Tausug - English


bahittuknNoise (occurs only with negative existential).Way na bahittuk sin dān bang tungaꞌ dūm.The street is noiseless at midnight.OV SYN.kaybaꞌANT.hibuk
bahuꞌ11nBad odor, stench, smell.adjmabahuꞌStinky, odorous, smelly.Mabahuꞌ in pagjajambanan.The toilet is smelly.viST act -um-.To develop a stinking odor, stink.Mahuꞌ sa kān bang kaw diꞌ mayguꞌ.You’ll stink if you don’t take a bath.vtran ka-…-an.To smell a bad smell.Wayruun kabahuan ku bat iyuulapay aku.I can’t smell the bad smell, I have a stuffy nose.ANT.hamut2nBad reputation.Subay ta diꞌ paguwaun in bahuꞌ sin bagay ta.We should not let out the bad reputation of our friend.vpat -um-; ran ka-…-an.Used with baling (q.v.).(For one’s past misdeeds or problems) to become known; (for skeletons in one’s closet) to come out; (for one’s dirty linen) to be hung out.Walaꞌ niyu sa yan kiyabahuan in baling sin tau yan.You haven’t learned the past misdeeds of that fellow.Bang in hambuuk tau magpabahuꞌ sin baling niya, in tau yan dupang.If a person hangs out his dirty linen, he is a fool.SYN.asin, magpaulan sin/paulanan inidiomasin
bahuꞌ2vpat -un.Does not occur with pa₂.To get sick.Spoken of someone who is new or a stranger to a certain place.Mahumu bahuun in tau iyampa makakadtu pa Tawi-Tawi.People usually get sick who go for the first time to Tawi-Tawi.OV SYN.sakit 1
bahubuknRareTumult, uproar, hubbub, hullabaloo (spoken of persons only).Unu taꞌ in bahubuk ha plasa yan?What’s the tumult in the plaza all about?adjmabahubukTumultuous, uproarious.
bahudjiꞌnAn anchor (made of iron).Iyutung niya in bahudjiꞌ mabuggat.He pulled the heavy anchor.SYN.sāw2
bahugvag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To immerse (cooked food in liquid, as cooked rice in soup, gravy, milk or water).Biyahug niya in kaunun sin sabaw.She immersed the rice in the soup.Bahugan ku sabaw in kaunun ini.I’ll immerse this cooked rice in the soup.OV SYN.luꞌgumtublak
bahunusnA slight sound or noise.vran ka-…-an.To hear (a slight sound or noise, esp. caused by a burglar).Kiyabahunusan namuꞌ simūd pa bāy in mananakaw.We heard the burglar get into the house.OV SYN.hibukbahanaꞌ
bahwanWord of greeting (previously used by persons of rank or prestige written at the beginning of a letter).Sulat ini bahwa, naug dayn kan Amina.This letter (with) greeting comes from Amina.SYN.alamat1
bāinThe relationship of the parents of a married couple.In inaꞌ amaꞌ sin asawa ku bāi sin inaꞌ amaꞌ ku.My parents and my wife’s parents’ are in the relationship of those whose children are married.vRC act mag-.To be in the relationship bound by children’s marriage.In maas sin bana ku magbāi iban sin maas ku.The parents of my husband and my parents are in a relationship bound by our marriage.
baidvag mang-.Cannot focus the person asked permission from, only the person asked permission for (i.e., the beneficiary).To take leave of, ask permission (before doing something).Namaid siya pa sīni.He asked permission to go to the movies.
