Tausug - English


apug1nPrepared betel nut ready for chewing.vag mag-.To prepare (betel nut).Apugi aku mamaꞌ.Prepare me a betel nut chew.Cf.apilmamaꞌ2nBurned firewood.
apulnCoagulated blood.Mataud in apul gimuwaꞌ.There was a profuse discharge of coagulated blood.
apusnGambling.Bang ha agama Islam mangiꞌ in panayam apus.Gambling is not tolerated by the Islamic religion.vAR ag mang-; ran -an.To agree to the amount (of a bet), stake all one’s money (in gambling), match the bet of another.Apusan mu na in tūk ini?Do you agree to the amount of this bet?Apusan ku in tūk mu yan duwanggatus.I’ll match your stake of two hundred.Magtūk kita kayꞌman pilak. Apus na, laung sin iban niya.We’ll bet fifty pesos. I agree, said his companion.OV SYN.bilang
ArabnAn Arab.adjArabic (language or writing).vag mag-.To speak Arabic.
arakvar. ofalak1nStrong drink, certain alcoholic beverages (like wine, whiskey, rum, gin).
arakalaꞌvar. ofadakalaꞌrelOtherwise, or else.
arapunvar. ofadapunrelUsed in speaking of something that should have been done but was not.
ararayvar.arayaruruyaruyintjOuch!, an expression denoting pain.
ararunA plow.In kamatauran sin araru ha hulaꞌ namuꞌ, kahuy.Most of the plows in our place are wooden.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran pag-…an.To plow.Araruhun ta na adlaw yan in lupaꞌ.We’ll plow the ground today.Cf.badjaꞌ*badlissamban2
arasnDivine kingdom, seventh division of heaven where God has his throne.OV SYN.sulgaꞌ
arīintjDenotes surprise or protest.Arī, bat ikaw in magpangawaꞌ sin sīn ku!So, it’s you who has been getting my money!OV SYN.abā
ari-arinDecoration, something used to beautify (something or oneself), adornment.Malingkat in manga ari-ari nila.Their decorations are beautiful.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To decorate, beautify (something or oneself), adorn.Amura in kaingatan mu magꞌari-ari sin baran mu.All you know is to beautify yourself.Palmaddaniꞌ in piyagꞌari-ari ha bāy sin pangantin.The house of the bridegroom is decorated with carpet.OV SYN.paglakin-lakin*lakin-lakin
ariplanuTag.nAn airplane.vag mag-.To travel by airplane, take a plane.SYN.kappal lupadcomp.kappal
aritisnA dangling earring (contrasts with the type of earring with a screw type fastener).vag mag-; ran -an.To wear a dangling earring.Magꞌaritis siya sin miyussaan.She’ll wear a dangling earring of pearls.OV SYN.bāng1
armasvar. ofalmasnWeapons.
artinA showy display (in dress, manners, speech, etc.), affectation of elegance, frippery; style.Nakalanduꞌ in arti sin babai yaun.That girl’s affected elegance is just too much.Way tuud arti sin pagtamung niya ini.The way she wears her clothes lacks style.adjmaartiHaving style or art, affectedly elegant.Maarti tuud in bāy nila.Their house is stylish.vag mag-.To speak, act or behave affectedly or artificially; dress stylishly; put on an act; make a show (of doing something).Magꞌarti hadja in kaingatan mu.All you know is to make a showy display of yourself.OV SYN.lingkatCf.jangngang
*arusee*pangaruvTo refer, appeal, consult.
*aruꞌvag mang-, -um-.To keep looking and showing a desire to join (often used with irony or mockery).Mangiꞌ in bataꞌ imaaruꞌ bang awn tau nagkakaun.It’s not right for children to be looking at someone eating.Nagꞌaaruꞌ sadja in tau pananayam ha pagpanayaman.A gambler always stays and watches other gamblers at a gambling place.npangaruꞌOne who watches other people in this manner.Cf.pangalung
aruruyvar. ofararayintjOuch!
arutadjArrogant, haughty, overbearing.Arut in kaibanan datuꞌ.Some royal chiefs are arrogant.vag mag-; pat -un.Does not occur with pa₂.To act arrogantly, haughtily.Ayaw na kaw magꞌarut bat kaw diꞌ makabāk kālu.Don’t act arrogantly so you won’t get yourself in trouble.OV SYN.abbu 1takabbul
aruyvar. ofararayintjOuch!
*asag1vtag mag-; pat hi-; ran -an.To pour out (a liquid onto something), spill (a liquid).Asagan in tubig ha baldi.Pour out the water in the bucket.Hisiyu in nakaasag sin tubig?Who spilled the water.?Kiyaasagan siya tubig piyasuꞌ.She was accidently spilled on with hot water.vipat ma-.(For a liquid) to spill or be poured out.Naasag in gatas.The milk was spilled.OV SYN.busug 1tuwang2vag mag-; ran -an.(With duguꞌ) to shed (blood).Subay magꞌasag duguꞌ ampa ta makāꞌ in kamahaldikaan ta.We have to shed blood to win our freedom.
asal1advOf course, surely, really, indeed; by nature; already.Used of an inherent, basic or original state or quality of something, about something already existing or happening.Asal siya diꞌ mabayaꞌ kaymu.Of course she doesn’t like you.Asal sa yan diꞌ mamaytaꞌ sin bunnal kaymu.Surely, he won’t tell you the truth.Asal putingan in tau yan.That man is really a liar.Asal siya diꞌ magkakaybaꞌ.She’s quiet by nature.Asal aku dī na pagkari niya.I was already here when he came.Asal gisiꞌ in būk pagbūs ku dayn kaniya.The book was already torn when I borrowed it from her.OV SYN.kariasali
asal2var. ofasarnThe midafternoon prayer.
asamnTamarind.The fruit contains an acid pulp used in medicines and foods.Tamarindus indica5: Plants