Tausug - English


dingdingnA wall of or partition in (a building).vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To put walling on (a structure).Dingdingan ku sin digpiꞌ in kusina.I will wall the kitchen with wood.vpat -un.To partition (a room or building).Dingdingun ta in pantān ini.We will partition this porch.Cf.*tampan 1
dingding halin(Lit. wall of rest) pieces of board about two inches thick, one foot wide, and three to four feet long used to seal up a corpse in a separate chamber from the grave hole.Dingding hali in hipagtabun sin paliyangan sin patay.The ‘wall of rest’ is used to cover the deep chamber where the corpse is laid.
dinggi-ringginA speedy launch, a small boat with big horsepower.Dinggi-ringgi in pagꞌusalun ha pagꞌismagulan.A speedy launch is used in smuggling.
dingluꞌ1nDiamond (the shape).In pussuk sin budjak biyaꞌ dingluꞌ.The point of the spear is like a diamond in shape.2nA diamond-shaped confection made of sago palm.Magpikit ha ipun in dingluꞌ.The diamond-shaped confection sticks to one’s teeth.7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasions
dīpvCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To slice (something as mango, wanni, bawnuꞌ).Dīp na kaw mampallam yan!Slice some mango!Dīpun ku in wanni.I will slice the wanni.Dīpi aku mampallam.Slice a mango for me.Cf.huyaꞌutud
*diplaꞌvact mag-, -um-.To spit out (blood) profusely (as of someone having advanced tuberculosis); hemorrhage from the mouth.Nagdiplaꞌ duguꞌ in inaꞌ niya kabii.His mother hemorrhaged from the mouth last night.
diyandinLight-weight printed cotton fabric, calico.Marayaw hinangun sambra in diyandi. In sablay subay buwal sabab manipis.It’s good to make a short-sleeved Malay blouse from calico. A long-sleeved Malay blouse should be voile because it’s thin.
diyatnMoney used to recompense (for physical injuries done to someone).Subay kaw dumihil diyat ha tau kiyakal mu.You should give recompense money to the man you clubbed.vag mag-; pat -un.To recompense with money (for physical injury done to someone).Subay diyatun in bataꞌ namula mu ha supaya way kālu.We should recompense with money the child that you hurt so that there will be no quarrel.Cf.*ayuꞌbangun2
duꞌduꞌvact -um-.To stumble and fall down (on one’s buttocks).Nakaduꞌduꞌ siya pa batu.He stumbled and fell down on a stone.Cf.*ligad*bungkuꞌvpat hi-.To knock (something against a surface).Hiduꞌduꞌ ta sa kān pa lupaꞌ bang kaw diꞌ magkahagad.I’ll knock you against the ground if you don’t obey.OV SYN.muꞌmuꞌ
*duꞌgasvAR ag mag-; ran -an.To repound rice in order to clean it more thoroughly.Duꞌgasi naa in bugas, bukun pa malanuꞌ.Pound the rice again, it’s not yet clean.Cf.bayu
*duꞌlaggimb. equiv. ofdullagvTo look steadily and intently; stare (at someone) with eyes wide open (as in anger, fear, surprise, wonder).
