Tausug - English


dayanWealth, wealthiness, affluence, opulence.Diꞌ marā in daya pa kamatay.We can’t bring wealth to our grave (i.e., can’t take it with us past the grave).vag mag-, -um-.To become rich or wealthy.Diꞌ kaw magdaya bang kaw diꞌ magtuyuꞌ magꞌusaha.You will not become rich if you don’t diligently work.adjdayahanWealthy, rich, affluent, opulent.In tau dayahan masannang.A rich man lives comfortably.Cf.altaanaltaꞌawnanawn
dayaꞌvag mag-, um-; pat hi-, -un.To lie on the back, put (something) facing upward.Dayaꞌ kaw ha kulangan.Lie on your back on the bed.Nagdarayaꞌ na in bataꞌ-bataꞌ.The child is lying on his back.Subay mu hirayaꞌ in baldi pa sugahan.You should place the pail facing upward under the heat of the sun.nTails (in flipping a coin).Unu in kaymu, daub, dayaꞌ?Which is yours, heads or tails?ANT.daubdaub-dayaꞌcomp.nA small hot-cake-like confection.vTo turn (something) or be turned upside down.
dayangvar.dāngnA term of respect for a lady teacher or an elder sister (used with the personal marker hi); madam, ma’am; vocative used in speaking to such a person (usu. preceded by babuꞌ [auntie] or kakaꞌ [elder sister]); term of endearment and respect for any girl young or old, dear.Walaꞌ dī hi Dayang.Madam is not here.Babuꞌ dayang, hindui aku mangadjiꞌ.Ma’am, teach me to read (the Koran).Kari kaw dayang.Come here, dear.
dayang-dayangnPrincess, title of respect for a daughter of the Sultan.In dayang-dayang anak sin sultan.A princess is the child of the king.
*dayaw1n(Intrinsic) goodness.In dayaw sin tau yan diꞌ hikasipat.One cannot find the equal of the goodness of that man.vtpat -un.To improve, repair, or remodel (something).Subay dayawun in dān pa gimba.The road to the interior must be improved.viST pat -um-.(For something) to improve.Dumayaw in makina bang lanuan.The engine will improve (in performance) if it is cleaned.adjmarayawGood (may be used as a response to a greeting); (of a man) handsome.Maunu-unu kaw? Marayaw.How are you? Good.Marayaw usug in tau yaun.That man is handsome.nkarayawan(Acquired) goodness, improvement, value.Unu in karayawan sin pagꞌiskul?What goodness does education bring?2vrdp. RC ag mag-.(For people) to get along well (with each other).Magdayaw-rayaw kamu magtaymanghud.You brothers and sisters get along well with each other.vrdp. ag mang-; pat -un.To win over, placate, or conciliate (someone); soothe (someone’s) anger.Dayaw-rayawa siya bat magad kaymu.Placate her so she’ll go with you.vag mag-.(For people) to be reconciled (esp. after a quarrel).Nagdayaw man sila naīg na in sakit atay niya.After they were reconciled, her bitter feelings were gone.3.1npagdayawAn internal organ (of the body), a part of a piece of equipment (that has a number of parts).3.2npagdayawA plow.
dayn1relFrom.Dayn ha hulaꞌ Milikan siya.He is from America.2relThan.Marayaw in ini dayn ha yan.This one is better than that one.
dayn diinadvFrom where.Dayn diin taꞌ kamu yan?Where are you from?Dayn diin aku tumagnaꞌ magꞌitung?From where shall I start counting?SYN.dayn hain
dayn hainadvFrom where, where.Dayn hain in manga tau yan?Where do those people come from?Dayn hain kaw nakarungug sin suysuy yan?Where did you hear that information?SYN.dayn diin
dayparagimb.layparaadvIndicates an event or state which has altered the outcome expressed by the previous clause or sentence. Can often be translated ‘fortunately’ or ‘unfortunately’ depending on the context.In fact.Ambayaꞌ na masunug in kabāyan katān. Daypara dimatung in bumbiru.All the houses were almost burned. Fortunately the fire truck arrived.Dimaug sa yadtu. Daypara diyapitan sin manga nakuraꞌ in atu niya.He should have won. Unfortunately, the leaders favored his opponent.
