Tausug - English


atay-atay sikinThe underside of the arch of the foot.
atay-batunUnforgiving spirit.vag mag-.To be unforgiving.Nagꞌaatay-batu in tau yan. Diꞌ niya mamaap in anak niya nakarusa kaniya.That person is unforgiving. He can’t forgive his child who wronged him.atay
atay-itumnTreachery.adj(Of a person) treacherous.Ayaw kita magad ha tau atay-itum, subay ha tau atay-putiꞌ.Don’t go with a treacherous person, you should go with a sincere person.vag mag-.To be treacherous.atay
atay-putiꞌnSincerity, blamelessness.adjSincere, blameless.vag mag-.To be sincere or blameless.Bang kita magtaat pa Tuhan subay na kita magꞌatay-putiꞌ.When we worship God, we should be sincere.atay
atilgimb. equiv. ofatulinEarwax.
atisnSweetsop, sugar apple.Mataud in bigi sin atis.Sugar apples have many seeds.Annona squamosa5: Plants
atrasTag.vTV ag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To retreat, withdraw (as from one’s enemy, difficulty, danger, fear), move backward (as of a jeep or boat).Umatras in tarak.The truck will move backward.Nagꞌatras in manga sundalu.The soldiers retreated.OV SYN.sibugCf.simay
atunAn enemy, opponent, contender.Hisiyu in atu mu ha pagkuntis magkalang?Who is your contender in the singing contest?OV SYN.kuntarabantavag mag-, -um-, mang-; ran -an.To counter, oppose, contend, defy (with the idea of overcoming something); be victorious.Subay tuud kita umatu ha banta ta.We must contend with our enemies.Atuhan ku siya.I will contend with him.OV SYN.baws
*atubangvRC ag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To meet (someone) face to face or eye to eye, face one another.Nagꞌatubang in nagbabanta.The enemies faced each other.OV SYN.alup 1bilmaarupharap 1
atudnManner of looking, act of looking.Maūk-ūk in atud niya kākuꞌ.His look at me was sharp.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To look at (something).Atud kaw pa samin bat mu kakitaan in lupa mu.Look at the mirror so you can see what you look like.Unu ba in aturun mu ini?What are you looking at?OV SYN.kitaꞌ 1*pandang*duꞌlagliggatsīb 1hundaw 1ilag1*idlap
atulanvar.aturannMethod, ways and means applied and followed, guiding principles, protocol; basic regulations, by-laws.Biyaꞌ diin in atulan sin pagdā sin agama Islam bang kaw magsambahayang?What are the guiding principles of Islam with regard to the performance of prayer?
atuligimb.atilnEarwax.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To remove earwax (from someone).Atulihi in manghud mu, Indaꞌ.Remove the earwax from your little brother’s ear, Lassie.Cf.antil
atūnnSmall embers of burning wood.OV SYN.baga1
atupnA roof, top covering of a house or building.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To provide or cover with a roof.Atupan ta na in bāy sin atup mital.We will roof the house with galvanized roofing.Cf.bubung
awalvag mag-; ran -an.To plan or think about (something) ahead of time (so as to avoid negative consequences), take precautions.Ay na kaw magꞌūs-ꞌūs, subay ta awalan in ha ulihan.Don’t be in a hurry. We should think of the consequences ahead of time.Cf.halliꞌ 1
awamadjIgnorant, not informed, unknowledgeable, unaware.Awam aku sin saraꞌ.I’m unaware of the laws.nkaawamanIgnorance, unawareness.Subay kamu īgan dayn ha kaawaman.You have to be freed from ignorance.
awannThe atmospheric space.OV SYN.langitāyan
awat1nDistance.Duwa-ruwang dupa in awat sin hambuuk pa hambuuk tau.The distance between each person was two arm spans.vag mag-; ran pag-…-an.(Of people, animals, or conveyances moving in the same direction, for one) to be ahead of (the other).Paawatun in hambuuk manga duwangdupa, pasal marāgan kaw tuud yan.Let the other person be two arm spans ahead, because you are fast at running.2vag mag-, -um-.To step beyond a prescribed line (in a game and so gain an advantage over an opponent).Nagꞌawat siya hangkan nakasūd in bula.He stepped beyond the prescribed line, that is why he was able to shoot the basket.
awayintjAn emphatic refusal (to do something); no! (shouted by someone who is very angry).Away ba, diꞌ aku magad kaymu.No! I’m not going with you.
awlaadvMost fitting; (often with labi) even more so, especially.Ikaw in awla hinangun nakuraꞌ ha Patikul.You’ll be the most fitting leader for Patikul.Subay in Muslim magꞌammal ibādat labi awla magsambahayang lima waktu.Every Muslim must perform his religious obligations especially to pray five times a day.vag mag-.To act in a manner fitting to one’s position, have authority (over someone).In manga maas makapagꞌawla ha manga anak nila bang way pa paghulaꞌ.Parents have authority over their unmarried children.Diꞌ kaw manjari magꞌawla kāmuꞌ bang way kapatutan mu dayn ha parinta.You can’t have authority over us if the government didn’t authorize you.OV SYN.subay
awliyaꞌnAn ascetic.In awliyaꞌ ini, in hinang nila magsambahayang sadja pa Tuhan iban diꞌ maglamud pakaradjaan dunya.These ascetics, they do nothing but pray to God, and don’t mix in the affairs of the world.vag mag-.With pa₂, agent must be God.To become an ascetic.Mahunit in magꞌawliyaꞌ.It’s difficult to become an ascetic.Cf.ulamaꞌ
*awluꞌvCV 3 ag mag-; pat -un.To carry (something) lying on both arms in front (as a baby unconscious person).Iyawluꞌ nila in bataꞌ-bataꞌ nahulug.They carried on their arms the child who had fallen.
awnv(Existential) there is/are, to have.Awn na manga anak nila.They already have children.vtpat pa-…-un.To cause to come into being, create.Subay ta paawnun in kahatulan ha hulaꞌ ta.We have to work for peace and order in our country.OV SYN.*panjarivipat ma-.To come to be.Maawn in lingug ha Lupaꞌ Sūg.There will be confusion in Jolo.adjawnanWealthy, having possessions.In tau awnan mataud sīn niya.A wealthy man has plenty of money.SYN.dayahandayaCf.balkanan 1adjawn-awnAbove average in wealth, well-to-do.Awn-awn tuud in manga tau yaun.Those people are well-to-do.
awratnEuph.The external genitals of either sex, pudenda, any part of the body which should not be seen.Ayaw kaw magbissara lakat-lakat pasal awrat.Don’t talk filthy about the external genitals.SYN.alupanalup 2