Tausug - English


daghumnA glottalized sound.In daghum amu in tingug dayn ha gūnggūngan.The glottalized sound is produced at the glottis.vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To make such a sound (as in ridicule or as a signal).Kahunitan aku dumaghum.It is hard for me to make a glottalized sound.Cf.igham
dagingnSperm, egg, ovum.In babai way na daging diꞌ na umanak.A woman can no longer have children when the discharge of ovum stops.OV SYN.manniꞌ
*dagitgimb.daꞌgitvAQ ag/goal mang-, -um-; pat -un.(For a bird of prey) to seize or snatch something.Dagitun sin manuk-manuk in istaꞌ.The bird will seize the fish.
dagmaynWorn-out clothing, rag.Dakdaki in dagmay yan.Wash that rag.In dagmay ayaw mu lamuran iban sin manga kaibanan.Don’t mix the rags with the others.OV SYN.badjuꞌtarapu
*dagmitvag -um-, mag-.To drop in, drop over or by, stop by (for just a very short while), drop by to get (something).Dumagmit kita hangkarayꞌ pa bāy hi Babuꞌ mu Apsa.Let’s stop over a little while at your Aunt Apsa’s house.Dagmitan ta kaw istaꞌ pa tabuꞌ.I’ll drop by the market (and buy) you some fish.OV SYN.hapit1
dagnutnThick grass, bushes, thick vines, etc.Subay lapahan in manga dagnut ha uma.We have to cut the thick grass from the rice fields.adjmaragnutThick (as of grass, bushes, vines).Maragnut in lawm uma.The field is thick with grass.vpat -un; ran -an.To be or become overgrown with bushes, grass, vines, etc.Dagnutun in uma bang diꞌ lanuan.The field will become overgrown if it’s not cleared.OV SYN.kūmukātian
*dagpakvact mag-, -um-; ran -an.To touch, come in contact with.Ayaw mu paragpaka in lamisahan pa dingding.Don’t let the table touch the wall.OV SYN.daggut
dagpisvag mag-, -um-.To go to a fruit tree.Dagpis kaw madtu ha puun buwahan.You go to the lanzones tree.
*dagsaꞌ1vact -um-; pat hi-; ran -an.To run aground (as a ship), drift ashore.Diyagsaꞌ in kappal pa hunasan.The ship ran aground.Makaragsaꞌ kappal in kusug sin alun.The strength of the wind can cause a ship to run aground.2vag mag-, -um-.(For) a school (of fish) to come toward shore.Masuhul magdagsaꞌ in istaꞌ panit pa hunasan.Sometimes tuna fish come to the shallow water in schools.SYN.*sanglad
dagsukvar. ofdasukadjCrowded, dense, stuffy.
*dagtuꞌvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To grab, snatch, or seize (something suddenly, roughly or forcibly without right, warning, etc.).Dagtua in tau yan.Grab that man.Diyagtuꞌ sin sugarul in gantung liug niya.The thief snatched her necklace.OV SYN.hillaꞌ*utung
dagtungnA bamboo water container with two or more internodes.Daha in dagtung pa kuppung.Bring the bamboo water container to the well.Pilangka-lawas in dagtung mu?How many internodes does your bamboo water container have?
