Tausug - English


dāngvar. ofdayangnAn affectionate term of address to women.
*dangatvag -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To go against the current, go upstream.Ayaw kaw dumangat sin sūg bat kita diꞌ maraub.Don’t go against the current, we might capsize.Subay diꞌ dangatun in sūg bat diꞌ maraub in bangkaꞌ.You shouldn’t go against the current or your boat will capsize.Cf.sangsang
dangawnA span (the measurement from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the middle finger of the outstretched hand).Pilangka-dangaw in baluy?How many spans is the mat?ndangawanMeasurement by spans.In dangawan sin baluy, hangpuꞌ da.The span measurement of the mat is only ten.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To measure by numbers of spans.Dangawa in baluy bat kaingatan in lakbang.Measure by spans the width of the mat.sukud1
dangaw-rangaw1nA caterpillar.2nA sickness of babies in which the baby usu. cries every afternoon.Asal bihayan na in bataꞌ-bataꞌ yan dangaw-rangaw.That baby is always like that, she cries every afternoon.vpat -un.To be affected with this sickness.Diyarangaw-rangaw in bataꞌ-bataꞌ yan.That baby is affected with the afternoon crying sickness.
dangdangvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To broil or roast (something) on the embers (as meat or fish).Dangdang kaw istaꞌ ha baga kāyu.Roast the fish on the embers.Cf.tapa
danggasvag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To shampoo or wash (the hair without bathing the body as well).Danggasan ku in buhuk ku bat malubag.I’ll shampoo my hair because it is dirty.Cf.*lubihugas 1
danginnSomeone invited to help (in cooperative work as harvesting crops or plowing a field, or to help fight a battle or kill someone).Sila in manga dangin namuꞌ magꞌani pāy kunsūm.They are the people we’ve invited to help harvest rice tomorrow.vAQ ag/goal mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To invite (someone to cooperative work or to help fight a battle or kill someone).Magdangin siya tau mataud magꞌararu.He will invite many people to plow the field.Bang kaw danginun bukun isa-isa mu maghinang.If you are invited to cooperative work you will not work alone.Cf.sabiabi-abi
danglaynA nickname (either a substitute name or familiar form of a proper name).In danglay hi Abdul Abs.Abdul’s nickname is Abs.vag mag-; goal -an.To give a nickname (to someone).In hi Saripul diyanglayan kan Pipung.Saripul was nicknamed Pipung.
dangulngulnThe act of weeping loudly, wailing (used either of children or adults, but not animals).Mahibuk tuud in dangulngul sin bataꞌ yan.The wailing of that child is very noisy.vag mag-, -um-.To weep loudly.Hundung kaw magdangulngul. Makabatiꞌ in natutūg.Stop weeping loudly. You will wake those who are asleep.Cf.tangisasang2 *hukuꞌ-hukuꞌluhaꞌ
dapa-rapa1nA small fast launch, speedboat.Dapa-rapa in piyagꞌismagulan niya.They used a small fast launch for smuggling.vTV ag mag-, -um-; goal -un.To travel by such a boat.2vag mag-, -um-.To do something quickly or fast (such as running or speaking), (for a bird) to flap its wings.Nagdapa-rapa in manuk-manuk. Marayꞌ nasaggaw sin kubing.The bird is beating its wings. Maybe it’s caught by the mongoose.
dapanadj(An Arabic vowel point) u written above the consonant.In mim bang barisan dapan, in bassahan niya mu.If the letter mim is pointed with a u it reads mu.
dāpangnA boat without outriggers.Malallay dumagan ha dagat in dāpang.A boat without an outrigger is very slow when sailing.
dapatnPossibility.Bang awn dapat kari kaw ha masamut.If possible come immediately.Way na dapat ku tumabang kaymu.It’s not possible for me to help you.vST pat ma-.To be or become possible (for a person).Diꞌ ta marapat in unu-unu liyu dayn sin ingat ta.It isn’t possible (to do) anything that is beyond our ability.
