Tausug - English


dakmulnThickness (as of board, cloth, or wall).Biyaꞌ diin in dakmul sin digpiꞌ?What is the thickness of the board?adjmarakmulThick.Marakmul in asu.The smoke is thick.vST pat -um-.To become thick.Diꞌ dumakmul in tilam bang bukun mataud in kapuk.The mattress won’t become thick unless it is stuffed with more kapok.Ayaw da parakmula in pagpinta mu.Don’t make your painting thick.
dakulaꞌadjGreat, large, big, huge (referring to objects, people, projects, etc., but not emotions or feelings).Dakulaꞌ in hinang sin prisidinti.The work of the president is great.Dakulaꞌ in bāy mu.Your house is big.OV SYN.lagguꞌ 1
dakumanadvYet; just, only (of a remaining number of people, things, events, ideas, etc.).Nagtagad dakuman sila kaymu.They are just waiting for you.Tagaran dakuman siya.He is the only one we’re waiting for.Hangka-tau dakuman in tagaran sin jīp.The jeep is waiting for just one more passenger.Hambuuk dakuman in nakapin.There’s only one left.
*dakupvag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To elope (with someone).Nagdakup hi Yusup iban sin tunang niya kaina mahinaat.Yusup eloped with his girl friend this morning.OV SYN.guyud 2
dalamadvHowever, in whatever manner or degree.Wayruun sīn ku hikapabūs kaymu, dalam yadtu pamūsan ta kaw ha inaꞌ ku.I have no money to lend you, however I’ll borrow from my mother.
dalasgimb.daꞌlasnWastefulness, extravagance.Bang bihān in dalas mu magsīn wayruun hikatawꞌ mu.If that’s your wastefulness with money then you’ll not be able to save anything.vag mag-; pat -un.To waste (something), spend (something) unwisely, extravagantly.Ayaw dalasa in tubig.Don’t waste the water.adjmaralasWasteful, prodigal, extravagant.Maralas siya magsīn.He is extravagant with money.OV SYN.*usibaꞌ 1
dalatnA breeze, light wind.Mahagpay-hagpay in hangin dalat.A light wind is somewhat cool.OV SYN.hangin
dalignThe back edge (of a single-bladed cutting instrument).Marakmul in dalig sin barung ini.The back edge of this bladed weapon is wide.
dalilnAn example, parable, allegory, comparison, elucidation.Biyaꞌ ha ini in maana sin dalil yan.The meaning of that parable is like this.vag mag-; pat -un, hi-; goal/ben -an.To give an example, allegorize, give a comparison.Bang dalilun, in budjang biyaꞌ sin sumping.If we give a comparison, a young girl is like a flower.Cf.sawpamahantangdalil akkalcomp.vA practical explanation.
dalimaꞌnPomegranate.In dalimaꞌ pagdāhun sin manga hadjiꞌ dayn ha Makka.Pomegranates are brought by pilgrims from Mecca.OV SYN.hulmaꞌanggulPunica granatum5: Plants
dalingnFlange, buttress of a tree; comb (of a cock).Subay pagꞌuturun in daling sin manuk bang hipagbulang.We have to remove the comb of a cock when it is intended for cockfighting.
dalling1nA type of Tausug dance with more movement than the pangalay dance.vag mag-.To dance this kind of dance.Padallingun natuꞌ bihaun hi Mutadul.We’ll ask Mutadul to dance.OV SYN.pangalay2n(A term of endearment) darling, dear.Kaun na kaw mari dalling.Come and eat, darling.