*daguꞌ-daguꞌvag mag-; goal pag-…-an.Does not focus the item asked for.To ask (something from someone) jokingly; take a liberty (with someone because of a prior relationship).Piyagdaguꞌ-daguan ku sadja siya saꞌ dīhil niya kākuꞌ in kamisita niya.I was just asking him jokingly but he gave me his T-shirt.OV SYN.langug
dahaladjGreedy, gluttonous.Dahal in tau makusug kumaun.A person who is strong in eating is greedy.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To eat voraciously, greedily.Ayaw na kaw dumahal, baꞌgu ra kaw kimaun.Don’t eat voraciously, you have just finished eating.Dahalun niya sān in pagkaun bang niya kakitaan.He will voraciously eat that food if he sees it.ndarahalanA meal (used derogatorily, esp. when one is angry or addressing a gluttonous person).Ah, yari in darahalan mu iruꞌ kaw.There now! Here’s your meal, you dog.OV SYN.lagakdambaꞌabꞌab
dahay1vag mang-.ArchaicTo attack (someone), threaten (someone).Ayaw kaw mangdahay ha tau sakawkat na nakautang kaymu.Don’t threaten a person just because he is indebted to you.OV SYN.gubat
dāhigvag mag-, -um-.To raise the pitch of one’s voice in chanting (a ritual song [luguꞌ]).Nagdāhig in manga pakil.The priests are raising the pitch of their voices in chanting.npagdāhigThe raising of the pitch of the voice in chanting a ritual song.OV SYN.luguꞌ
*dahikvag mag-; pat -un.To drag (a boat) up onto or off of the beach.Dahikun ku in bangkaꞌ.I’ll drag the boat onto the beach.Cf.*utung
dāhitnFear, fright, cowardliness.Piyunung in bataꞌ sabab sin dāhit niya.The child fainted from fear.vpat -un.To be or become fearful, frightened, cowardly.Diyahit aku sin lambung kītaꞌ ku kabii.I was frightened by the shadow I saw last night.adjdāhitanFearful, cowardly, afraid.Makasipug bang kita dāhitan.It is a shame to be cowardly.OV SYN.bugaꞌdamagtalaw
dahu-dahuLuukvact mag-.To play (as of children).In manga kabataan ha parian matagi magdahu-dahu.The children in the market like to play.OV SYN.panayam
dahunnA leaf (of plants and trees).vact mag-, -um-, -an.To develop leaves.Nagdahun na in jambangan mu.Your plants have already developed leaves.
dahutnA running stitch (done by hand), a temporary stitch (which can easily be removed).Tastasi in dahut sin badjuꞌ.Rip out the running stitch of the dress.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To sew (by hand) a running stitch (on something).Dahuti in badjuꞌ niya.Sew a running stitch on her dress.Cf.langgahitbagsaꞌayum-ayum
daig1n(In phrase ha daig) near, close, beside.Biyutang ku in budjak ha daig lawang.I placed the spear near the door.vact, ag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To come close to, near, or beside (something).Ayaw kaw dumaig ha tau piyapangkut.Don’t get close to a man afflicted with smallpox.Diꞌ aku mabayaꞌ daigan sin tau kulapan.I don’t want a person with ichthyosis to come close to me.Ayaw mu paraiga in gās pa kāyu.Don’t place the gas near the fire.vRC ag mag-.To be or come close to each other or side by side.Bang magdaig in duwa bataꞌ yan magkālu sadja.If those two children get close to each other they always quarrel.Nagdaraig in bāy namuꞌ.Our houses are side by side.OV SYN.suuk2vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.Euph.To have sexual intercourse.
dairanCity, sizeable town.Pa dāira kitaniyu mamī-mī kunsūm.We’ll go to town tomorrow to do some shopping.Cf.kawmanlūngan
dakagnOverinsistence or excessive demanding (esp. by children from parents or grandparents).Way na makaatu ha dakag sin bataꞌ yan.Nothing can surpass the excessive demanding of that child.vag -um-, mag-.To boast, act haughtily; (for a child) to demand excessively or unreasonably.Dumakag in tau bang dayahan.A rich person acts haughtily.vag magpa-; pat pa-…-un.To pamper (someone, esp. a child).Bukun marayaw in makalanduꞌ magparakag ha anak.It’s not good to pamper a child too much.adjmarakag/dakaganSpoiled, pampered; arrogant, haughty.In bataꞌ marakag makarā kasusahan pa maas.A pampered child brings sorrow to his parents.In tau marakag diꞌ magsulut iban tau kaibanan.An arrogant person cannot come into harmony with other people.OV SYN.*langka
*dakdak1vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To wash (clothes).Dakdakan ku in badjuꞌ mu.I will wash your clothes.OV SYN.*kimuꞌnmagdarakdakSomeone who washes clothes, laundryperson.Malanuꞌ in magdarakdak kamuꞌ.The one who washes our clothes is clean.npagdarakdakanPlace for washing clothes, laundry place.Mataud tubig ha pagdarakdakan namuꞌ.There is plenty of water in the place where we wash our clothes.ndiyakdakanClothes to be washed, laundry.2vCV 1 ag -um-; pat hi-.To beat (something) against a surface; fall suddenly or with full impact; drop, throw or put down (something) heavily or all at once.Pagpunung kaniya dimakdak siya pa lantay.When she collapsed, she dropped heavily to the floor.Bang aku dugalan hirakdak ta kaw pa simintu.If I become angry, I’ll beat you against the cement.OV SYN.*hantak 1