Tausug - English



āg1nDifference.Unu in āg sin Muslim iban Kristiyan?What is the difference between Muslims and Christians?vact mag-.(For something) to differ or be unequal.Magꞌāg in pagdā niya ha manga tau.His treatment of people is unequal.Piyapagꞌāg in lasa niya ha manga anak niya.(He) makes his love for his children unequal (i.e., his love is unequal).OV SYN.biddaꞌlabi2vag magpa-; pat pa-…-un.To give way to (someone as when vacating a position in an office), give up (something) in favor of (another), indulge (someone, esp. as a token of affection).Pagpaāg na kaw ha manghud mu sin kindi yan.Give up that candy in favor of your younger sibling.Paāgun ta na siya lumingkud sabab bataꞌ-bataꞌ.Let’s give way to him to sit down because he is a child.
agabavar. ofabaganShoulder.
agad1vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un, hi-; ran -an.To go or come along with, accompany, be together; include, join.Magad aku sin parhimpunan niyu.I’ll join your organization.Agad kaw mari kāmuꞌ.Come along with us.Ayaw yan agaran ha manga pamī-mī ku.Don’t include that in my purchases.Hisiyu in iyagaran mu mari?Who did you come with?Paagara na siya kāmuꞌ.Let him come with us.Nagꞌaagad sadja in duwa ini.These two are always together.Bang kitaniyu magꞌagad katān bukun mataud in gastu.If we all go together we won’t spend much.OV SYN.*tundan 1bunyuglamud 1naagaranAny means of transportation (as jeep, tricycle, vinta, motor launch, airplane).SYN.sasakatansakat2vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To follow (i.e., accept as authority, obey), fulfill.Miyamagad siya sin kabayaan sin nakuraꞌ niya.He is following the wishes of his superior.Diꞌ maagad in kabayaan mu.Your wish can’t be followed.Walaꞌ niya iyagad in janjiꞌ niya kaymu.He did not fulfill his promise to you.npagꞌaagaranA leader, chief (of a group or community).Hi Imam Muwallam in pagꞌaagaran ha kawman namuꞌ.Imam Muwallam is the leader of our community.adjagad-agadCompliant, agreeable to any decision (another makes).Agad-agad sila sin agihan mu.They are agreeable with whatever you say.OV SYN.aminagad lusayidiomadjTending to follow any leader; lacking individuality (as in thought); easily swayed.In tau agad lusay diꞌ mahinang nakuraꞌ.A person who’s easily swayed can’t become a leader.
*agakvCH 1 aux mag-; pat -un.(To do something) carefully, cautiously, slowly.Subay agak-agakun in paghugas mu sin lāy.You should wash those dishes carefully.Nagꞌagak-agak na sila miyanaw.They already walked slowly.adj./advagak-agakSlow, careful, cautious; (of striking) light.Agak-agak in panaw niya.His walking is slow.Minsan agak-agak in paglubak kaniya, diyugalan siya.He got angry even though the beating he got was light.adj./advmaagakCautious, careful, prudent, discreet, not rash.Subay kaw maagak magbissara ha tau diꞌ katiyuꞌ-tiyuan.You should be careful in speaking to an oversensitive person.OV SYN.hinaylallaylumingANT.kasay 1Cf.kamayaꞌ
agamavar.āgamanReligion, religious belief.Way agama sin tau yaun.That man has no religious belief.vag mag-.To adhere to or follow a certain religion.Ayaw na kaw magꞌagama bang mu diꞌ da kabawgbugan.Don’t follow a religion if you can’t uphold it.OV SYN.taatibādat2
agasinA legendary giant, ogre.In agasi magpangaun tau.An ogre devours human beings.OV SYN.lagtawkukuk
agaw1vRC ag mag-, -um-; ran pag-…-an.To dispute (over something for its possession, as land, children, power, etc.).Nagꞌagaw sila lupaꞌ.They disputed with each other over land.Piyagꞌagawan nila in basakan asibiꞌ pagpatay sin amaꞌ nila.They disputed over the small farm after the death of their father.2vAQ pat -un; goal/ben -an.To snatch, seize, wrest away, grab.Iyagaw sin sugarul in pitakaꞌ niya.The thief snatched her purse.Subay kaw magꞌayad bang kaw ha panawan bat kaw diꞌ kaagawan pitaka.You must be careful when you’re out lest you have your purse snatched.GENR.kawaꞌ1
agbayvag mag-; pat -un.To put (one’s) arm around (someone’s) shoulder.Agbaya ba isab in asawa mu.Please put your arm around your wife’s shoulder.
agi1nWhat one says.Unu in agi niya kaymu?What did he say to you?OV SYN.laung1 baytaꞌ2vag mag-.To tell other people what to do, boss others, exercise control over others.Magꞌagi hadja in kaingatan mu.All you know how to do is boss others.Diꞌ kaw makapagꞌagi kākuꞌ.You can’t boss me around.vgoal kapag-…-an.To be controlled, be bossed around, be told what to do.Diꞌ kapagꞌagihan in bataꞌ ini sin maas.This child can’t be controlled by his parents.OV SYN.*mandakaagiderv.nWay, means, method.
