Tausug - English


daranadjOften, frequently, always.Daran siya magsūd sīni.He goes frequently to the movies.Cf.mawmu
daruhakaꞌvar. ofjahulakaꞌadjCruel, unkind, pitiless, malicious.
*dasaꞌvact mag-.To be in large quantity or abundance (as of fruit, vegetables, or fish).Nagdasaꞌ na in istaꞌ ha tabuꞌ.There is an abundance of fish at the market.Cf.taudbanus
dasigpūꞌ equiv. of*daꞌsigvTo speak loudly and shrilly, shout (at someone).
daslukvag mag-, -um-; pat -un, hi-.To eat greedily, voraciously (used derogatorily).Dasluk na kaw, babuy kaw.Eat voraciously now, you pig.Daslukun ku na in kakaun ini?Will I eat this food voraciously?Cf.dahallagakdambaꞌbuslad
dasunSatin brocade.In dasu masuhul paghinangun sawwal, masuhul hipagꞌampiꞌ.Satin brocade is sometimes used to make loose-fitting trousers and sometimes for the special wrap-around skirt.Cf.lanaysutlaꞌ
dasukvar.dagsukdusukadjCrowded, dense, stuffy (as a bus or movie).Dasuk sin tau in sīni bang Lannang in paguwaun.The movie house is crowded with people when it’s showing a Chinese picture.vAR ag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.Ran focus is usual. With pat focus, it means to stuff very full indeed.To stuff, cram (something with something else).Dasukan ta kapuk in ūan.We will stuff the pillow with kapok.Parayawa in kadasuk sin ūan.Make your stuffing of the pillow good.Cf.hipuꞌ*suppul
datagadjFlat, level (as of a piece of land).Duun kaw ha lupaꞌ datag maghinang bāy.Build a house on that level piece of land.Cf.patag
datuꞌnA prince, any male member of a royal family, datu.Durugan in datuꞌ yaun.That prince is handsome.nkaratuanThe datus collectively.Masūb magpasu kuraꞌ in manga karatuan.The datus are fond of horse riding.vag mag-.To act in the capacity of a datu.Hisiyu in nagdatuꞌ dī sin waktu yadtu?Who reigned here as datu during that time?vpat -un.To appoint (someone) as a datu.In tau datuun sin datuꞌ bukun datuꞌ purnaꞌ.A man who is appointed datu by another datu is not a real datu.
datuꞌ-datuꞌnA doll.Masūb in bataꞌ-bataꞌ magpanayam iban datuꞌ-datuꞌ.Children are fond of playing with dolls.SYN.munyikaꞌ
datung1vTV ag -um-, mag-.To arrive.Lisag pila sila dimatung?What time did they arrive?vran -an.To be a recipient, be attacked or beset (by something, as a disease, fear, laziness).Diyatungan siya lidjikiꞌ dayn ha Tuhan.He received blessings from God.Bang kaw datungan hapus napas, inuma in ubat ini.If you’re attacked by asthma, take this medicine.Pangarap kaw pa Tuhan bang kaw datungan bugaꞌ.Pray to God if you’re beset by fears.OV SYN.abut 3ndatunganA place where someone stays upon arrival (as a house, hotel, or apartment).Kansiyu bāy in datungan mu ha Manilaꞌ?Whose house will you stay in when you arrive in Manila?2vag -um-; pat hi-.To appeal (a court case).Diyatung niya in parkalaꞌ pa saraꞌ dakulaꞌ.He appealed the case to the higher court.ndatunganA person or body to which a case is brought or referred.Sultan in datungan sin katān parkalaꞌ.The Sultan is the one to whom all cases are brought.
