Tausug - English



alalvpat -un, magka-, ma-.To delay (something), be delayed; (for a death) to be slow and difficult.A slow and difficult death is believed to be the result of the dying one’s great sins.In tau baldusa magkaalal bang mapatay.Sinners are delayed in their dying moments.Subay diꞌ alalun in patay ha bāy, subay hikubul magtuy.We should not delay the corpse in the house, it should be buried immediately.Daran kami iyalal sin nakuraꞌ namuꞌ ha pagkaun.We are always delayed in eating by our boss (i.e., he doesn’t let us eat at the normal time).Maalal in pagkamatay sin tau kaibanan.The death of some people is slow and difficult.OV SYN.tarasaw*tahalaꞌ*antaraꞌ
ālamnUniverse.In ālam landuꞌ maluag.The universe is very, very wide.OV SYN.dunya
alamat1nGreetings written at the beginning of a letter, respectful salutation.Used in earlier days by people of low degree when writing to people of higher station.Alamat ini sulat naug dayn kan Sali dumatung mari ha bagay ku.Greetings, this letter comes from Sali and is sent to my friend.OV SYN.bahwa
alamat2nAn omen; feeling within oneself of an impending danger, ill or misfortune.Usu. tells of an impending ill but sometimes an omen of good fortune or luck.Mangiꞌ in alamat ku adlaw ini.I have a feeling that something unfavorable will happen to me today.OV SYN.saat
alangadjAlways rdp.Reluctant, hesitant, undecided.Alang-alang siya sumuuk kaymu.He is reluctant to approach you.Alang-alang aku magad kanila.I’m hesitant to go with them.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.Does not occur with pa₂. Often rdp.To hesitate, be reluctant or undecided; bluff (an action at someone).Ayaw kaw magꞌalang-alang mangayuꞌ tabang kākuꞌ.Don’t hesitate to ask help from me.Diꞌ sa kaw yan alang-alangan niya, tabangun sa kaw yan magtuy.He won’t hesitate (to help) you, he’ll help you right away.Alangan mu sadja siya sampakun, hangkan sa yan diꞌ mabugaꞌ kaymu.You’re always bluffing slapping him, that’s why he’s not afraid of you.SYN.āng-ānghawal-hawalduwa-ruwaduwa 2OV SYN.utung-bisud
alanggaꞌnRed biting ants (usu. found in trees).Mabugaꞌ kaw ha alanggaꞌ?Are you afraid of the red biting ants?Cf.sanammakut4: Animals, Non-flying
alasnAn ace (in playing cards, dice, or dominoes).Bang alas in sugal mu dumaug kaw.If your card is an ace you’ll win.
alaypronTo, on.Only in Arabic phrases and in compounds as listed below.Alayhi.To him, on him.Alayka.To you (sg.).Alaykim.To them, on them.Alaykum.To you, on you (pl. in Arabic, in Tausug used for sg. and pl.).Assalamu alaykum. Alaykum ussalam.Peace to you. And peace to you.
aligatunA spark.OV SYN.siꞌnag 1
ālimnA religious wise man, Muslim teacher, ascetic.In manga ālim amu in namiat sin āgama Islam.The religious wise men taught the Islamic religion.OV SYN.awliyaꞌ
*alimatavran ka-…-an.To notice (always with negative diꞌ, way, or walaꞌ).Walaꞌ ku kiyaalimatahan sin miyurul siya kākuꞌ.I didn’t notice that he was following me.Diꞌ kaalimatahan in adlaw, tapus bulan na kunsūm.We didn’t notice the days passing, it’ll be the end of the month tomorrow.OV SYN.*mutak
alimatuknA leech-like creature (that lives on mangrove trees).In alimatuk magpanupsup da isab duguꞌ.The leech-like creature also sucks on blood.OV SYN.lintaꞌ
alimpūsvar.aympūsnA whirlwind.vinone mag-.Does not occur with pa₂, except if agent is God.For a whirlwind to occur.Nagꞌalimpūs ha Parang kahapun.There was a whirlwind in Parang yesterday.OV SYN.bulihukCf.buhawiꞌ
alipnThe first letter of the Arabic alphabet.
alisnA black mark.Drawn in soot on the forehead and down the cheeks of bride and bridegroom as makeup in preparation for the wedding.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To put black markings on (a bride and bridegroom).Māhang na in manga pangantin pagꞌalisan bihaun.Nowadays the wedding couple are seldom marked with black markings.
alistuadjQuick, prompt, alert, ready.Alistu siya bang kumaun.He is quick if it’s in eating.Alistu siya maghinang.He is quick in working.Alistu tuud siya dumaawa.He is very quick in reasoning to defend himself.vaux -um-, mag-, -an.If used as a main verb, another verb is implied in the context.To be quick, prompt, alert, ready (to do something).Alistuhi kawaa in pistul pagꞌīg niya.Be ready to get the revolver as soon as he leaves.Bang kaw diꞌ umalistu kumawaꞌ sin bahagiꞌ mu kawayan kaw.If you are not prompt to get your share you will lose it.Alistuhan ku in dān ha alupan sin bāy.I’ll quickly (block) the road in front of the house.OV SYN.sapatbiskaysamutkasay 1
alitnA stain on clothes or fabric (made by color running in another material).vran ka-…-an.To be stained (by something).Kiyaalitan in badjuꞌ niya.Her dress is stained.OV SYN.baluba 1tamak 1
aliyannSlang, jargon (known only to an initiated group).Diꞌ ku kahātihan in aliyan sin manga kabataan.I don’t understand the slang of the children.vag mag-; pat -un.To use such jargon or slang.Subay kamu magꞌaliyan bat niya diꞌ kahātihan.You should talk in jargon so he won’t understand.Cf.malikata
alkansiyanA (small) savings bank, any container with a slot in which money, esp. coin is saved.Hipuꞌ sin pilak in alkansiya ku.My savings bank is full of money.vag mag-; pat -un.Does not occur with pa₂.To save money (esp. coins) in a small savings bank.OV SYN.baung-baungtumpung
allaintjAh! (an exclamation expressing delight, regret, disgust, surprise, etc.).Shade of meaning indicated by intonation.Alla! asal diꞌ na mapinda in bataꞌ ini.My goodness! this boy is beyond reform.Alla! in lanab sin pagkaun.Ah! the food is delicious.OV SYN.abāaha
Allahn(The Muslim name for) God.In Allah asal isa-isa niya, way limbang niya.God is innately one, he has no partner.SYN.tuhanAllahu Taalacomp.nJehovah; Most High God; Almighty God.
almasvar.armasTag.nWeapons (whether bladed or firearms).vag mag-.To have weapons.Subay kamu magꞌalmas bang pa gimba.You have to have weapons when going to the interior.Hipagꞌalmas ku in barung hi amaꞌ.I’ll use the bolo of my father for my weapon.OV SYN.pakukussanjataꞌ
AlmasinMessiah, Christ (the title given to Jesus signifying him to be the promised one from God.)nAlmasihinA Christian.
alpaTag.nAn olden-time stringed instrument, harp.Landuꞌ maingat magpakatingug alpa hi Nabi Daud.The prophet David knew very well how to play the harp.Cf.gitarakulaing