Tausug - English


baligadjNot distinct, not spoken clearly, foreign in pronunciation, ungrammatical or incorrect in speech.Balig in pagtausug sin Milikan.Americans speak Tausug incorrectly.vact magka-; pat pag-…-un (purposely).To speak incorrectly or pronounce words indistinctly.Magkabalig aku sin bahasa Chabakanu.I speak Chavacano incorrectly.
balikadvAgain.Dimayaw balik in parasahan niya.He’s feeling better again.vag mag-; goal -un; ran -an.To return; repeat (something).Kuꞌnu kaw magbalik?When will you return?Baliki in bissara mu.Repeat what you’ve said.Balikun ku in panabuꞌ kiyabīn.I’ll go back and get the market items I left behind (by mistake).OV SYN.bīng1 1
balintuwadvtag mag-; pat -un.To turn (something) upside down.Biyalintuwad sin tau hilu in lamisahan.The drunk man turned the table upside down.vipat ma-.To turn upside down.Nabalintuwad in tarak.The truck turned upside down.OV SYN.baliskwat
balingnTiny shrimp preserved in brine.vag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To use shrimp preserves, add shrimp preserves (to something).Magbaling aku ha tinuanan.I’ll use shrimp preserves in my relish.Balingan ta in sayul bang magguling.We will add shrimp preserves to the vegetable that we are sautéing.mahuꞌ (bahuꞌ) in balingidiomvFor (one’s) past misdeeds to become known (lit. for salted shrimp to give its bad odor).Ayaw na kaw magꞌabbu bat diꞌ mahuꞌ in baling mu.Don’t brag about yourself or else your past misdeeds will be known.
*balisvgoal -an.To fire a volley of bullets (from a rifle or any long firearm), spray with rifle fire.Biyalisan sin manga mundu in manga sundalu.The outlaws fired a volley of bullets at the soldiers.OV SYN.*budbud
baliskatvCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To invert (something), turn (something) over.Baliskatun ta in lamisahan.We will turn the table over.adjInverted, backwards.Baliskat in tawmpaꞌ niya.His shoes are backwards (i.e., on the wrong feet).OV SYN.bīng2 1tunggangbalintuwadbaliskwatCf.*saylu
baliskwatadjInverted, upside down, topsy-turvy.Baliskwat in indalupa ginis ha lawm bāy.Things inside the house are topsy-turvy.vCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To invert (something).vST pat ma-.To become inverted, topsy-turvy, toppled.Nabaliskwat in tarak ha pangpang.The truck toppled off the cliff.OV SYN.bīng2 1baliskatCf.*saylu
baljanjiꞌnA ritual (similar to dedication).An imam recites a duwaa salamat from the Koran and dedicates the life of a Muslim infant to the Prophet Muhammad, so that the child will follow the footsteps of the prophet.vag mag-.To perform such a ritual.Subay dī katān in usba-waris bang magbaljanjiꞌ.All the relatives should be present when a dedication ritual is performed.OV SYN.kulbanpaghakikahakika
balkalaꞌ-kalaanadjIn large number, amount or quantity; forming a surplus or excess.Balkalaꞌ-kalaan in sīn nautang niya dayn kākuꞌ.He owed me a large amount of money.OV SYN.sakkiyanbanuslabiCf.taud
balkanan1adjRich, wealthy.In tau balkanan mataud sīn.A rich person has plenty of money.2adjOf high or noble rank, eminent.In manga datuꞌ balkanan.The datus are of noble rank.
balkaya(from bal + kaya)adjPhysically and mentally sound, healthy.In tau balkaya makusug maghinang.A healthy man can accomplish much work.OV SYN.matambuktambuk
ballabi-labihanadjMore than enough, in excess, abundant.Ballabi-labihan in pagkaun nila.Their food is more than enough.OV SYN.sangdan1
ballaknAnahao palm.A species of saliva tree (rather like a palm, cordy vine; fibre of leaves used for decorative tufts on boon ends of square sails).5: Plants
ballitadjUpside down.vag mag-; pat -un.To turn (something) upside down.Ballita in buhuk mu bat kaw diꞌ pasuun.Turn your hair upside down so you won’t get hot.
balunA widow, widower; the deceased spouse of a widow or widower.Balu na siya.She is a widow.Katumtuman ku in hinang sin balu ku yadtu.I remember what my deceased husband did.adjpamaluBeing a widow or widower more than once; destined widow(er).Sometimes thought to be attributable to body marks or scars.Bang in usug makaduwa mabalu hāti niya pamalu siya.If a man is twice a widower then he becomes a destined widower.
balubavar.baruba1vpat mag-; ran -an.To fade or change in color, run (as of colors running in material).Diꞌ magbaluba in warnaꞌ niya.Its color doesn’t fade.OV SYN.alit2vact mag-.(For a promise) to be broken.Diꞌ magbaluba in janjiꞌ ku kaymu.My promise to you won’t be broken.
balukadvag mag-.To get up from a reclining position, rise up, get out of bed.Diꞌ na aku makabalukad sabab sin sakit sin taykud ku.I am not able to get up because of my backache.OV SYN.bangun1
*balungvCV 3 ag mag-; pat -un.To carry (someone) on one’s shoulder.Subay balungun in pangantin.The bride must be shoulder-carried.
balusvar. ofbaꞌlusadjSour, spoiled; antiquated, worn out.
balutvag mag-; ran -an.To apply heat to the body (for healing purposes with a heated object, such as a stone wrapped in cloth or heated coals in a coconut shell).Subay siya magbalut bang siya baꞌgu magꞌanak.She should apply heat when she has just given birth.Balutan ku in tiyan ku bat umasibiꞌ.I’ll apply heat to my stomach so it will get smaller.
baluynA sleeping mat (made of woven strips from the pandanus plant).Bang ha Sūg, duwal pangdan in paghinangun baluy.In Jolo, only the pandanus is used to making sleeping mats.vag mag-.To make or use such a mat.Diꞌ siya mabayaꞌ magbaluy ha ini.She doesn’t want to use this mat.baluy palangcomp.vA decorated sleeping mat.
bananA husband.vCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To marry (a husband).Banahun niya in usug kabayaan sin maas niya.She will marry the man whom her parents choose.vrdp. ag mag-.(For a married woman) to have illicit affairs with other men.Magbana-bana in babai yaun.That woman has illicit affairs with other men.Cf.*tiyaun 1asawa
bānag1nA dragonfly.1: Birds and Flying Insects
bānag2nA thorny vine, cat brier, green brier.5: Plants
bāndaꞌnInformation given beforehand, warning, threat.Diꞌ aku mabugaꞌ sin bāndaꞌ sin manga mundu.I’m not afraid of the outlaws’ threat.vag mag-; goal -an.To inform (someone) beforehand, warn, threaten (someone).Bāndaan ta asal hi Bapaꞌ Sahipa sin mamī kita pāy.We should inform Bapaꞌ Sahipa beforehand that we’ll buy palay from him.OV SYN.bugaꞌ