baisnExtreme or excessive sexual desire.Makamula in bais bang makalanduꞌ.Excessive sexual desire can be one’s downfall if carried to the extreme.vag mag-.To have excessive desire for sex.Mangiꞌ in magbais.It is wrong to have an excessive desire for sex.adjmabais/baisanLecherous, lustful, oversexed.Ayaw kaw mangandul ha baisan.Don’t trust a lecherous person.Baisan in usug yan.That man is over-sexed.OV SYN.bigaꞌputalandiꞌ
bākvar.baakvag mag-; pat -un (purposeful); ran ka-…-an (by chance).To meet (something, either purposefully or by chance).Bākun ku in kappal dūm ini.I’ll meet the boat tonight.Hipabāk kaymu hi inaꞌ pa jambatan in labban piyarā hi amaꞌ.Mother wants you to go to the wharf to meet the package sent by Father.Bang kamu magbāk kay Binsawdi baytai liyawag ku siya.If you meet Binsawdi tell him I’m looking for him.Kindati siya bang magbāk in pangatud niyu.Wink at her if your eyes meet.vinst hi-, hipang-.To meet (something with something else).Hibāk ku kanila in barung ini.I’ll meet them with this bladed weapon.
bākaꞌnDental calculus, tartar on the teeth.Subay kaw manggisgis bat maīg in bākaꞌ mu.You should brush your teeth consistently to get rid of the tartar on your teeth.OV SYN.kikiꞌ
bakaꞌ-bakaꞌnA (deep, wide-mouthed, oval-shaped) basket.Made of rattan or similar material with a string fastened on the sides and with a cover, usu. carried on the back by a harvester.Kawaa ba in bakaꞌ-bakaꞌ ku piyagluluunan mamaꞌ.Kindly get my basket which contains the betel nut.In bakaꞌ-bakaꞌ ku nalarak.My basket was destroyed.SYN.aba-abaOV SYN.ambungbakul1
bakag1nColic, gas pain in the stomach.vST exp -an.Does not occur with pa₂.To be or become sick with colic, have gas pains.Biyakagan aku kabii.I had gas pains last night.
bakag2nA large cardboard box (contrasts with labban which is much smaller).OV SYN.labban
bakag3vact mang-, -um-; ran -an.To swell, bulge out.Mamakag na in patay sabab upat adlaw na way kiyubul.The cadaver will already swell because it has been unburied for four days now.Makabakag in tubig bang mataud inumun.Water can cause swelling if you drink too much.
bakalvag mag-; pat -un.To plant or sow grain (in a plowed field using a dibble stick).Nagbakal na sila sin uma nila.They have planted grain in their field.OV SYN.*tanum 1
bakasadv(Indicates previous time) formerly, before, used to be.Bakas siya miyari.She came here before.Bakas siya sundalu.He used to be a soldier.Bakas piyagbunuan in hulaꞌ ini.This place has been a battleground.Bakas ku na yan naitung.I counted that before.
bakay-bakayvag mag-; pat -un.To treat with disrespect, take for granted (esp. sacred things, graves, the Koran).Ayaw bakay-bakayun in pagsambahayang.Prayer shouldn’t be taken for granted.
bakiyaꞌvar.bakyaꞌ2vag mag-; pat -un.To sew (by hand) using a back stitch.Bakiyaa in higad badjuꞌ mu.Sew the edge of your dress with a back stitch.OV SYN.bagun-bagun1 bagsaꞌlanggahitayum-ayum
bakkawnA type of hardwood, mangrove.Ha Sulari in mataud bakkaw.There are lots of mangroves on Sulari.Rhizophora spp.5: PlantsnkabakkawanA mangrove swamp.
baklawnAn amulet (placed around the upper arm).Sangunan in baklaw mu.Put on your amulet.OV SYN.hampan
baktiꞌnA gift (esp. one given by a student of Islam to his teacher as a token of gratitude or appreciation).Nagdihil in mulid nakatammat baktiꞌ ha guru niya.The student who graduated gave a gift to his teacher.adjmabaktiꞌFaithful, devoted, loyal.Mabaktiꞌ siya ha agama Islam.He is devoted to the Islamic faith.
baktulvag mag-; pat -un.To teach (someone).Wajib in manga kamaasan ta magbaktul ha manga anak nila.It’s obligatory for parents to teach their children.nbaktulanTeaching.In baktulan sin guru subay tuud agarun.We should follow the teaching of the teacher.OV SYN.hinduꞌ