Tausug - English


BandaharaꞌnA title given by the Sultan to one of his worthy followers.
*bandingvag mag-; pat -un.To compare (something with something else).Bandinga niyu in badjuꞌ ku iban sin kaniya.Compare my shirt with his shirt.adjsabanding(With negative way) incomparable.Lingkat way sabanding hi Napsa Lagayan.The beauty of Napsa Lagayan was incomparable.
bandung1Mal.nA woman’s tight, long-sleeved outer garment (of linen, silk, cotton etc., with a tiny slit on either cuff).
bandung2vag mag-; pat -un.To join, unite, connect, add, annex.Bandunga niyu in duwangka-pataꞌ patung yan bat mabut pa taas niyug.Join those two pieces of bamboo so that they will reach the top of the coconut tree.OV SYN.sugpat
bandung3vag mag-; pat -un.To drydock (a boat by tying it at the sides to supporting posts).Subay na bandungun in lansa mabuggat na.We should drydock the motor launch because it’s already heavy.OV SYN.tangun 1
bandutnSaddle girth.OV SYN.pakul
banhudnNumbness.Masi pa in banhud sin siki ku.I still feel the numbness of my feet.vact mang-; pat -un.No difference in meaning between actor and patient focus.To be or become numb.Namanhud in lima ku nagsulat.My hand became numb after writing.Diꞌ aku makapanaw. Namamanhud in siki ku.I can’t walk. My feet are numb.
bannangnHeavy cotton thread or string.OV SYN.tanudsalban
bansag1vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To speak harshly and loudly.Ayaw mu pagbansagi in anak mu.Don’t speak harshly and loudly to your child.OV SYN.bungisamā
bansag2vact mag-; inst hipag-.To feel proud of (something); have or show a proper pride in (oneself, one’s position, etc.).Hikapagbansag namuꞌ in lingkat sin hulaꞌ namuꞌ.We are proud of the beauty of our country.Bukun ku da pagbansag ha baran ku, saꞌ maingat pa aku dayn kaniya.I’m not being proud, but I’m more knowledgeable than he is.OV SYN.abbu 1nkabansaganPrestige, distinction, reputation.Subay bawgbugan in kabansagan sin kamaasan natuꞌ yadtu.We should live up to the prestige of our forefathers.OV SYN.kabantuganbantug 1
bansānnA rudder.Aru! malagguꞌ pakarayaw in bansān yan.Wow! that rudder is really big.vag mag-; ran -an.To pilot a ship or boat (with a rudder).Ha kalunud sin lansa hisiyu in nagbabansān?When the launch sank who was piloting?
bansilnGold caps (placed over the teeth for beauty purposes).vag mag-.To have artificial gold teeth.Kulang na in tau nagbabansil bihaun.Very few people now have artificial gold teeth.
bantanAn enemy, foe, adversary.vRC ag mag-.(For people) to oppose one another.Nagbanta na sila bihaun.They are opposing each other now.vCH 1 pat -un.To treat as an enemy, be against, quarrel; oppose.Bantahun ku hi Babuꞌ bang diꞌ niya aku dihilan pagkaun.I will be against Auntie if she doesn’t give me food.OV SYN.kuntara
bantug1adjEminent, famous, well-known, popular, noted; (also in the negative sense), notorious.Landuꞌ bantug in prisidinti pa katān hulaꞌ.The president is well-known in every place.In tau yan bantug mamumunuꞌ.That man is a notorious killer.nkabantuganEminence; popularity; distinction.OV SYN.kabansaganbansag2 2vag mag-; pat -un.To praise, commend (someone or oneself).In tau ini magbantug sadja sin baran niya.This fellow is always praising himself.Tagad na kaw bantugun sin tau dugaing.Wait for other people to praise you.OV SYN.lagguꞌ 2sanglit 1vrdp. pat -un.To flatter (someone in a very subtle way).Biyabantug-bantug niya sadja kaw bat mu siya karihilan sīn.He keeps on flattering you so you’ll give him some money.SYN.abbu 2
bantuknRareForm, shape, appearance, semblance, looks.Biyaꞌ diin in bantuk niya?What does she look like?Mangiꞌ in bantuk niya.Her appearance is bad (i.e., she doesn’t look nice).Tibulung in bantuk sin būla.The shape of the ball is round.OV SYN.lupa2 dagbushantang
bantunannA species of trepang, sea cucumber.3: Seashells, Seaweeds, etc.
bantutadjEffeminate, hermaphrodite, homosexual.vrdp. ag mag-.To act effeminately.Magbantut-bantut kaw bat sila katawahun.Act effeminately so they will laugh.
banu-banunA scheme, plan.In pagbanu-banu nila pa Manila walaꞌ nakalaus.Their plan to go to Manila failed.vag mag-; pat -un.To plan, devise a scheme.Nagbanu-banu sila magad maghadjiꞌ.They’ve planned to go on a pilgrimage.OV SYN.paruCf.palanu
banugnA small triangular sail for a vinta, skiff or other small sailboat.vag mag-; goal -un; ran -an.To sail (using such a small triangular sail).Magbanug kitaniyu pa Bangngas.Let’s sail to Bangngas.Banugan ku in sakayan.I’ll put a small triangular sail on this vinta.Cf.layag
banusnAbundance, plentitude, multitude, large number, profusion.Diꞌ ta maitung in banus sin tau.We can’t count the large number of people.adjmabanusMany, plenty, abundant, numerous.Mabanus in tau ha tabuꞌ.There are many people in the market.OV SYN.taud
banusunDried tobacco leaf (ready to be made into a cigar).OV SYN.tabakuꞌsiga
banuwa1nArchaicA community; leader of a community.Hi Apuꞌ Saji in banuwa sin kawman timpu nakauna.Granduncle Saji was the community leader in the past years.OV SYN.kawmanvag mag-.To act as a leader.Hisiyu in tūpun magbanuwa ha hulaꞌ ta?Who is qualified to be our leader?2nWeather.Mangiꞌ in banuwa adlaw yan.The weather is bad today.
bangrelIf, when.Bang siya diꞌ magad lumanjal na kita.If he won’t go with us we’d better proceed.Bang siya mari patagara.When she comes let her wait (for me).Bang sadja aku in maagad diꞌ ta kaw hibīn.If I only have my say, I won’t leave you behind.
bāng1nA type of earring used in pierced ears, ear stud.vag mag-; ran -an.To wear ear studs.Magbāng aku pa paglurukan.I’ll wear ear studs to the feast.OV SYN.aritis
bāng21.1nThe beginning of the Muslim prayer (characterized by a standing body position in which the hands are cupped behind the ears).In bāng magtagnaꞌ lisag lima sin lapit adlaw.The beginning of Muslim prayer starts at 5:00 A.M. dawn.1.2nThe call to prayer.vag mag-.To call to prayer (at the proper hours by calling out the call to prayer).Imam in magbāng ha masjid.The priest is the one to call to prayer at the mosque.nmagbabāngA muezzin.2vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To bless a new home (with the idea of driving away the demons).Subay bāngan sin imam in bāy baꞌgu hīnang.The priest should bless a house that is newly made.