Tausug - English


bagguꞌnCowry, a shell of any of various mollusks.Mataud manga malingkat bagguꞌ ha hunasan.There are so many beautiful cowries in the shallow water.
baggutvag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To fasten (something) by tying (as a fagot, a suitcase, or luggage), bind (something).Baggutun ku na in manga labban ini.I’ll tie up these boxes.Baggutan ku lubid in manga labban.I’ll fasten this box with this rope.OV SYN.butuk*hukut*gakut
bagidnA match (for igniting a fire).Awn ka bagid mu duun?Do you have a match?vpat papagbagirunTo rub one object against another (so as to produce friction).Bang papagbagirun in duwa bulaꞌ maglaga.If two bamboo sticks are rubbed against each other they will ignite.OV SYN.*gidgid
Baginda1nA title before the names of the four caliphs.2nA masculine proper name.
bagnitEng.nA magnet.vST pat ma-.To be magnetized or drawn by electric current (as if by a magnet), be shocked (by electric current).Nabagnit siya sin kurinti.He was shocked by electric current.OV SYN.*utung
bagsaꞌnLong, loose stitches (to keep the parts together until properly sewed).vag mag-; ran -an.To baste (something).Bagsaa naa in buktun ampa mu tahiun.Baste the sleeve first before sewing.OV SYN.ayum-ayumdahutlanggahitsakal-sakal
bagtiꞌvtag -um-, mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To break (something either partially or through).Bagtia ba in kahuy ini kākuꞌ.Please break this wood for me.vipat ma-.(For something) to break (partially or through).Nabagtiꞌ in sanga sin sumping.The stem of the flower has nearly broken.Nabagtiꞌ tuud in ipun ku.My tooth broke.OV SYN.baliꞌ 1
bagtingnA bell.Matanug in bagting ha iskul.The school bell is loud.vCH 1 ag/act mag-; pat -un.To vibrate, ring; ring a bell.Aruy! magbagting in taynga ku.Ouch! my ears are ringing.Nagbagting na ha iskul, tarasaw na kita.The school bell has rung, we’re late.Bagtinga na madtu!You ring the bell!OV SYN.*kagul
baguvar. ofbaꞌguadjNew, recent, fresh, young.
baguꞌnEnlarged spleen.
baguꞌbuꞌnMold, fungus.In baguꞌbuꞌ ini makalummiꞌ sin tawmpaꞌ natuꞌ.This mold makes our shoes dirty.vST pat -un.To be or become moldy.Biyaguꞌbuꞌ na in tinapay ini.This bread has already become moldy.OV SYN.kapu-kapu
bāgunnA vine.Lawag kaw bāgun hipagbaggut sin digpiꞌ.You look for a vine to bind this board.panggiꞌ bāguncomp.nSweet potato.
bagun-bagun1nAn outline stitch.Tastasi in bagun-bagun sin biyurdahan mu.Rip out the outline stitch that you embroidered.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To sew an outline stitch.Bagun-baguni sin tanud gaddung.Outline stitch it with green thread.OV SYN.ayum-ayumbakiyaꞌ
bagun-bagun2nA variety of mollusk.3: Seashells, Seaweeds, etc.
bagunbunnDust.adjmabagunbunDusty.Bang timpu panuga mabagunbun in dān.The roads are dusty when it’s dry season.
bagungvAR ag mag-; ran -an.To shave (as whiskers, hair).Bagungan ku in pungut ku gana-gana.I’ll shave my whiskers later.OV SYN.*susuꞌ
bahaꞌadv(A particle used for emphasis to indicate uncertainty or ignorance) maybe; (in questions) do you suppose.Hatiku bahaꞌ magbalik da kamu kunsūm.Maybe you will return tomorrow.Unu bahaꞌ in piyagtipunan sin manga tau?What do you suppose the people are gathered together for?
bahagiꞌnShare, allotment, section, part, fraction, division.Pila in bahagiꞌ mu sin untung?What was your share of the profit?vag mag-; pat -un, hipag-; goal -an.To divide, allot, apportion (something).Bahagiun namuꞌ magtū in hanggatus sundalu.We will divide the hundred soldiers into three sections.Bahagian ta sīn hi Utuꞌ.We will allot some money for Sonny.
bahalnToddy (which is two or three days old and thus) fermented, fermented sap of the coconut palm.In bahal paghinangun sin Tausug sukaꞌ.Tausugs use fermented toddy in making vinegar.
bahalaꞌTag.1nSomeone responsible (for something or someone else).Ikaw na in bahalaꞌ ha manga bataꞌ.You’re responsible for the children.OV SYN.pangandul2intj(With na) I don’t care (signifies acceptance of whatever may come).Bāng taꞌ madtu, bahalaꞌ na!So what! I don’t care.OV SYN.*sād
bahanaꞌnRareReport, information, rumor.Awn bahanaꞌ sin dumatung in manga sundalu kunsūm.There’s a report that the soldiers will arrive tomorrow.vact maka-; exp ka-…-an.Does not occur with pa₂.To take notice of, sense (the presence of someone).Connotes a cautionary and threatening feeling of an impending danger, as the presence of a burglar, spy, or murderer.Nakabahanaꞌ aku tau ha daig bāy kābii.I sensed someone snooping around the house last night.OV SYN.bahunussayu
bahasanLanguage, dialect, speech.Bahasa unu in bissara mu?What is the language you are speaking?sabut bahasacomp.adjEducated.julbahasaderv.nAn interpreter.vTo interpret (something) into another language.
bahayanRareDanger.Bang way da bahaya ha dān kalu-kalu kamu lumanjal kinsūm.If there is no danger on the way you might proceed tomorrow.SYN.piligru
bahibunFine body hair (exclusive of the top of the head).Used of people only, not animals.adjmabahibuHairy.Mabahibu in bitis mu.Your legs are hairy.OV SYN.bulbul
BahitraꞌnThe ark (of Noah).Bahitraꞌ in siyakatan hi Nabi Nū ha waktu sin pagꞌumbak tawpan.The ark was the conveyance of Prophet Noah at the time of the great flood.OV SYN.adjung