Tausug - English


bakūdnGround which has a gradual incline, slope, side of a hill.OV SYN.bīdCf.būd 1pantayanpantay 2
bakul1nA big basket with a cover.OV SYN.ambungbakaꞌ-bakaꞌ
bakul21nThumb, big toe.Awn bakul lima, awn bakul siki.The hand has a thumb and the foot has a big toe.Cf.tudluꞌlāsuꞌjaymaniskingking6: The Parts of the Body2nA thumbwidth (measurement).sukud1
bakyaꞌ1nWooden shoes, clogs.OV SYN.sinilasGENR.tawmpaꞌ
bakyaꞌ2var. ofbakiyaꞌvTo sew (by hand) using a back stitch.
bal-var.bar-prefixpfxUsed to designate a superlative or an abundant amount.balꞌimanPatient, full of patience.balkitabOne well versed in religious books.baldusaA great sinner.ballabi-labihanSuperabundance of something.
balꞌakkaladjIntelligent, very wise.Manga balꞌakkal in napūn dī ha ini.All the very wise men gathered here today.
balaꞌnMisfortune, affliction, plague.Divine visitation taking such forms as sickness, death, accident, or loss of wealth.In tau baldusa mawmu datungan balaꞌ.Sinners are often recipients of misfortune.OV SYN.mulkaꞌ 1
balab-balabnChattering, foolish talk.Ayaw kaw magdungug sin balab-balab niya.Don’t listen to his foolish talk.Makalisuꞌ in pagbalab-balab niya.His chattering is annoying.vag mag-.To chatter (incessantly and foolishly).Way hinang sin dupang yan dayn sin magbalab-balab.That fool does nothing but chatter (all day).OV SYN.lata 1*damat*dabdablapak-lapak 1Cf.bissara
BalandaꞌnA Dutch person.
balanjaꞌnExpenses, expenditure.Pila in balanjaꞌ sin paghinang?How much were the expenses for the celebration?vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To provide (for someone’s) expenses, provide sustenance (for someone).Magbalanjaꞌ aku ha manga anak asawa ku.I provide sustenance to my wife and children.Balanjaan ku hi Abdul.I will provide for Abdul’s expenses.SYN.gastu
balangkaliadjDivided in thinking, of different opinions.vpat ma-.Does not occur with pa₂.To be divided into different ways of thinking.Nabalangkali na in pagꞌagama nila.Their religion is divided into different ways of thinking.
balapEng.vag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To frighten (someone) by threats that cannot be made good, bluff (someone).Ayaw kaw mugaꞌ. Biyalap niya sadja kaw.Don’t be scared. He was just bluffing you.OV SYN.bugaꞌ
balaruꞌvact mag-.To sleep, repose.Used only of royalty.Nagbabalaruꞌ in Sultan.The king is sleeping.OV SYN.tūglipat3
balasavag mag-; pat -un.To shuffle (playing cards).Balasaha na in sugal.Shuffle the cards.Biyalasa niya na.He shuffled them already.
balatinnA children’s game (similar to prisoner’s base).Played by 8 to 12 children who divide into two teams. A large rectangle is marked off and lined into six equal parts. One team guards the lines, the other tries to run from one end to the other without being caught.vag mag-.To play this game.SYN.bagalawang2
balbalann(In oral literature and popular belief), a half-bodied witch.A human being that becomes an evil spirit which flies at night to haunt places or people.Magpangꞌabat da isab in balbalan.The half-bodied witch can also cause sickness.OV SYN.apuꞌ bataꞌcomp.apuꞌ
balbiruvar.barbiruEng.nA barber.Balbiru in naggunting sin buhuk ku.The barber cut my hair.OV SYN.magguguntinggunting 1
baldapatadjDescribing someone whose words or promises cannot be trusted; unreliable (in what one says).In tau baldapat diꞌ kapanghalapan.An unreliable person can’t be trusted.
baldinA pail, bucket.In baldi amu in pagdāhan tubig.Pails are the things used for carrying water.
baldusa(from bal + dusa)nA sinner.In tau baldusa tantu mabinasa.Sinners will certainly be punished.
balharapvRC ag mag-; pat -un.To face, be face to face with.Subay kami magbalharap sin pasal sin sīn ini.We have to talk frankly face to face about this money.Subay kaw magbalharap iban Sultan.You must go and face the king.OV SYN.alup 1tumpalak
bali-bali1adjThe hardening of a part of a fruit.SYN.kumbatul 1
bali-bali2nObstruction, hindrance, trouble (always preceded by bang way da).Bang way da bali-bali makasampay sila gana-gana pa Manilaꞌ.If there are no obstructions, they will arrive in Manila later today.vpat -un.For something unfavorable to happen (always preceded by bang diꞌ da).Bang diꞌ da bali-balihun maubus na in hinang namuꞌ tahun balik.If nothing unfavorable happens, we’ll finish our work next year.OV SYN.way da baya-bayaidiombaya-baya
baliꞌ1vtCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To break (as of branches of trees, boards, pencil lead, or one’s hand, limbs, neck).Baliun ku in manga sanga ini.I will break these branches.vipat ma-.To break (accidently).Kamayaꞌ kaw bat diꞌ mabaliꞌ in lima mu.Be careful so your hand doesn’t break (i.e., you don’t break your hand).OV SYN.bagbag 1bugtuꞌ 1bagtiꞌ*sagpiꞌ2vpat ma-.(For someone’s feelings) to be hurt.Nabaliꞌ in atay ku sin bissara mu.My feelings were hurt by what you said.