daytaꞌvag -um-, mang-.To endure (punishment or pain).Diꞌ na aku makadaytaꞌ tumanggung sin ajabulla.I can no longer endure the Divine punishment.
dayuꞌnA chicken esp. a white rooster used as an offering or scapegoat to appease a person’s spirit twin that causes sickness to the person himself.It cannot be eaten, for it is believed to have the sickness of the victim. It is first offered as a gift to the twin spirit and then abandoned to wander in the vicinity of a graveyard.Cf.saluꞌmanaslintikan
dayungnAn oar, a large oar, a sweep (used in small vessels to propel as well as to assist the rudder).vag mag-; goal -un; ran -an.To propel a boat with a large oar from the stern with a sweeping motion, use a large oar.Sin way pa makina magdayung iban maglayag sadja in manga tau.When there were yet no motors, people used large oars and sails.Cf.bugsay 1tukun
dayyusnA cuckold, husband of an adulteress.Dayyus in usug bang in asawa niya magꞌusug-usug dugaing.A man is a cuckold if his wife goes around with other men.
adjHere (close to speaker).Kabayaan ku ha Parang maghulaꞌ.My wish is to reside here in Parang.vag -um-, -im-.To stay here.Dimī siya kunuꞌ duwa adlaw.He says he will stay here two days.Cf.duundidtu
diꞌadvNo, not (negates predicates which have not begun aspect verbs as heads).Diꞌ aku mabayaꞌ kaymu.I don’t like you.Mabayaꞌ kaw kumaun? Diꞌ.Would you like to eat? No!Cf.bukunway 1walaꞌwayruunayaw
didtuadjThere (far, out of sight).Didtu in iskul nila, malayuꞌ.Their school is far over there (out of sight).Bang kaw didtu na, parāhan ta kaw sulat.When you are there, I’ll send you a letter.vag -um-.To stay there at a far place.Dimidtu siya ha Istit duwa tahun.He stayed in the States two years.Cf.duun
digpiꞌnA piece of lumber, board.Lantayan ta digpiꞌ in bāy.We will floor the house with lumber.Cf.pasagiꞌlistun
dihangnAn unbeliever.In manga tau dihang way agama iyaagaran.The unbelievers are not following any religion.Cf.kapil
dihilvCV 2 ag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat hi-; goal -an.To give (something to someone).Dihil kaw mari duwa pilak.Give (me) your two pesos.Hirihil ku kaniya in pinsil.I will give him the pencil.Dihili aku mital-mital.Give me a tin can.nmagdirihilA giver.Tuhan in magdirihil sin unu-unu katān.God is the giver of all things.Cf.sarakkaduhal*tukbalungsud2
diinpronWhat.Diin na in sukang amu na in kiyakaun niya.What was forbidden to her, that is what she is eating.
diin-diinpronWhatever.Diin-diin na in kabayaan mu agad na kami.We are amenable to whatever you like.SYN.unu-unu 1
dilaꞌnTongue.Luputan in dilaꞌ mu.Stick out your tongue.6: The Parts of the Bodyhabaꞌ dilaꞌidiomadjTalkative (lit. long tongue).duhul-duhul dilaꞌidiomnAbout to be said, esp. because almost but not quite recalled (lit. [on] the tip of [one’s] tongue).Yari ha duhul-duhul dilaꞌ ku in ngan niya, sa diꞌ ku katumtuman.His name is on the tip of my tongue, but I can’t think of it right now.halhal dilaꞌidiomnSomeone who is repeatedly taught something but who doesn’t obey or doesn’t learn (lit. hanging-out tongue. See halhal 2).
dilamnA hard, transparent precious stone, varying in color; sapphire.
*dilatvag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To pass the tongue over, lick (something).Malummiꞌ in lāy yan bakas dīlatan sin kuting.That dish is dirty. It was licked by the cat.SYN.lakut
*dinuvag mag-.RareTo favor or take sides with someone.Subay kita diꞌ magdinu bang in kabataan magkālu.We should not take sides if the children quarrel.SYN.dapit 2