*dubdubvag mag-; goal pag-…-an.To murmur, mumble, grumble or mutter (against something).Ayaw magdubdub bang naghihinang.Don’t grumble when you’re working.npagdubdubMurmuring, muttering, grumbling.Bukun marayaw in pagdubdub ha addat sin tau.Murmuring is not a good character of a person.Cf.kimut-kimut
dubliTag.adjDouble, having two of one kind, twofold.Subay dubli in gadji bang mataud in hinang.The salary must be twofold if there’s much work.vag mag-; pat -un.To double (something).Dubliha in sukay niya!Double his fare!Cf.lapis1
dublunEng.nA gold coin.Kamawmuhan in dublun hipagpin ha sablay.Usually a gold coin is used to pin a loose fitting Malay blouse.Cf.bulawan
dugaingadjOther, different.Dugaing siya dayn ha bataꞌ kaibanan.He is different from other children.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To make (something) different, separate (something, as a rotten mango from the good ones).Dugainga in istaꞌ dakulaꞌ dayn ha asibiꞌ.Separate the big fish from the small ones.Cf.kandī
dugaln(Intense) anger, bad temper.Diꞌ ku na kasandalan in dugal ku.I can’t hold my anger any longer.vact mag-, -um-, -an; exp ka-…-an.To become intensely angry, have a tantrum (esp. of a child).Dugalan siya bang mu siya putingan.He will get intensely angry if you lie to him.In bataꞌ-bataꞌ nagdurugal.The child is having tantrums.adjmarugalAngry, in a state of anger.Marugal siya ha bataꞌ yaun.He is angry at that child.Cf.astulbunsiamā
dugangnAddition, something added to another, the rest (of something).Dāha mari in dugang sin sīn.Bring here the addition to the money.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.(For something) to increase; add (something to something else).Magdurugang in kasusahan niya.His troubles are increasing.Subay ta dugangan naa in katalan.We should add some more bond paper.OV SYN.ganap
dugdug1adjRotten.Amuna in hirihil mu kāmuꞌ in dugdug istaꞌ ini.What you give us is this rotten fish.vST pat ma-.To rot.Bang marugdug na in manga mampallam yan, bugitan na.If those mangoes rot, throw them away.SYN.haluꞌ 12adjMorally corrupt, rotten (fig.), offensive.Ayaw kaw mangandul ha dugdug tau yan.Don’t trust that rotten man.
dugsuꞌvag mag-, -um-, mang-; ran -an.Mag- means to stab oneself, mang- to stab someone else.To stab with something sharp and pointed as a hunting knife, ice pick, etc.Nagdugsuꞌ siya sabab diꞌ mabayaꞌ in babai kaniya.He stabbed himself because the girl disliked him, (i.e., rejected him).Siya in mangdugsuꞌ ha pulis.He’ll stab the policeman.Ayaw mu kita dugsui sin laring mu.Don’t stab me with your knife.Cf.tugsuk 1
dugsul1nAn ulcerated wound.Ubati in dugsul niya.Apply medicine on his ulcerated wound.vST pat -un.(For a cut, wound, or sore) to be or become ulcerated.Dugsulun in ugud mu bang mu diꞌ ubatan.Your sore will become ulcerated if you don’t apply medicine on it.Diyurugsul in paliꞌ niya.His cut is ulcerated.
dugsul2vAR ag mag-; ran -an.RareTo shave (the eyebrows).In kaibanan babai pagdugsulan in kilay.Some women shave their eyebrows.In magdugsul sin kilay magpalingkat sin lupa.(Women) shave their eyebrows to beautify themselves.
*dugtulvag mag-; pat -un, hi-.To collide, jostle, run into (something).Dugtula in tau yan.Run into that man.Nagdugtul in tarak iban jīp.The truck collided with a jeep.
dugu1nA corner, a place behind (something).Tapukan in barung ha dugu sin lawang.Hide the bladed weapon behind the door.Cf.pidju2vrdp. aux mag-, -un.To do something in secret, in a corner.Magdugu-dugu sadja sila magbichara.They just talk in secret.
duguꞌ1.1nBlood.Mataud duguꞌ in naīg kaniya.So much blood flowed out of him.vact mag-, -um-; ran ka-…-an.To bleed.Nagduruguꞌ in paliꞌ niya.His wound is bleeding.1.2vpat -un.To experience menstruation.Duguun in babai sangput na.A girl menstruates when she reaches the age of puberty.2nOne’s life.Subay kita magꞌasag duguꞌ bang magbawgbug sin hulaꞌ.When we uphold our land we should be willing to give our lives.3nA blood relative.Diꞌ aku makatawakkal mamunuꞌ sin duguꞌ ku.I don’t dare to kill my blood relative.SYN.unud 3
*dugukvag -um-.To rush and crowd (as of people rushing to an accident scene), swarm (as of flies or bees).Dimuguk in pikut pa haluꞌ istaꞌ.The flies are swarming around the rotten fish.Cf.tipun