Tausug - English



anadadjTrained, accustomed to.Anad hi Amina sin hinang lawm bāy.Amina is trained in domestic work.vag mag-; pat -un; ran pag-…-an.To train, learn; get accustomed to, get in the habit of doing (something).Subay kaw magꞌanad maglanguy.You should learn how to swim.Anarun ta kaw magtayp.I’ll train you to type.OV SYN.pangadjiꞌ
*anagvCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To warm or clean (something) by placing near a fire or heat, singe or dry (something) over a flame.Anagun ku in dahun sayng ini.I will singe this banana leaf.Iyanag niya in tamungun niya basaꞌ.He dried his wet clothing over the flame.OV SYN.pasuꞌ 1tapa
anak1.1nA child, offspring (of either humans or animals, kinship term). (anak usug son, anak babai daughter)Pila in anak mu?How many children do you have?vag mag-, -um-; pat hi-, hipag-.To give birth.Magꞌanak siya ha bulan hambuuk.She is scheduled to give birth next month.npagꞌanakanChildbirth.Miyatay siya ha pagꞌanakan.She died in childbirth.anak-kampungcomp.nRelatives.anak-apuꞌcomp.nDescendants.Wayruun burus in diꞌ magꞌanak.sayingnThere is no secret that will not come out. (lit. There is no pregnant woman who does not give birth.)OV SYN.kampunglahasiyaꞌ1 11.2vag mag-.To count as (one’s) child, (with neg.) to disown (someone).Diꞌ aku magꞌanak kaymu bang kaw diꞌ magkahagad kākuꞌ.I’ll not count you as my child if you don’t obey me.2nInterest (on money).Pila in anak sin sīn ku bang hitawꞌ ku ha bangku?How much interest does my money get if I keep it in the bank?vact mag-, -um-; ran -an.(For money) to gain interest; (for a bank, etc.) to give interest.Magꞌanak in sīn mu bang mu hitawꞌ ha bangku.Your money will gain interest if you keep it in the bank.Anakan sin bangku in sīn mu.The bank will give interest on your money.
anak-anakadjVery small (in size).Anak-anak tuud in jawm ini.This needle is very small.OV SYN.asibiꞌnikiꞌ-nikiꞌmanahutnahutsibiꞌ-sibiꞌ
anak-apuꞌnDescendants.vag mag-.To have descendants, live permanently (in a place).Didtu na sa aku ini magꞌanak-apuꞌ ha Kutabatu.I’ll live permanently there in Cotabato.
anak-kampungnRelatives.Nagpahāti na aku ha katān anak-kampung ku sin yari na aku.I informed all my relatives that I am here.
anakun(from anak + -un)nA child of one’s sibling, child of one’s first cousin.Usu. usug is added to indicate nephew if not understood in context and babai to indicate niece.Aku in nagbalanjaꞌ ha manga anakun ku usug babai.I am the one supporting my nephews and nieces.vpat mag-.To be related in this way.vag mang-.To claim to be in this relationship with someone; marry the daughter or son of one’s cousin (either close or distant).Nanganakun siya kan Fatimaꞌ.He married Fatima, his cousin’s daughter.
anang1nAn affectionate vocative for a girl.OV SYN.indaꞌayang 1iting12n(cap.) A feminine name.
anaynA termite.A pale-colored, soft-bodied, wood-eating, social insect often very destructive to furniture and wooden structures.In kasūban sin manga anay kaunun amu na in digpiꞌ.The favorite food of termites is wood.vpat -un.Does not occur with pa₂.(For something) to be infested with termites.Anayun in manga būk bang pasāran ha tawꞌan.The books will be infested with termites if you just leave them in storage.4: Animals, Non-flying
anay-anayadvSlowly, carefully.Anay-anay sadja kaw magpanaw.Just walk slowly.Bassa kaw anay-anay.Read slowly.Dāgan kaw anay-anay.Run slowly.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To go slowly, go carefully.Umanay-anay sadja kita bat kita diꞌ kakitaan.We’ll go carefully so we won’t be seen.OV SYN.agak-agak*agakhinay-hinayhinay
andadulvar.andadurTag.nA walker (for a baby to learn to walk on).
