Tausug - English



*angkatvAQ ag/goal mag-, -um-; pat -un.To raise up or lift up (something with little effort).Angkata in tilam, yan in sīn ku ha daꞌgan.Lift up the mattress, I have my coins under it.OV SYN.buhat 1*sintak
*angkulvCV 3 ag mag-; pat -un.To carry (something heavy, as a sack of rice, in any manner), lug (something).Ayaw na kaw magꞌangkul sin mabuꞌgat yan.Don’t carry that heavy object.Subay pagsama-samahan angkulun in bahudjiꞌ.They should join together in carrying the anchor.OV SYN.1.1
anglitnA cooking pot (esp. for rice).Māhang na in magꞌusal anglit lupaꞌ bihaun.A clay pot is seldom used now.OV SYN.bangaꞌCf.simpiꞌtungkang
angpudvST pat ma-.To burn to ashes.Maangpud sa yan in bāy mu!Your house will burn to ashes!adjBurned to ashes.Angpud na in bāy nila.Their house is burned to ashes.OV SYN.daꞌpugsunugtutung
angsaꞌvar.agsaꞌnA goose.Maghibuk in angsaꞌ bang makakitaꞌ tau.A goose is noisy when it sees people.1: Birds and Flying Insects
angsu1nA smell (permeating the air, either fragrant or malodorous).In angsu sin lana mahamut landuꞌ in kusug.The smell of the perfume is very strong.vact mag-.To give off a smell.Nagꞌangsu na in tiyugnaꞌ mu.The food you are cooking is giving off its smell.Lanui in kasilyas bat diꞌ magꞌangsu.Clean the toilet so it won’t give off a (bad) smell.Cf.bahuꞌ1 1pangak2vag magpa-; ran pa-…-an.To expose (someone) to the smoke (of burning incense).Magpaangsu pa aku kamanyan.I’ll expose myself to the smoke of the incense.Piyaangsuhan sin mangungubat kamanyan in nasasakit.The mediciner exposed the sick person to the smoke of the incense.OV SYN.tuꞌnug
*angunvag mag-; pat -un.To pamper or overindulge (someone).Bukun marayaw in magꞌangun anak.It’s not good to overindulge (our) children.OV SYN.*langkadakag
angutvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.Does not occur with pa₂.To yearn, seek after (something); bend one’s effort toward, aim at, purpose, aspire for (something).Unu in angutun mu kākuꞌ?What are you seeking to get from me?Ayaw na kaw umangut magmayul bang way da pilak mu.Don’t aspire to become mayor if you don’t have any money.OV SYN.*huwatpuhung
anyam1vCH 2 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran pag-…-an.To plait, weave without a loom, crochet (something, as thread, young coconut leaves, or rattan).Anyamun ku in baluy.I will weave the mat.OV SYN.*punaꞌhablunCf.sunsun2vrdp. pat -un.To imagine, plan, make up a story.Iyaanyam-anyam mu sadja in sakit mu.You’re always imagining your illness.OV SYN.taliꞌ
*anyayavCH 1 ag mang-; pat -un.To persecute; take or grab (something, esp. material possessions, from someone) by injustice, usurp, extort.Dusa in manganyaya altaꞌ sin tau.It is a sin to take the property of others unjustly.OV SYN.kungkawkugut 1kulliꞌ 1kustaw
āp-ꞌāpnA fungus-type skin disease characterized by white blotches on the skin.8: DiseasesvST pat -un.Does not occur with pa₂.To be or become infected with white blotches.Ayaw kaw magjimpaw sin yan, āp-ꞌāpun kaw.Don’t use that towel, you’ll become infected with white blotches.Makaāp-ꞌāp sān in diꞌ magbunglaw bang bakas namayguꞌ dagat.It causes white blotches when you don’t rinse with fresh water after bathing in the sea.OV SYN.bulitmanukkākaskulap
apanChaff of any grain (esp. rice).In binī nila hangpuꞌ karut apa pāy.They bought ten sacks of rice chaff.OV SYN.pais
apabilavar. ofabilarelIf, when (usu. used in a warning).
