Tausug - English



agut2vact mag-.To grit (as the teeth, esp. during sleep).Sakahabaꞌ mu matūg nagꞌaagut hadja in ipun mu.Whenever you are sleeping your teeth are always gritting.OV SYN.*agiut
agwantaTag.vag -um-.To endure, put up with (something).Diꞌ aku makaagwanta sin hinang.I can’t endure the work.OV SYN.sandal
ahaintjAn exclamation of surprise, triumph, or pleasure; indicator of irony or mockery.Aha! Ikaw hāti in magpangawaꞌ sin sīn ku.Oh! So you’re the one getting my money.
ahilvar.ahiradjLatter, modern (as opposed to olden).nModern times.Ahil na bihaun.These are modern times.ANT.awwal
ahiratnThe place where the departed souls go after death, the afterworld.Wayruun tau makaingat bang haunu in ahirat.No one knows where the afterworld is.
ajabnA curse.vpat -un.Does not occur with pa₂. Agent is only God.To curse.Iyajab na sila pasal mataud na in hinang nila mangiꞌ.They have been cursed because they did many evil things.SYN.suknaꞌOV SYN.siksaꞌ
ajalnFate.Way tau makaingat sin ajal niya.Nobody knows his fate.SYN.kadal
ajayb1adjShameless, bold.Asal ajayb in tau panakaw.A thief is ever shameless.vST pat ma-.Does not occur with pa₂.To be or become shameless.Ayaw kaw magpalangay bihayan, maajayb kaw.Don’t behave like that, you will become shameless.adjmakaajaybCausing shame.Makaajayb in magꞌutang diꞌ magbayad.It causes one shame to borrow and not pay.Cf.sipug2nkaajaybanWonder, amazement, bewilderment, fascination.Kītaꞌ hi Nabi Muhammad in kaajayban ha surgaꞌ.Prophet Muhammad saw the wonder of heaven.vpat ma-.Does not occur with pa₂.To be or become in wonder, fascinated (with something).Maajayb kaw sin lingkat niya.You will be fascinated by her beauty.OV SYN.inu-inu 1haylanSYN.tarsangngang
akalnThe final residue of coconut milk (remaining in the process of making coconut oil).Masūb kami kumaun akal bang maghinang hi inaꞌ lana.We enjoy eating the residue coconut milk when mother makes oil.Cf.sapal
akal bahalnBlack coral (from which bracelets, rings, earrings are made).In akal bahal paghinangun gallang putusun sin bulawan.Black coral is used to make bracelets wrapped with gold.Antipatharia spp.3: Seashells, Seaweeds, etc.
AkbarAr.adjGreat, (an attribute of God).Allahu Akbar.Allah is great.
ākibatnAttitude.Marayaw tuud in ākibat sin tau yaun.The attitude of that man is really good.Cf.addat
akignAnger, detestation, hatred (due to envy or jealousy).vag mag-, -um-; ran ka-…-an.To detest, hate, be angry at (someone because of envy or jealousy).Imakig sila kākuꞌ sabab sin marugal aku ha tau panakaw.They hated me because I’m angry at thieves.adjmaakigDetesting, hating or feeling angry at someone because of envy or jealousy.Ayaw maakig ha tau maaltaꞌ.Don’t be enviously angry at rich people.OV SYN.bunsidugalbungisastulCf.amā
akil bāligadjOld enough (to discern between right and wrong, hence, expected to fulfill religious duties); sexually matured.From Arabic akil “having full possession of one’s mental faculties”. In Muslim law books combined with bālig “grown up; of age.” Describes one who is obliged to fulfill the precepts of the law, to whom the commandments and prohibitions of the religious law refer in general.In tau akil bālig subay na huminang sin daakan sin Tuhan.A sexually matured man must now perform his religious obligation.OV SYN.sangput
