Tausug - English



nga-, -ngrel-ng occurs after numbers ending in a vowel.Euphonic particle occurring with numbers and combinations of numbers.upat ngagatus.four hundred.limang gatusfive hundred.Kawaluwan ngaulad dahun sayng.Eighty pieces of banana leaf.
ngānnA name (of something).Hisiyu in ngān mu?What is your name?vag mag-; ran -an.To name (something).Ayaw kaw magngān sin bukun amu.Don’t tell the name if it is not the right one.Ngāni bang hisiyu in tau nangakkal kaymu.Name the man who tricked you.
*ngangavact/pat -um-.(For the skin) to have a burning sensation (after application of a liniment).Ngumanga in pais mu bang mu pahiran sin ubat yan.Your skin will have a burning sensation if you rub that medicine on it.
*ngās-ngāsseekāsvTo court a girl or attract her attention in an awkward way.
*ngawngawnA muttering, mumbling, grumbling; low unintelligible sound in the throat.Di aku mabayaꞌ dumungug sin ngawngaw mu.I don’t want to hear your grumbling.vag mag-; goal pag-…-an.To utter such a sound, mumble, mutter, grumble.Bang awn kabayaan mu hibichara patanuga, bukun kaw magngawngaw sadja duun.If you have something to say, say it out loud, don’t just mutter.Cf.*dubdubkimut-kimut
ngiꞌ1nA defect, undesirability, shortcoming, badness.Katān tau awn sadja ngiꞌ niya.Everybody has his own shortcoming.adjmangiꞌDefective, destroyed, undesirable, bad.Mangiꞌ in addat hi Hussin.Hussin’s conduct is undesirable.ANT.*dayaw 1vRC, CH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.Sometimes rdp.To become unfriendly or hostile (to someone), (for people) to be on bad terms.Nagngiꞌ-ngiꞌ siya iban inaꞌ niya.She and her mother are on bad terms.Ngiun kita sin pangdaig ta bang kita diꞌ magꞌaddat kanila.Our neighbors will become hostile to us if we don’t respect them.Cf.mulakangiꞌderv.nA defect, badness.2vngiꞌ-ngiꞌ act/pat magka-.(For a woman) to become a prostitute.Nagkangiꞌ-ngiꞌ in kaibanan babai lugay sin armi dī.Some women have become prostitutes during the time the army has been here.
ngiꞌ ataynAnger, resentment, ill feeling (toward someone).Bukun marayaw in magtawꞌ ngiꞌ atay ha pagkahi ta.It’s not good to harbor resentment against our fellow man.atay
ngilunThe uncomfortable feeling at the edge of one’s teeth felt when hearing a scratchy sound, eating something sour, etc.vact -um-, mag-.(For one’s teeth) to have such a feeling.Ayaw kaw magkamas sin blackboard. Magngilu in ipun ku.Stop scratching the blackboard. My teeth feel so uncomfortable.adjmangiluHaving such a feeling.
ngiluꞌnGums, the firm fleshy tissue at the base of the teeth.6: The Parts of the Body
ngītvag mag-, -um-; pat -un; goal -an.Often rdp.To make a face, grin (showing all one’s teeth, sometimes used derogatorily and connotes contempt or scorn).Nagngingīt na in iruꞌ ini.This dog of a fellow is grinning.Ngītan niya sadja aku bang ku siya dāhun magbissara.He just grins at me when I speak to him.Cf.*kuliꞌsung
ngurutvpat ma-.(For one’s hair) to dry out and become thin (usu. due to sickness).Nangurut in buhuk niya.His/her hair has become dry and thin.