Tausug - English



awwalnBeginning, origin.Dayn hain taꞌ in awwal sin tau ini?From where is the origin of this man?adjOriginal (referring to people of ancient times).Hisiyu in manga tau awwal ha Lupaꞌ Sūg?Who were the original inhabitants of Jolo?OV SYN.tagnaꞌbakasANT.ahilawwal jamancomp.adjAncient times.
ay1intjOh! (an expression of surprise).Ay! dimatung na kaw hāti.Oh! so you arrived.
ay2seeayawadvDon’t (negative marker with commands).
ay kaw naaintj(An expression of surprise) hey!Ay kaw naa! Biyaꞌ diin in kasūd sin sugarul sin tambul in sūran katān?Hey, how did the thief get in when the entrances were all closed?
ay naa kawintjJust a moment; excuse me (polite way of getting someone’s attention).Ay naa kaw, hisiyu in nagbaytaꞌ kaymu sin tumulak aku?Excuse me, who told you I was going to leave on a trip?
ayꞌaynLight bamboo or wooden poles (used to support flooring), joists.Pasikuta in ayꞌay bat humugut in lantay.Make the joists closer to one another so that the floor will be firm.Cf.hanglad
ayanFather, (kinship term of address for a salip).OV SYN.amaꞌabaappaꞌ
ayadnCarefulness, caution, precaution, attention to detail.adj./advmaayadCareful(ly), cautious(ly), watchful(ly), accurate(ly).Maayad siya maghinang.She works carefully.Subay kaw maayad magbissara.You should speak carefully (i.e., be careful what you say).vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To be careful, be cautious, pay attention to, take precautions, look after, take good care (of something).Ayad kaw dayn ha tau yan.Be careful of that fellow.Ayari in baran mu.Take good care of your health.Ayari in hīhinang mu.Pay attention to your work.OV SYN.halliꞌ 1istihaljaga
ayakvCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un, ka-…-an.To sift (something, as flour).Ayaka in tirigu.Sift the flour.nayakanA sifter.OV SYN.sāan*sāꞌ
āyannOuter space, the dwelling place of the immortals.Nakaabut na in manga Milikan pa āyan.The Americans have already reached outer space.Guwaꞌ dayn ha āyan in biraddali.Skymaidens have their origin in outer space.OV SYN.awanlangit
ayang1nA term of endearment for a little girl.OV SYN.indaꞌiting12n(cap.) A proper name.
ayasvag mag-; pat -un.With another verb.(To do something) collectively, (do something) completely or entirely, (do something) quickly.Ayas na kamu dagan bat kamu diꞌ abutan sin pulis.All of you run quickly so the policeman won’t catch you.Nagꞌayas nagsuntuk in manga bataꞌ iskul.All the students were collectively fighting each other.Iyayas siyunug in kabāyan ha Maimbung.They burned entirely the houses in Maimbung.Ayasa kauna in bangbang bat sila diꞌ kakapinan.Eat all the cookies so there won’t be anything left for them.OV SYN.*ambat 1
ayatnA sentence, line, verse.Bassaha niyu in manga ayat ha Kuraan.Read those verses in the Koran.
ayawvar.ay3advDon’t (negative marker with commands).Ayaw kaw magkadtu pa subaꞌ.Don’t go into the river.vrdp. pat ma-.Always with negative diꞌ.Refers to a situation which cannot be calmed or settled (as a baby crying non-stop).Diꞌ na maayaw-ayaw in bataꞌ ini, magtangis sadja.This child can’t be calmed down, she is always crying.Diꞌ na maayaw-ayaw in pasuꞌ sin atay niya, mabayaꞌ magbunuꞌ.His anger can’t be cooled down, he wants to fight.relEven more so, how much more.Ayaw pa ikaw in diꞌ ku bunuun, minsan in taymanghud ku bunuun ku da.I will even kill my brother, how much more you.Cf.bukundiꞌway 1walaꞌwayruun
aybnFault; shame, dishonor; guilt, painful feeling (caused by doing wrong or by failure to do what is right) (also kaayban).Ikaw na ini in nakarā ayb ha mawmaas mu.You’ve brought shame to all your elders.Asal way ayb in tau panakaw.A thief doesn’t have any shame.Nakalanduꞌ in kaayban ku.My guilty feeling is very great.adjmakaaybCausing fault, shame, dishonor.Makaayb kaymu bang sāꞌ in hinang mu.It will cause you shame if you do what is wrong.OV SYN.lumanbiaspakiꞌ 1ajayb 1GENR.sipug
aybuwasvar.libuwasvRC act mag-.To fail to meet (something on the way); (for people’s paths) to cross without (the people) meeting.Nagꞌaybuwas in panaw namuꞌ ha dān.Our paths crossed on the way but we didn’t meet.SYN.*sulabay
aylnAblution.A ceremonial washing of the hands, face, nose, ears, and feet before Muslim prayer.Batal in ayl niya.His ablution is spoiled.vag mag-.To perform ablution, make clean; purify from moral taint or guilt.Magꞌayl muna ampa magsambahayang.We should perform ablutions first before praying.OV SYN.*lanuꞌhugas 1sussi
aympūsvar. ofalimpūsnA whirlwind.
aymukanFacial expression, countenance.Ngiꞌ dayaw sin aymuka mamaytaꞌ sin kabunnalan sin atay.The bad or good expression of the face will show the true feeling of the heart.Biyāk niya kami iban sawa aymuka.She met us with a cheerful facial expression.
aynnAnything given for services or favors rendered, prize, reward.Yan in ayn sin sangsaꞌ mu.There is the prize for your labor.In altaꞌ yan ayn sin pagtabang mu.This item of wealth is a reward for the help you’ve given.OV SYN.tungud2 bayadtungbasCf.dihil
aysavar.isa2nThe last of the five prayers of the day (usu. just after 7:00 PM).Nagsambahayang aysa hi Abdul.Abdul prayed the last prayer of the day.Cf.subu1 1luhulasarmagrib 1
*ayuꞌvag mag-; pat -un.To ask or beg (someone sick) to get well (esp. a child) by giving (a gift).Usu. done to apologize for a slight offense committed that caused someone to be sick.Iyayuꞌ ku hi Indaꞌ sin badjuꞌ baꞌgu.I begged Indaꞌ to get well by giving her a new dress.
ayum-ayumnAn eyelet stitch.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To sew an eyelet stitch.OV SYN.sakal-sakalsulsilanggahitbagsaꞌkumpiꞌ
*ayuputvag mag-; pat -un.To attend to, look after, take care of (something).Aku in magꞌayuput ha manga bataꞌ.I’ll take care of the children.SYN.*ayura
*ayuravag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To look after, attend to, take care of (something).Subay inaꞌ in magꞌayura ha manga anak niya.A mother must be the one to take care of her children.Ayuraha in manga hinang mu ha lawm bāy.Attend to your household chores.SYN.*ayuputOV SYN.ipat*upiksaꞌ