn indigenous confection made from sticky rice (pūtan, often the black variety).Masarap in wadjit bang kaunun mapasuꞌ pa.Sticky rice confection is delicious when eaten while still hot.vag mag-.To make this kind of confection.Magwadjit aku kunsūm.I’ll make sticky rice confection tomorrow.vpat -un.To make (sticky rice) into this confection.7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasions
wahuynA Chinese game of chance.A riddle is presented. Players bet on one or more of thirty-six numbers corresponding to characters, mostly animals, one of which is the answer to the riddle. Those who bet on the correct character receive thirty times as much as they bet. People sometimes bet on a number or character they dream about.Taawilun ku kaymu in tagainup mu, kalu kaw kumugdan ha wahuy adlaw ini.I will interpret your dream for you, you might win the Chinese game of chance today.vag mag-.To play this game.Ayaw dūli magwahuy in manga bataꞌ.Don’t allow the children to play the Chinese game of chance.
wajibadjObligatory, compulsory.Wajib ha tau katān in magꞌammal ibādat.It is obligatory for everyone to fulfill his religious duties.vran ka-…an.To be obligatory.Kawajiban kātuꞌniyu diꞌ mamatay ha pagkahi ta.It is obligatory to all of us not to kill our fellows.OV SYN.subayANT.sunnat2 1
wajilvar.wajirnOne of a group of aristocratic officials composing the advisory and administrative staff of the sultan of Sulu, royal minister.Manga wajil in nagparāgan sin saraꞌ sin sultan.The royal ministers enforced the king’s law.Cf.panggaway1
wakapnA pause (in reading the Koran), hesitation.Wayruun wakap bang mangadjiꞌ in bataꞌ ini.When this child reads the Koran there is no pause in his reading.
*wakapadjFree for the taking (because given away).vag mag; pat/inst hipag-; goal pag-…-an.To give away (something, esp. the fruit of a coconut tree) to a needy person.Hipagwakap ku in bunga sin niyug ku.I will give away the fruit of my coconut tree to a needy person.OV SYN.sarakkaGENR.dihil
wakilnAn agent, representative, deputy, ambassador.Awn piyarā wakil dayn ha hulaꞌ Arab pa Lupaꞌ Sūg.There was an agent sent from the Arab state to Jolo.vag mag-; pat -un, ka-…-an.(For an official) to assign, appoint, send (someone) as his representative or agent, to delegate (an assignment to someone else).Mayul na in magwakil ha tau amu in piyangandulan magnakuraꞌ sin paghinang sin upis.The mayor is the one who will appoint a person who is trusted to head the work of the office.Hi Panglima Ussam in kiyawakilan sumukat sin ungsud.Headman Ussam was sent as a representative to tell the bride price requirements.Cf.pīꞌ 1daak
waktunTime, a fixed time.Lisag unum sin mahapun in waktu sin pagbubukaꞌ.Six o’clock in the afternoon is the time of the evening meal that breaks the fast.
walaꞌadv(Negative) not (negates begun aspect of verbs and the existential awn).Walaꞌ siya dī sin pagdatung ku.He was not here when I arrived.SYN.way 2ANT.awn
walinPermission (to marry) granted by the bride’s parents.Bang diꞌ karihilan wali diꞌ makakawin in usug.If the man is not given permission by the bride’s parents then he can’t marry the girl.
walnaꞌvar.warnaꞌnColor.Unu in walnaꞌ sin badjuꞌ niya?What’s the color of her dress?
waluadjEight.Walu tahun in umul niya.He is eight years old.umbul
wanninA spieces of mango, very odorous and green when ripe.Mangifera odorata5: Plants
*wapatvpat ma-; ran ka-…-an.To die, expire, pass away (of nobility [except kings], prophets, people who have made or are making the pilgrimage to Mecca, and people believed to be descended from the prophet Muhammad [salip]).Nawapat na hi Datuꞌ Jamaluddin.Datu Jamaluddin has passed away.Kiyawapatan sila ha paghadjiꞌ nila pa Makka.When they were on the pilgrimage to Mecca one of their group died.nkawapatDeath (of one of the above group of people).Ini in kissa pasal sin kawapat sin Nabi Muhammad.This is the story that relates about the death of the Prophet Muhammad.Cf.patay 1*lindung*maruhum
warisnMaternal kinfolk (a kinship term referring to the female parent of ego and the consanguinal kin of the female parent).In waris diꞌ makapagbayaꞌ sumukat sin ungsud sin anak mu.The maternal kinfolk cannot exercise control over the setting of the bride price for your daughter.Cf.usbausba-warislahasiyaꞌ1 1kampung
*wativag mag-.ArchaicTo copulate, have sexual intercourse.Dusa in magwati bang way labay kawin.It is a sin to have sexual intercourse without passing marriage.npagwatiThe act of copulation, sexual intercourse.In pagwati bukun halal bang bukun in tau magtiyaun.Sexual intercourse is not permissible unless the people involved are married.Cf.*iyutjina*kapkap
way1advNegative existential, none, not, there isn’t, there aren’t.Way makahinang ha yan bang bukun ikaw.None but you can do that.Way siya dī.He is not here.Way bugas dī.There isn’t any rice here.2adv(Negative) not (negates begun aspect of verbs and the existential awn).Way kami nagdā sīn.We didn’t bring any money.SYN.walaꞌ
way atayadjUngrateful.In tau way atay way sipug niya.An ungrateful person is shameless.atay
wayangvar. of*uwayangvTo cry out loudly.
wayruun(from way + duun)advNegative existential (see way).Wayruun bagay ku dī.I have no friends here.Cf.way 1