daubvag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To lie prone, turn or turn (something) upside down; (for a boat) to capsize.Daub kaw bat kaubatan in paliꞌ ha taykud mu.Lie prone so we can put medicine in the wound on your back.Dauba in lamisahan.Turn the table upside down.Naraub in lansa ha lawd.The launch capsized in the deep sea.Cf.*lunudluddang 1nHeads (in flipping a coin).ANT.dayaꞌ
daub-dayaꞌ1nA small hotcake-like confection (with grated coconut and sugar mixture inside).Masarap in luun sin daub-dayaꞌ.The filling of the small hotcake-like confection is delicious.7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasions2.1vtpat -un.To turn (something) upside down.Daub-dayaun namuꞌ in jip mu yan.We’ll turn that jeep of yours upside down.vipat ma-.To turn turtle, turn upside down.Naraub-dayaꞌ in tarak.The truck turned turtle.Naraub-dayaꞌ in altaꞌ niya.His wealth was turned upside down (i.e., was lost).2.2vaux ma-.(To punish someone) severely.Naraub-dayaꞌ in bataꞌ bīnsanaꞌ sin amaꞌ niya.The child was severely punished by his father.
daugnA bunch (of coconuts).Pila lahing in hangka-raug?How many coconuts in a bunch?Cf.pungudbulig
*daugvag -um-, mag-; pat -un.To win (as a game, race, demand, lawsuit, battle) (ag focus); lose, be defeated (pat focus).Parayawa in pagkalang mu bat kaw dumaug.Sing well so you’ll win.Daugun kamu magbunuꞌ bang hangkatiyuꞌ in titimbakan niyu.You’ll be defeated in fighting if you have only a little ammunition.ndauganWinnings, profit, benefit.Pasuwaa kita sin daugan mu ha pagpanayaman.Give us a share of your winnings from gambling.Way kunuꞌ daugan ta magbunuꞌ iban parinta.There is no benefit, they say, from fighting with the government.
*daup-daupannpagdaup-daupanThe source of one’s happiness, joy or inspiration (as of a child or a woman).Awn na tuwiꞌ anak mu pagdaup-daupan mu.Now you have a child to be your source of happiness.Cf.kūg
*dāutvag mag-; pat -un.To expect (help or favor from someone), hope.Gubnul in piyagdāut ku makatabang kākuꞌ.I am hoping for the governor to help me.In dāutun ku, Gubnul in magpajatu sin pagpangasawa ku.I am hoping that the governor will be the one to make the wedding arrangements for me.Cf.huwat-huwat*huwat
dawanMillet, a cereal grass grown in Jolo and available in the market.Pakauna dawa in manuk-manuk.Feed the birds millet.5: Plants
dawatnThe lead (of a pencil), tip (of a ballpoint pen).Nabaliꞌ in dawat sin pinsil ku.The lead of my pencil broke off.SYN.tinta
dawgdugnThunder.Kiyublaan in bataꞌ-bataꞌ sin dawgdug.The child was frightened by the thunder.vnone mag-.With pa₂, agent is God.To thunder.Magkilat muna ampa magdawgdug.It lightnings first and then it thunders.Cf.lutiꞌ
dawhatnLofty or haughty ambition, aspiration (used with sarcasm and mockery).Diꞌ in parhimpunan mabayaꞌ ha tau mataas in dawhat niya.The organization won’t accept a man with lofty ambitions.vAQ ag/goal mag-, -um-; pat -un.To aspire (haughtily or arrogantly) for something.Asal in abbuhan dawhatun minsan mahunit niya abutan.An arrogant fellow always aspires for things that he can hardly reach.
*dawkanvag mag-; pat -un.(For a male animal) to cover (a female); (for people) to copulate (spoken in anger only).Ayaw kamu maghukut sin kuraꞌ niyu ha ād namuꞌ. Dawkanun sān sin kuraꞌ namuꞌ.Don’t tie your horse to our fence. It will be covered by our horse.vag magpa-; pat papag-…-un.To breed (animals).Magpadawkan kami sapiꞌ mandangan.We will breed a bull.Papagdawkanun in manga sapiꞌ sin tagdapu.The owner will cause the cows to be bred.
dawmuannA variety of bamboo.Makamdus in dawmuan.A bamboo is durable.Cf.patung1
dayꞌvUnaffixed.Come.Dayꞌ kaw mari.Come here.Cf.mari (with -um-);kari
*dayꞌadvdayꞌ-dayꞌA comparatively short time, soon.Dayꞌ-dayꞌ dakuman maubus na in hinang ku.It will not be long and I will finish my work.advmarayꞌProbably, perhaps, maybe, possibly; soon, about to happen.Marayꞌ sila dumatung kunsūm.They’ll probably arrive tomorrow.