Tausug - English


dusun2vag mag-, -um-.RareTo proceed (to a certain place).Dusun kaw bihaun pa tabuꞌ. Bīhi kita istaꞌ dakulaꞌ.You proceed now to the market. Buy for us big fish.vag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.To take (something somewhere).Dusunan in sīn ini pa bāy hi apuꞌ mu.Take this money to your grandmother’s house.OV SYN.lanjalmadtukadtuhapit1
duunadjThere, at that place (a distance between here close at hand and there far out of sight).Duun da in bāy namuꞌ ha liyu sin kahuy yan.There is our house on the other side of that tree.vag -um-.To stay there.Dumuun aku matūg ha bāy mu dūm ini.I’ll stay there at your house and sleep tonight.Cf.didtu
duwa1adjTwo.Duwa tahun in lugay nila dī.They have been here two years.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To ride on the same conveyance with (another person), (for one person) to take another on (with him on his conveyance).Dumuwa aku kaymu madtu pa tabuꞌ.I’ll ride on with you to the market.OV SYN.angkas1 vpat -un.To be in twos, (do something) in twos, use two (of something).Duwahun ta in pagbutangan sin manga sumping.We’ll use two containers to put the flowers in.advmagduwaIn two, into two (parts).Bahagiun ta magduwa in kakaun ini.We’ll divide this food into two parts.2advduwa-ruwaUndecided, vacillating.Biyaꞌ duwa-ruwa aku magad kaniya iban diꞌ.I’m undecided whether to go with him or not.OV SYN.hawal-hawalalang
duwa bayhuꞌadj(Of people) insincere, two-faced, deceiving.Diꞌ kapangandulan in tau duwa bayhuꞌ.One can’t trust a two-faced person.
duwaanA generalized type of prayer which is performed on various occasions and accompanies many rituals, short Islamic devotional prayer said in Arabic.It is intoned by one or more religious officials. A small brass or porcelain dish with hot coals is placed in front of one of them into which he sprinkles grains of incense.Awn subay duwaa bang awn paghinang.There should be a short Islamic devotional prayer when there is a special occasion.Subay mangayuꞌ duwaa pa Tuhan ha way baya-baya in pagtulak hinda Utuꞌ.We should ask a prayer (i.e., pray) to God that the travel of Sonny and company will be safe (see pangayuꞌ duwaa).vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.(For an imam) to perform such a prayer.Nagpaduwaa sila ha manga patay.They are having prayers said for the dead.
duwaa aruwanA ritual commemorating dead relatives (esp. upon having bad dreams about them); prayer for curative purposes at ceremonial gatherings.It is believed by some that dead ancestors cause sickness because they have been forgotten by the living. The duwaa aruwa assures the dead that they are forever in the considerations of the living.Subay na hīnang in duwaa aruwa ampa himundung in panagainup niya.It was only after the ritual commemorating the dead relative was done that her nightmares stopped.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To perform such a ritual.Magduwaa kita aruwa pa manga miyatay sabab mangiꞌ in tagainup ku kabii.Let’s perform the ritual for the dead. I had a bad dream last night.Cf.duwaa salamattawbat
duwaa pa taasnA type of duwaa performed on top of a hill to appease the spirits of one’s ancestors.If it was the practice in one (or both) spouse’s family to perform this ceremony they will perform it after the birth of every child. If they do not perform it, they believe that the spirits of their ancestors will be offended and will cause either the child to die or them (the parents) to go crazy. The consequences for failure to observe this ceremony are more serious than for failure to observe kāja.vag mag-.To perform this ceremony.OV SYN.kājaCf.kaput1 1.1
duwaa salamatnA short prayer of thanksgiving (intoned by two or more imams in Arabic).The imams are seated on a mat and a brass bowl or coconut shell with hot coals from the stove is placed in front of an imam into which he sprinkles grains of incense. This short devotional prayer is esp. performed when someone is going on a journey, moving to a new home, or has been delivered from any danger.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To perform such a ritual.Magparuwaa salamat kitaniyu.Let’s have a thanksgiving prayer ceremony.
duwalvar.luwalrelExcept, save for, but, unless, only.Yari na sila katān duwal dakuman hi Amina.They are all here except Amina.Way makaun ta duwal kapin.We have nothing to eat but those scraps.Duwal Tuhan in makapagbayaꞌ-bayaꞌ sin nyawa ta.Only God has control of our life spirit.Duwal sumapa kaw ha Kuraan ampa aku magkahagad sin baytaꞌ mu.I won’t believe what you say except you swear by the Koran.
*duwisvar.*duisvAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To dip (something) into (something else), spread (something) on (something else, as jelly on bread).Duwisi mantikilya in tinapay mu.Spread jelly on your bread.Cf.tublak
*dūyvag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To drive out, drive away (something).Dūya in kambing yan bat diꞌ magkangiꞌ in jambangan ta.Drive out that goat so that our flowers won’t be destroyed.Cf.īg
dūyan1nA durian tree.Durio zibethinus5: Plants2nDurian (fruit).Malanab kaunun in dūyan.Durian is delicious to eat.
duyungnA large somewhat whale-like tropical mammal, mermaid.Pagkarungugan in duyung ha manga kata-kata.You can hear about the whale-like mammal in stories.