andagvag mag-; ran -an.To ask the price (of an item).Andag kaw bang pila in hangka-karut bugas.Ask the price of one sack of rice.Andagi kunuꞌ in halgaꞌ sin hangka-suꞌgub buwahan.Please ask the price of a basket of lanzones.OV SYN.asubu
andahawnThe phenomenon of rain and sunshine together.Awn andahaw kahapun.There was sunshine and rain together yesterday.vnone mag-.To be raining and shining at the same time.In pali-palihan sin kamaasan bang magꞌandahaw awn tau matay.It is a belief among old people that when there is rain and sunshine together someone will die.
andarunnA small charm or amulet (for a child).Contains a portion of the Koran written on a piece of paper and wrapped up and knotted into a string to be worn around the neck or wrist.In andarun biyaꞌ da sin adjimat saꞌ hipagbutang ha bataꞌ-bataꞌ.An andarun charm is like an adjimat charm except that the andarun charm is put on a child.OV SYN.adjimatanting-anting 1habay-habay
anduꞌ1intjOh! (very common expression denoting pity).Sometimes as an endearing term to express sorrow, sympathy or joy, esp. at the sight of something cute and small.Anduꞌ! miyatay in inaꞌ niya.Oh what a pity! His mother died.vrdp. pat mag-, mang-, magpang-.To be filled with pity.Magpanganduꞌ-nganduꞌ in atay ta bang awn tau marayaw mapatay.We are filled with pity when good people die.2intjPlease (for politeness in a request).Anduꞌ, hinanga ba ini kākuꞌ.Please do this for me.
andudukutnThe name of several plants whose fruit sticks to one’s clothes.Bang kaw manaw ha gimba mahipuꞌ in pantalun mu sin andudukut.If you go to the interior your pants will be filled with sticking plants.Desmodium spp., esp. heterocarpum, laxiflorum, umbellatum, and gangeticum5: Plants
anduhudnA rumbling, booming noise.Kiyublaan in bataꞌ sin anduhud kanyun.The child was frightened by the rumbling of the cannon.vpat -un.To make such a sound.Saꞌ iyanduhud in kanyun dūm adlaw.The cannon rumbled day and night.OV SYN.dawgdug
andukvag mag-, -um-; pat hi-, hipag-.To bow the head.Bang kaw magsulat, ayaw da kaw magꞌanduk tuud.Don’t bow your head too much when you write.OV SYN.tukkuꞌdumulANT.hangad
andukangnA fool, buffoon, clown.Andukang hi Abdul.Abdul is a clown.OV SYN.dupangpallaꞌ
andulgimb. equiv. ofpangandulvTo trust in (something).
andum1nDark clouds.Way ulan bang way andum.There’s no rain if there are no dark clouds.adjmaandumCloudy with dark clouds, (of a day or the sky) dark (because of dark clouds).Maandum adlaw yan.Today is cloudy with dark clouds.vact mag-, -um-.For the sky to be covered with dark clouds, be overcast.Bang umandum ayaw na kaw magbuwad sin diyakdakan.When the sky is overcast don’t hang the washing.2vag mang-.(With bayhuꞌ) to be close to anger, to cloud.Nangandum in pamayhuan mu pagdungug mu sin bissara niya.You were close to anger when you heard what he said.
aninHarvest.Marayaw in ani nila tahun ini.They have a good harvest this year.vCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un; ran ka-…-an.To harvest (grain, usu. palay).Anihun sin mundu in pāy sin tau.The people’s rice will be harvested by the outlaws.Cf.musimnaaniAn instrument used in harvesting grain.In aani hipagꞌani pāy.The harvesting instrument is used for harvesting grain.
*anibadjmaanib(Of a place) dangerous; (of people) watchful, prepared (against danger).Subay kita maanib lugay bihaun.We must be watchful these days.Maanib in labayan pa gimba.The way to the rural areas is dangerous.OV SYN.halliꞌ 1ilag2 bugaꞌ
animunCoaxing, wheedling.Nakawaꞌ hi amaꞌ sin animu hi Utuꞌ.Father yielded to Junior’s coaxing.vag mang-; goal -an.To coax, cajole, wheedle (someone).Animuhi in piskal bat mapuas in parakalaꞌ mu.Try to wheedle the fiscal so your case will be dismissed.OV SYN.lana 2
anjibinDye, coloring.In anjibi marakmul.The dye is too heavy.vCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un, -an.-un, a particular piece of clothing; -an, clothing in general.To dye (something, esp. fabric).Anjibihun ku in badjuꞌ niya pula.I will dye his red shirt.OV SYN.tinaꞌ