*agidvpat mag-.To be or look slightly similar (to something).Magꞌagid in pamayhuan nila.Their faces are slightly similar.Umagid lahipan in nakakutkut kākuꞌ.What stung me looks a bit similar to a centipede.nagiranSlight similarity, slight resemblance.Awn agiran sin bataꞌ yan kaymu.There’s a slight similarity between you and that child.SYN.*anggilOV SYN.sibuꞌCf.lupa2 dagbus
*agiutvpat mag-.To creak (as of rusted hinges, old floorboards), (for teeth) to gnash (i.e., to produce a sound by clenching or gritting).Magꞌagiut in ipun niya bang natutūg.His teeth gnash when he’s sleeping.Diyungug ku nagꞌagiut in lawang kabii.I heard the door creak last night.adjmaagiutCreaky.Maagiut in lawang ini.This door is creaky.GENR.katingugderv.tingug
agpangvag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To obstruct, block (something from falling or escaping).Agpangi in anak mu bat diꞌ mahulug.Obstruct your child so that it won’t fall (i.e., put yourself as an obstruction).Agpangi dayn didtu sin kahuy in manuk bat diꞌ makaragan.Block the chicken with wood there so that it can’t run away.Cf.hapaꞌkaput1 1.1hawid
agpasnA small fish corral.Mataud agpas kabākan ha hunasan.There are lots of small fish corrals near the seashore.
agsaꞌvar. ofangsaꞌnA goose.
agsay1vag mag-; pat -un; ran ka-…-an.To disobey, fail to heed (someone’s teaching).Mangiꞌ in magꞌagsay hinduꞌ sin manga maas.It’s bad not to heed the teaching of the elders.Kiyaagsayan in maas mu manghinduꞌ kaymu.Your parents go unheeded when they teach you (i.e., you don’t obey them).
agsay2adjSeldom.Agsay isab in pagpamisita niyu madtu pa kāmuꞌ.You seldom visit us there in our place.vran ka-…-an.(For a person to do something) after not having done it for a long time.Kiyaagsayan kamu isab miyari.You haven’t come here for a long time.OV SYN.angay-angayiyampa 1
agsay3advIncidentally, by chance.Sūng na sila magtimbak, agsay miyawn nagpasulut kanila in kumandil.They were about to shoot each other when by chance the commander came to settle them.Cf.ampa
agsuꞌvag mag-.To refer to, consult (someone for confirmation).Sūng kita magꞌagsuꞌ sin parakalaꞌ ta pa abugaw.Let’s consult a lawyer about our case.OV SYN.*pangaru
agtaꞌnA legendary short, black, antagonistic, ill-looking woman, evil-minded but wise.In oral literature such a woman is usu. a beautiful princess in disguise or one that is bewitched.Mangiꞌ in dagbus sin agtaꞌ.A short, dark, wise woman is ugly.OV SYN.agasi
agunadvAlmost, nearly.Agun siya punungun pagꞌingat niya miyatay in asawa niya.He nearly fainted when he learned that his wife died.SYN.apitOV SYN.sūng 1.1ambayaꞌ
agungnA brass gong.Makabisu in tingug sin agung.The sound of the brass gong is deafening.vag mag-.To play a brass gong.Nagꞌagung sila ha pagtiyaunan.They played the gongs at the wedding.OV SYN.tabungguꞌCf.kulintanganganding
agung-agung matanThe eyeball.Nabustak in agung-agung mata niya, siyuntuk sin magulang niya.His eyeball burst when he was punched by his older brother.Cf.tau-tau mata6: The Parts of the Body
agusꞌus1nSkin rash (caused by dirt).Subay kaw mamayguꞌ sin tubig iban sabun bat maīg in agusꞌus ha baran mu.You should take a bath with soap and water so that your skin rash will go away.
agusꞌus2nThe sound made by a strong fall or rush (of a great volume of water, as a waterfall or flood), roar (of a great volume of water).Diyungug mu in agusꞌus sin tubig dayn ha sapaꞌ?Did you hear the roaring of water from the stream?vact mag-.(For a great volume of water) to make a roaring or rumbling sound.Magꞌagusꞌus in tubig dayn ha taas būd.The water from the mountain makes a roaring sound.Cf.lagublub
agut1nAnnoyance, displeasure (that makes someone somewhat angry).Way biyaꞌ sin agut ku ha manga kabataan nagpulak-palik sin unu-unu ku.There is nothing like my annoyance at the children scattering my things.vST pat -um-, -an.To be annoyed, be displeased (so as to become angry).Agutan aku bang awn maghibuk ha saꞌbu ku nagbabassa.I’ll be annoyed if someone makes noise while I’m reading.OV SYN.amāastulbunsiCf.bungis