Tausug - English


asang1nGills (of fish).Cf.kumbabagaꞌ
asang2vact mag-, -um-.To sob or weep out loud (with gasps for breath).Asang kaw bang kaw diꞌ paagarun.Weep loudly if he won’t let you go with him.adjpangasangEasily made to cry, crybaby.Pangasang in bataꞌ yan.The child is a crybaby.OV SYN.tangisdangulngul*matay*hukuꞌ-hukuꞌ
asarvar.asal2nThe midafternoon prayer (third of the five prayers of the day, halfway between noon and sunset, about 3:00 PM).In sambahayang asar dayn ha lisag tū pa lisag lima.The afternoon prayer is from three o’clock to five o’clock.Cf.subu1 1luhulmagrib 1aysa
asawanA wife.OV SYN.tāibanvAQ ag/goal mag-; pat -un.To marry (a girl), take a wife.Asawahun niya in anak sin datuꞌ.He will marry the daughter of the royal chief.vpat pa-…-un.(For a boy’s parents) to arrange or give permission (for their son) to marry.Paasawahun namuꞌ na in anak mu.We’ll arrange for our son to marry.Cf.bana*pangasawaderv.v(For a boy’s family) to ask (a girl’s family formally) for her hand in marriage.
asibiꞌadjSmall, little in size.Asibiꞌ tuud in lamisahan hīnang mu.The table you made is very small.Asibiꞌ pa siya in kaipat namuꞌ.She was small when we adopted her.vST pat -um-.To become smaller.Umasibiꞌ sa yan bang mu uturan.That will become smaller if you cut off (a portion).Paasibiun ta kaymu in badjuꞌ ini.We’ll make this dress smaller for you.OV SYN.anak-anakmanahutnahutnikiꞌ-nikiꞌsibiꞌ-sibiꞌCf.tiyuꞌ-tiyuꞌ*tiyuꞌ
asikvag mag-, -um-.To dance (as in a pangalay).Nangasik in manga bataꞌ kahapun.Yesterday the children were dancing.Cf.bayla1 dalling 1
asinnSalt.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To put a little salt on something (to give it taste).Asinan ku in istaꞌ ini.I’ll salt this fish.vag mag-; pat -un.To preserve or cook (food) by immersing it in salt.Asinun ku in bulinaw ini kilawn kunsūm.I’ll immerse these small fish in salt and eat it raw tomorrow (i.e., it will not be cooked with heat, only by the salt).adjmaasinSalty.Maasin in dagat.Ocean water is salty.asin batu/asin jawaꞌcomp.adjSolid salt.asin, magpaulan sin/paulanan inidiomadjUsu. with negative.To let (one’s) past misdeeds or problems be known, hang out (one’s) dirty linen (lit. let the salt get rained on).Awn ka tau mabayaꞌ magpaulan sin asin niya?Is there anyone who wants to hang out his dirty linen?Diꞌ niya sa yan paulanan in asin niya.He won’t hang out his dirty linen.SYN.bahuꞌ1 2
*asipvag mag-, mang-, -um-; pat -un.To pay attention to (something), answer (someone) when called, greet or entertain (someone).Ayaw asipa in bissara niya.Don’t pay attention to what she says.Naglanggal kami saꞌ way aku iyasip niya.We met but he didn’t even greet me.Asip kaw bang kaw tawagun.Answer when you are called.adjmaasipFriendly, amiable, genial.Subay kaw maasip ha manga luruk.You should be genial to the guests.OV SYN.masawmbibi*sawmbibidungugsambag
aslagnThickness.Biyaꞌ ha ini in aslag sin lubid nabī ku.The thickness of the rope that I bought was like this.vST pat -um-, mag-.To become thick or large.adjmaaslagLarge, thick (as of thread, needle, rope, or seeds).Maaslag in tanud yan.That thread is thick.OV SYN.dakmul
aslumgimb.asumnSourness.vST pat mag-, -um-.To become sour, acidic.adjmaaslumSour, acidic (as vinegar or citrus).Maaslum tuud in mampallam bang hilaw pa.The mango is sour when it’s still unripe.
asmakadjStupid, simple-minded.Asmak in tau yaun.That person is simple-minded.nkaasmakanStupidity.Nakalanduꞌ in kaasmakan sin tau yaun.That person’s stupidity is really too much (i.e., he is very stupid).OV SYN.babbaljulupdupang
assangnA pigeon.Assang in piyalupad muna hi Nabi Nū dayn ha bahitraꞌ niya.The pigeon was the one sent out first by prophet Noah from his ark.family Columbidae1: Birds and Flying Insects
astaꞌnOne-fourth fathom, a cubit (the distance between one’s elbow and extended middle finger tip).sukud1
astagpirullahvar.astagAr.intjAn oath (lit. Allah, forgive me; used as an exclamation to express surprise, anger, annoyance).Astagpirullah! naunu kaw yan?Good grief! What happened to you?