akkal1nIntellect, intelligence, wisdom, ability.In mānusiyaꞌ katān dīhilan akkal sin Tuhan.All people are endowed with intellect by God.Bang awn akkal mu diꞌ kaw kahunitan sin hinang ini.If you have the ability you won’t find this job difficult.In tau taga akkal maingat sumilang sin ngiꞌ dayaw sin hinang niya.A man of wisdom can discern the right and wrong course of his action.vpat -un.To use one’s mind, wisdom, intellect (to do something).Akkalun ta bang biyaꞌ diin in kapaguy ta dayn ha jīl.We will use our minds to escape from jail.OV SYN.pikiltaliꞌ*kannal2vAR ag mang-; ran -an.To fool, trick, dupe, deceive (someone).Ayaw na kaw mangandul ha tau bakas nangakkal kaymu.Don’t trust again a person who has deceived you.Maluhay akkalan in tau dupang.It’s easy to trick a stupid person.adj./npangakkal(Someone) prone to fool (people); one who tricks, dupes, or deceives (people).Pangakkal in tau yan.That fellow is prone to fool people.OV SYN.dupang
akkal-buddinDeception by befriending (someone so that he will trust you and then afterwards harming him or stealing from him).Bang kita tumaymaꞌ unu-unu hirihil kātuꞌ sin tau diꞌ ta kakilahan, subay kita mapatung, gana-gana awn akkal-buddi.If we receive anything given by someone we don’t know, we have to be careful. There might be deception.vran pag-…-an.Does not occur with pa₂.To deceive (someone by first befriending him), con (someone).Halliꞌ kaw bang kaw dāhun manaw sin bagay-bagay mu, gana-gana pagꞌakkal-buddihan kaw.Be careful if your casual friend invites you to go out, he might deceive you.Cf.tipu
aknitvCH 1, AR ag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un; ran -an.To peel off (something) gently (so that it does not get torn), tear off (something) sticking on (something else, as of paper on the wall), peel or excoriate (one’s skin).Nangaknit in pais ku.My skin has peeled.Aknita in pattaꞌ dayn ha dingding.Peel the picture off the wall gently.SYN.uknatOV SYN.*laknit*ukat 1
aksiduTag.nAcid.Ayaw kaw magkaput sin aksidu yan.Don’t touch that acid.
akupron(First person sg. topic pronoun) I, me, to or for me.Aku na in magtugnaꞌ sin bugas.I’ll be the one to cook the rice.Bukun aku in kiyarihilan mu sin sīn.I was not the one to whom you gave the money.vag mang-, -um-; pat -un, -an.To assume responsibility for, guarantee, answer for.Ayaw kaw umaku sin ungsud bang mu diꞌ kagausan.Don’t you assume responsibility for the brideprice if you can’t afford it.Akuhan ku in utang niya kaymu.I’ll guarantee to pay his debt to you.Akuhun ku in pagsukay nila pa Sambuwangan.I’ll guarantee their fare to Zamboanga.vag mag-.To tend to take things on oneself.Ayaw kaw magꞌaku sin hinang diꞌ mu kaingatan.Don’t take on yourself to do a task that you know nothing about.OV SYN.gaus 1
akulvar.akurhakulnThe core (of a pineapple, etc), corncob.Bang maghinang sindul subay īgan in gandum dayn ha akul niya.When making sweet corn porridge we have to remove the corn from the corncob.
akun-akunnPoeticExpectation.Esp. used in rhyming poems (tarasul).Niyat sin akun-akun ikaw ra in asawahun.It is my expectation to marry you.vag mag-; pat -un.To expect.Walaꞌ ku naakun-akun in janjiꞌ balubahun.I didn’t expect that you would break your promise.OV SYN.hunaꞌ-hunaꞌpikil
akupvar. ofhakupnA handful.
alak1var.araknStrong drink, liquor, (as wine, whiskey, rum, gin).In magꞌinum alak langgal saraꞌ pa Tuhan.To drink strong drink is against the law of God.OV SYN.tubaꞌCf.bīr
alak2vag mag-; ran/ben -an.To play a set of indigenous instruments.Usu. composed of three instruments played together.Magꞌalak sila ha pagtiyaunan.They’ll play a set of indigenous instruments at the wedding.Bang magtingkuwang subay alakan in pangantin supaya malami.When we parade the newlyweds we should play the set of indigenous instruments so that it will be jolly.nalakanA set of indigenous instruments composed of agung, kulintangan, and gandang.OV SYN.tabungguꞌ