damagnFear, cowardliness.Nakalanduꞌ in damag niya.His fear is just too much.adjdamaganCowardly, having no courage.In tau damagan maluhay kublaan.A cowardly person is easily startled.vST pat -un.To be or become afraid, to be frightened.Damagun sa kān bang kaw mākitaꞌ lutaw.You’ll become afraid if you see a ghost.Makadamag maghulaꞌ ha bāy masaytan.It’s frightening to live in a haunted house.OV SYN.dāhittalawbugaꞌ
damaknA gift given to a girl by a suitor.Piyagꞌamahan siya sin inaꞌ niya sabab timabuk siya damak dayn ha usug namayaꞌ-mayaꞌ kaniya.She was scolded by her mother because she accepted a gift from her lover.vCV 1 ag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat hipag-; goal -an.To give a gift (to one’s lover).Ayaw na kaw magdamak kākuꞌ diꞌ da aku mabayaꞌ kaymu.Don’t give me any gift for I don’t like you anyway.Unu in hipagdamak mu ha piyamayaꞌ-mayaan mu bang way sīn?What will you give to the one you’re courting if you don’t have any money?OV SYN.baktiꞌ
damannA poetic dialogue filled with symbolic meaning (using words in a nonliteral or unusual sense).Examples are: Ay mu na aku tataki sin pugad māpati. Don’t tell me things that aren’t true (lit. Don’t talk to me about the nest of a pigeon). Manāꞌtāꞌ lupu manglawag pagtanuman. Bang awn katanaman, duun na magjambangan. I’m looking for a wife (lit. Going through an overgrown field looking for a place to plant. If there’s a good place, I’ll make a flower garden there).In daman mahunit kahātihan.It’s hard to understand the meaning of a daman.vag mag-; pat hi-; goal/ben -an.To talk or express (something) in poetic or symbolic language.Magdaman kita ha supaya diꞌ nila kahātihan.Let’s talk symbolically so they won’t understand.OV SYN.malikataCf.tarasul
dāmasnA small boat with an outrigger; hull of any small boat under construction.Dāmas in pagꞌusalun bang aku magpamingit.I use a small boat with an outrigger when going fishing.OV SYN.bangkaꞌ1 sakayan
*damatvag mang-, magpang-; pat pagpang-…-un.To talk in one’s sleep.Pukawa in bagay mu nangdamat siya.Wake your friend. He is talking in his sleep.OV SYN.*dabdab
dambaꞌadjGreedy, gluttonous, voracious (derogatory term).In tau dambaꞌ makasipug ha kampung niya.A greedy person is a shame to his relatives.vag mag-, -um-, -mang-; pat -un.To eat greedily or voraciously.Diyambaꞌ niya in tinapay ku.He ate my bread greedily.OV SYN.abꞌablagakdabluꞌdaslukbusladdahal
damdamnLonging, yearning.Landuꞌ in damdam ku ha asawa ku.My longing for my wife is really strong.vag mag-; pat -un.To yearn, long for, or miss (someone).Magdamdam sadja aku ha asawa ku dūm adlaw.I always long for my wife night and day.OV SYN.*tumtum 1sittavran ka-…-an.To long or yearn for (a lover).Minsan mabanyagaꞌ in baran ku bang mān maasawa ku in babai karamdaman ku.Even if I become a slave (it’s all right), if only I can marry the girl I long for.lindu-ramdamcomp.nA combination of romantic love and longing for someone.
damikkiyanrelLikewise, in like manner, the same as.Nagmula in kabāyan sin dunuk, damikkiyan in manga pananum.The houses were destroyed by the flood, likewise the vegetation.Cf.sampay 1sambil
damlagadjFull moon.Bang damlag masawa tuud in bulan.The moon is bright when it’s full moon.Cf.sāli bulantambul būd
dampigLu. equiv. ofsampigvTo be cast ashore or washed up by the sea.
damugnDew (which is seen on the grass, etc., refers to the actual moisture, not to the process).Bang mahinaat kakitaan mu in damug ha kaparangan.In the morning you’ll see the dew on the grass.OV SYN.aluꞌ
dān1.1nWay, road, trail, street, path.Sarang in luag sin dān.The road is wide enough.1.2nA row (of objects in a line, as rice plants in a field); section (of a citrus fruit, a durian, etc.) (Also tirānan).2nWay, path (fig.).Subay siya hinduan sin dān pa Tuhan.She should be taught the way to God.OV SYN.labayanlabay3ndānanThe cause (of something), course of events leading up to (something).Unu in dānan sin pagkālu nila?What was the cause of their quarrel?Cf.sabab
dantiknA reed, rush.Marayaw paghinangun ambung in dantik.Reeds are good for making baskets.