astanaꞌnA palace, house of a datu or a sultan.
astiꞌnA white spot on the forehead (of an animal [usu. a cow] or a human being).In sapiꞌ ku taga astiꞌ.My cow has a white spot on its forehead.adjastian(Of an animal or a person) having a white spot on the forehead, (of one’s hair) having a white spot.Māhang in tau in buhuk niya astian.The person whose hair has a white spot is rare.
astulnDisgust, exasperation, upset feeling.vact mag-, -um-, -an; exp ka-…-an.To feel disgusted with or exasperated at (something).Astulan kātuꞌ in mastal bang way asaynmin ta.The teacher will be upset with us if we don’t have our assignments.Kaastulan ku tuud in tau abbuhan.I feel exasperated at a proud person.adjmaastulDisgusted, exasperated, upset.Maastul aku ha tau putingan.I am exasperated at a person who tells a lot of lies.OV SYN.amādugalbunsiagut1 akig
asu1nSmoke, steam, vapor.vact mag-, -um-; ran -an.To emit smoke, steam, vapor; be filled with smoke.Kītaꞌ ku nagꞌasu dayn ha kusina.I saw smoke coming from the kitchen.adjmaasuSmoky.Maasu in kusina.The kitchen is smoky.2vAR ag magpa-; ran pa-…-an.To have (someone) breathe smoke (from incense or medicinal herbs) in order to cure (him).Piyaasuhan siya kamanyan sin mangungubat.The curer had him breathe incense smoke in order to cure him.Cf.angsu 2tawal 1
asubuvCV 2 ag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un, hi-, hipang-; goal -an.Ask (someone for information), inquire (of someone).Asubuhun ku siya bang hariin.I’ll ask him where.Asubuha in tau yadtu.Ask that man.Pangasubuhan in badjuꞌ bang kansiyu.Try to ask who owns this dress.Hipangasubu ta bang haunu in bāy nila.Let’s ask where their house is.SYN.*usihatOV SYN.pariksaꞌ
asumgimb. equiv. ofaslumnSourness.
*atākEng.vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To attack, assault (someone, as an enemy).In kampu atākun sin manga kuntara dūm ini.The camp will be attacked by the enemy tonight.OV SYN.gubat
atalnLipstick.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To put on lipstick.Bang kaw magꞌatal ayaw mu parakmula.When you put on lipstick don’t make it thick.
atasvag mag-, -um-; ran -an.Frequently unaffixed.To guarantee, give assurance, be responsible for, prefer.Atas ku matay dayn sin mangaku daug.I prefer to die rather than to accept defeat.Atas ku hapdiun dayn sin manakaw.I prefer to go hungry rather than to steal.Atas ku in pagkaun niyu bang kamu magad kākuꞌ.I’ll be responsible for your food if you’ll go with me.Atasan ku in utang niya kaymu.I’ll guarantee the debts he has incurred with you.OV SYN.akuCf.gaus 2
atawarelOr.Ikaw in mari atawa aku?Will you come or will I?
atay1.1nLiver.Pila sīn in atay sapiꞌ adlaw yan?How much does beef liver cost today?1.2nThe pit of the stomach, solar plexus.2nHeart (the seat of the emotions).vrdp. ag mag-, mang-; pat -un.Does not occur with pa₂.To be resentful, be at odds with.Unu in makawaꞌ mu magꞌatay-atay kaniya?What can you get by being resentful against her?Ayaw dāha magꞌatay-atay in maas mu.Don’t be at odds with your parents.adjmaatayThoughtful of others, generous, big-hearted; easily hurt.Maatay in tau yan.That person is thoughtful of others./That person is easily hurt.npangatayanHeart (the seat of the emotions. Used interchangeably with atay).OV SYN.jantung 2haatayderv.vTo take (something) to heart, consider (something) seriously.
babag atayobstinate, contrary
sakit atayanger, hurt feelings
haluꞌ atayinsincerity
way atayungratefulness
buta atayungratefulness
ngiꞌ atayanger, resentment, ill feeling (toward someone)
tawꞌ ha atayharbor a grudge
taas ataysnobbery and aloofness, pride
pasuꞌ atayhot temper, short temper
atay-batuunforgiving spirit
guyaꞌ atayemotionality, quickness to weep
haggut ataycalmness
babaꞌ atayhumility
buntul atayhonesty
atay-putiꞌsincerity, blamelessness
lunuk ataysofthearted