apamnA pancake.vag mag-, um-; pat -un.To make pancakes.Magꞌapam kita kinsūm mahinaat.We will make pancakes tomorrow morning.Cf.panyam7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasions
apas1vTR ag mag-, -um-; goal -un; ran pag-…-an.To chase, run after, pursue (something).Iyapas in manga mundu sin manga sundalu.The bandits were chased by the soldiers.2vag mag-, -um-; goal -un.To be after (something).Unu in iyapas mu magbana ha tau yan?What are you after in marrying that man?OV SYN.urul
apdunBile, gall.Mapait in apdu sin istaꞌ.The bile of fish is bitter.
apinFire.OV SYN.kāyuCf.baga1 batu apicomp.nFlint.karitaꞌ apicomp.nRailroad train.
apikiadjAbrupt, sudden without notice, having little time, too near (to something).Apiki pa dān in bāy nila.Their house is too near the street.Apiki tuud in pagtulak nila.Their departure was very sudden.vtCH 1 ag -um-; pat -un.To do (something) suddenly, abruptly, without previous planning.Subay apikihun kaagi in pagsaggaw ha tau yaun.The action of capturing that fellow should be done abruptly.viST pat ma-.To be caught unawares.Pagpabaytaꞌ kamu bang kamu mari bat kami diꞌ maapiki.Tell us beforehand if you are coming so we won’t be caught unawares.OV SYN.tapautCf.*dagmit
apilnA quid, cud, wad (of something chewable, as tobacco or betel nut chew).Nangayuꞌ siya apil tabakuꞌ.He is asking a quid of tobacco.vag mag-.To prepare a quid to be chewed.Apili siya tabakuꞌ.You prepare him a quid of tobacco.Cf.apug 1mamaꞌ
apipilaꞌnA large red winged house ant that comes in swarms, (esp. on rainy days).Nakutkut aku sin apipilaꞌ.I was bitten by red ants.In apipilaꞌ bang makakutkut masakit.It’s painful if red ants bite.OV SYN.alanggaꞌGENR.sanamMomemenium pharaonis1: Birds and Flying Insects
apisnA pen for animals (usu. made of bamboo tops underneath a house).vag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To make such a pen.Magꞌapis aku sin manga kambing.I’ll make a pen for the goats.OV SYN.ādlarangCf.kuralkūnganpagal
apitvar.hapit2advAlmost, nearly, about to.Apit siya marugtul sin jīp.He was nearly hit by the jeep.Apit na kami mari saꞌ imulan.We were about to come here but it rained.OV SYN.ambayaꞌCf.sūng 1.1
apludadjmaapludAcrid, bitter (tasting).Maaplud in ubat pagꞌinumun magꞌanak.The medicine for taking at childbirth is bitter.OV SYN.paitCf.pukat
appaꞌnKinship term of address by children to a father of royal blood.May be used as a term of reference.Pakain kaw Appaꞌ?Where are you going, Father?OV SYN.amaꞌaya
apuꞌ1.1nKinship term of reference and address to people two generations from ego (i.e., grandparents, grandchildren, granduncles and aunts, and grandnephews and nieces).In manga taymanghud sin inaꞌ sin inaꞌ ku apuꞌ ku da isab.The brothers and sisters of my mother’s mother are also my grandparents.nkaapuꞌ-apuanAncestors, forefathers.Asal dayahan in kaapuꞌ-apuan nila.Their ancestors were already rich.apuꞌ bataꞌcomp.nA step-grandmother or step-grandfather who is still young or a young sibling of one’s grandparent.apuꞌ gibacomp.nThe second descending generation from ego; grandchild.apuꞌ tuhudcomp.nThe third descending generation from ego; great grandchild.apuꞌ sikicomp.nThe fourth descending generation from ego; great great grandchild.1.2nA respectful term of address for elderly people.2nDeparted spirits (some of good character, some of evil; a term of respect).Kiyaabatan siya sin manga apuꞌ.He was made sick by the departed spirits.OV SYN.tungguꞌ