*dapat1vtCH 1 ag -um-; pat -un.To blame (someone) for not fulfilling (his) words or promise, consider (someone) at fault.Dapatun ta kaw bang kaw diꞌ mari kunsūm.I’ll consider you at fault if you don’t come tomorrow.viST exp ka-…-an.To be liable for blame, be found at fault for failure to fulfill (one’s words or promise).Diꞌ aku mabayaꞌ karapatan sin janjiꞌ ku kaymu.I don’t want to be found at fault for failure to fulfill my promise to you.2vact mag-; inst pag-…-an.(For love or friendship) to be or become ruined.Nagdapat na in pagbagay nila sabab kiyustaw niya in sīn sin bagay hiya.Their friendship was ruined because he embezzled the money of his friend.3vpat ma-.(With negative diꞌ) not capable of being endured or agreed to (because disagreeable or unsuitable).Diꞌ marapat in abbu sin tau ini!The boastfulness of this fellow is not endurable!
dapawnAnything causing itchiness (esp. plants).Kimatul in baran niya sin dapaw.His body became itchy because of the itchy substance.adjmarapawFull of something that causes itchiness.Marapaw in dahun ini.These leaves really cause itchiness.vexp ka-…-an.To become itchy.Ay na kaw magkaput ha yan karapawan kaw.Don’t handle that, you’ll become itchy.
dapit1adv(Pertaining to direction) at the side of.In jaga sin prisidinti subay dapit pa tuu niya iban dapit pa lawa.The guards of the president should be at his right side and at his left side.Cf.harap 1tudju 12vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To side with or favor (someone).Mangiꞌ ha maas in magdapit ha anak bang awn kasāan.It is not good for parents to side with their children when they commit a mistake.Diyarapitan niya sadja in anak niya.She always sides with her son.Dapit niya dayn ha sugarul.His side was with the thief (i.e., he favored the thief).OV SYN.*dinuhukuman dapitcomp.vOne-sided judgment.
*daplak1vact -um-.To splash (as waves of the ocean).Dimaplak in alun pa higad.The wave splashed on the shore.Cf.sampuwak*sabulakndaplakanShore.Hibīn ku ha daplakan in bangkaꞌ.I’ll leave the banca on the shore.2vCV 1 ag mag-; pat hi-.To place (something somewhere) in a disorderly manner, scatter (things).Hiraplak niya sadja way āg in nutbuk niya.She just scatters her notebooks anywhere.Cf.kanat
daplinannBoundary, frontier, borderland, territorial limit.In daplinan sin hulaꞌ subay lilingun sin magsusukud.Land boundaries should be surveyed by the land surveyor.Cf.higad 1
*daplisvact mag-, -um-; ran -an.(For something) to scrape, scratch, or graze (something else) in passing.Diyaplisan sin pungluꞌ in paa niya.A bullet grazed his thigh.
dapuꞌvag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To pat, dab or tap (something repeatedly).Ayaw kaw magdapuꞌ ha lamisahan.Don’t tap on the table.Dapuun ku in taykud mu bat maīg in bukug ha liug mu.I’ll pat your back so that the bone that stuck in your neck will be removed.Cf.kuꞌkuꞌ*dukduk
dapuggimb.daꞌpugvag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To set fire to, ignite (something).Dapugi in kaput ha halaman.Set fire to the trash in the courtyard.Diyapugan niya in bāy sin banta niya.He set fire to his enemy’s house.OV SYN.sunugangpud
dapulannA stove (both a fire table and a gas range, any cooking stove).Maglutuꞌ pa aku ha dapulan.I’ll cook on the stove.OV SYN.abuhanCf.sukul1
daraakun(from CV rdp. + daak + -un)nA servant, helper (esp. a domestic worker, maid).Mataud daraakun sin sultan.The king has many servants.
daral1vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To fry (an egg).Daral kaw iklug.Fry an egg.Daralun ku muna in iklug.I’ll fry the egg first.Cf.aman 1
daral2nA confection made of grated coconut meat cooked with sugar packed in flour or rice starch wrappers.Masarap pagꞌinuman in daral.Grated coconut confection is delicious for snacks.7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasions