Tausug - English


bangun2nA payment (given to the relatives of a murdered person).Pila in bangun ha miyatay?How much is the payment for the dead?vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To give money (to the relatives of a murdered person to avert a lawsuit or any further trouble), give blood money.Subay bangunan in miyatay.You must pay blood money for the dead.OV SYN.diyat
bangusnMilkfish.Chanos chanos
banyagaꞌnA slave.Mataud banyagaꞌ sin sultan.The king has many slaves.vag mag-; pat -un.To treat as a slave, enslave (someone).Banyagaun sa kaw yan sin datuꞌ.The datu will treat you like a slave.SYN.īpun
bapaꞌvar.paꞌ1nUncle, Dad, Sir (respectful term of address for an uncle, stepfather but not one’s own father, and any man approximately a generation older than the speaker).Often combined with another title, as in Bapaꞌ Tuwan for a religious leader, Bapaꞌ Hadjiꞌ for a man who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca.Bapaꞌ in pagtawag ku ha langgung sin amaꞌ ku.I address the brother of my father as ‘Uncle’.Bapaꞌ, pila sīn in istaꞌ?Sir, how much is the fish?nUncle, stepfather (kinship term of reference).In bana sin inaꞌ ku balu, bapaꞌ ku.The husband of my widowed mother is my stepfather.SYN.amaun
baptaysEng.vag magpa-.To have oneself baptized.vag mag-; ran -an.To baptize (someone).Mabayaꞌ na kaw baptaysan?Do you want to be baptized now?OV SYN.binyaggunting 2
bar-var. ofbal-prefixpfxUsed to designate a superlative or abundant amount.
bāranA crowbar.SYN.landak
barakatnA blessing (from God), supernatural power (from God).Bang awn barakat dayn ha Tuhan diꞌ da isab kitaniyu maunu.If we have blessing from God nothing harmful will happen to us.vag mag-; ran -an.(For God) to bless (someone with something), give (someone) supernatural power.Magbarakat in Tuhan ha manga ummat niya.God blesses his people.Bang mayan da barakatan sin Tuhan in pagtulak niyu.May God bless your trip.adjmabarakatBlessed, having supernatural power (from God).Mabarakat in manga tau sin awwal jaman yadtu.The people of olden times had supernatural power.OV SYN.anugharaꞌlidjikiꞌ
baran1nThe body (of a person or animal); the main part (of something, as the shell of a plane, ship, stove, etc., the frame of a vehicle, the body of a letter, the pages of a book [i.e., not the cover]).Malagguꞌ in baran sin tau yaun.That fellow’s body is big.OV SYN.jasadanggawtaꞌCf.ginhawa 1n(One’s) self.Baran mu na in madtu bang kaw mabayaꞌ.Go yourself if you wish.In taymanghud ku saliꞌ da sin baran ku.As for my brother, it’s the same as if he were myself.vaux mag-, -un.Used with another verb.To (do something) personally.Magbaran aku madtu pa bagay ku magpamaap.I’ll go personally to my friend to ask forgiveness.Baranun ku in pagpamawli.I will personally do revenge.advrdp.By itself, under its own power.In sakayan taga banug dumāgan baran-baran niya.A boat with a sail moves by itself.2adjnagbabaranDignified.In tau nagbabaran maayad kumangiꞌ in ngān niya.A dignified person is careful lest his reputation become bad.\rs balkanan
barangnMerchandise.Nagdarā siya barang dayn ha Borneo.He is bringing merchandise from Borneo.SYN.dagangandagang 1OV SYN.pamī-mī1GENR.muddal
baratvpat hipag-; goal pag-…-an.Does not occur with pa₂.To refuse to forgive (someone), disown (someone); consider a relationship ended.Functions as a kind of curse because God is considered to be called as a witness to the ending of the relationship.Hipagbarat ku kaniyu bang niyu aku lugusun sin diꞌ ku kabayaan.I’ll consider my relationship to you ended if you force on me what I don’t want.Pagbaratan ku in manga anak ku bang diꞌ magkahagad sin hinduꞌ ku.I’ll disown my children if they don’t obey what I teach them.
barat dayanThe name of a wind that blows from the southwest.hangin
barbiruvar. ofbalbirunA barber.
barhalaꞌnA man-made object of worship, idol.Usu. made of gold, silver, brass, stone or wood.In bisayaꞌ magsumba sila harap pa barhalaꞌ bukun harap pa Tuhan.Christians pray to idols not to God.
barilisnA metal barrel (container for oil, water, etc.).
barinanA drill for boring holes.vCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.-un means there is a drive or necessity to do the action whereas -an means this drive does not exist.To drill a hole (in something with a drill).Barinahun ku na in digpiꞌ.I’ll drill holes in the wood.OV SYN.likup
barisnA diacritical mark placed above or below a letter to indicate the correct pronunciation.Diacritics include the vowel markings and other marks of Arabic script. By extension, in Roman script, they indicate length of vowels, pitch, or, in some languages, the glottal stop.Mahunit magbacha Arab bang way baris.It’s difficult to read Arabic script without the diacritical marks.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To place a diacritical mark (above or below a letter).Barisi in sulat mu Sūg bat ku mabacha.Place the diacritical marks on your Arabic script so that I can read it.Cf.titik1
barkadaTag.nBuddy, pal, comrade.Magad aku ha manga barkada ku.I’m going with my buddies.OV SYN.lundang panun
barubavar. ofbalubavTo fade; (for a promise) to be broken.
barungnA single-bladed weapon (having a heavy back and tapering in thickness to the point).It has an elaborately carved handle, is worn at the waist and used only for fighting. The barung and the double-bladed sword (kalis) are the two favorite bladed weapons of the Tausugs.vag mag-.To wear or use such a weapon.Bang sila magbunuꞌ, magbarung sadja atawa magkalis.When they fight, they only use a single-bladed weapon or a kris.OV SYN.kalis
basaꞌadjWet.Basaꞌ pa in manga parang sin aluꞌ.The grass is still wet with dew.vtCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To make (something) wet.Magbasaꞌ aku diyakdakan.I’ll wet my laundry.Basaun ku in buhuk ku.I’ll wet my hair.viST pat ma-.To get wet.Mabasaꞌ sa kaw yan sin ulan.You’ll get wet in the rain.Cf.hamishimmilnbasaananClothing worn while one is bathing.
basag1nPhysical strength, vigor (in working, eating, or drinking).Masipat mu in basag niya dumā lima karut bugas?Can you imagine his strength in carrying five sacks of rice?Diꞌ hikasipat in basag niya kumaun.The vigor of his eating (i.e., his vigorous appetite) can’t be equaled.adjmabasagHaving great strength, robust, strong.Mabasag siya dumā hangka-karut bugas.He’s strong enough to carry one sack of rice.Mabasag siya kumaun.He’s a strong eater (i.e., he eats a great amount).vaux -an.To add more strength or speed.Basagan ku in pagpanaw ku ha supaya dumatung aku magtuy.I’ll add more speed on my steps so that I will arrive immediately.OV SYN.kusug 12nFondness (for doing something, usu. something negative).adjmabasagFond (of doing something, usu. something negative).Mabasag in tau yan mangulliꞌ ha pagkahi niya.That person is fond of swindling his fellowmen.
basakannA rice paddy.Young rice plants are planted in it when they are 25-30 centimeters high.
*basbasvAR ag mag-; ran -an.To scrape off a small portion of the surface (of something, such as a tree, wood, or bamboo with a bolo or ax in order to make it smaller or smooth it).Basbasi kākuꞌ in pais sin kahuy ini.Scrape off the bark of this tree for me.OV SYN.palukagisutud
basiꞌnSteel, iron.basiꞌ taut-tautcomp.nA spring (as on a car or truck).