Tausug - English


duhalvCV 2 ag mag-; pat hi-.To deliver, hand over (something to someone).Duhal kaw mari sin manga labban yan.Hand me those boxes.Duhalan in malita ku.Hand over my suitcase.Hiruhal ku mān in sulat ini mattu kan Aida.I will just deliver this letter to Aida.Cf.dihil*tukbalungsud2madtukadtu
duhulnEnd, extremity, edge, point, tip (as of a finger).Nagisiꞌ in duhul badjuꞌ mu.The edge of your dress is torn.Cf.hulihan*hulibuliꞌ 1
duhul-duhul dilaꞌseedilaꞌ
duhunadjIncreased in degree, aggravated, intensified, worse.Duhun na in susa bang way sīn mu.Your problem will be aggravated by your lack of money.vact mag-, -um-; goal -an.To increase in degree, become worse, be aggravated, intensify.Magduruhun in sakit sin ū ku.My headache is becoming worse.Cf.karukkansanglanduꞌ
duhungvact mag-, -um-; ran -an.To stop, cease.Duhung na ba kaw magtangis.Now stop your crying.Paruhunga in awtu ha daig tabuꞌ.Stop the car by the market.SYN.hundung
*duisvar. of*duwisvTo dip (something) into (something else), spread (something) on (something else).
*dukdukvag mang-, mag-; pat -un.To pound (someone) with the fist.Dukduka siya ha taykud.Pound him on the back with your fist.SYN.*tibuꞌCf.suntuk
dukkanGrief, woe, tribulation (also karukkaan).Nalawaꞌ in pangannal niya sabab limanduꞌ in karukkaan niya.She lost her reason because of too much grief.vag mag-. magkarukkaan; goal pag-…-an.To grieve, lament, mourn.Landuꞌ siya nagdukka ha anak niya.She grieves so much for her lost child.Ayaw na kaw magkarukkaan tuud bat kaw diꞌ masakit.Don’t grieve too much, you might become ill.Cf.susa
duknaynA name applied to several club mosses.Mataud duknay nagtutubuꞌ ha pagtanuman sin manga sayul.There are many club mosses growing where the vegetables are planted.5: Plants
*dukuꞌ-dukuꞌvag mag-; goal pag-…-an.To joke with or tease (someone).Ayaw naman kamu magdukuꞌ-dukuꞌ kākuꞌ.Stop teasing me.Cf.langugjuri
dukut11nBurnt rice (at the bottom of the rice pot).In dukut amu in kaunun sunug mīmikit ha buliꞌ anglit.Dukut’ is the burnt rice sticking at the bottom of the pot.vact mag-, -um-.To stick to and get burnt.Ayaw kaw magtugnaꞌ ha anglit yan. Magdukut in kaunun.Don’t cook in that rice pot. The rice will stick and get burnt.2vact mag-, -um-.(For ink, pencil lead) to adhere (to a surface).Bang diꞌ dumukut in bulpin in hāti niya diꞌ mikit in tinta niya pa kātas.If the (ink of the) ball pen won’t adhere, it shows that the ink won’t flow.adjmarukutHaving or producing a heavy mark, dark shade (as of pencil, ballpen, color).Marukut tuud in pagkulur mu sin pattaꞌ.When you colored the picture you made it very dark.
dukut2vact -um-; ran -an.(For a flammable substance) to ignite or be ignited.Diꞌ dukutan sin kāyu bang in kahuy basaꞌ.If the firewood is wet, it won’t ignite.Parukutan ta kaw kahuy bang kaw magtugnaꞌ.I’ll start the fire for you when you cook.
*dūl1vpat hi-; ran -an.To permit, allow, grant, give over.Diꞌ ta kaw dūlan magpūt wanni.I’ll certainly not allow you to pick up wanni.Hirūl ku kaniya in kabayaan niya magꞌiskul.I’ll grant him his wish to go to school.OV SYN.*tugut 12vag magpa-; pat pa-…-un.To indulge (one’s desires); enjoy (what one desires).Bābā kaw buhiꞌ pa, pagparūl kaw sin kanapsuhan mu.While you’re still living, indulge yourself in whatever you desire.Subay parūlun in baran sin kanapsuhan ha supaya marayaw in parasahan.You should indulge your desires so that you’ll feel good.dūl-bayaꞌcomp.nFreedom (to do something).
dūl-bayaꞌnFreedom (to do something).Dūl-bayaꞌ siya manaw.She has the freedom to go out.vag mag-.To have freedom (to do something), be allowed one’s own way.Magdūl-bayaꞌ siya sin kabayaan niya.He has the freedom to do what he pleases.Magdūl-bayaꞌ siya sin altaꞌ kiyabīn sin maas niya.He was allowed his own way with the wealth his elders left to him.Cf.pasādderv.*sād
dulangnA tray laden with food.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To serve (someone) a tray of food.Subay dulangan in manga datuꞌ.We must serve the datus a tray of food.Cf.batunjangpalangganatalam
dulang-dulangnThe small fleshy process hanging down from the middle of the soft palate above the back of the tongue, uvula.Kussua in dulang-dulang mu bat kaw makasuka.Push your uvula so you can vomit.
dulawnTurmeric, an East Indian herb of the ginger family.Butangi dulaw in gataꞌ ha supaya magbiyaning.Add turmeric to the coconut milk so that it will become yellow.Curcuma longavAR ag mag-; ran -an.To color (food such as vegetables and rice) with turmeric.Subay dulawan in giyataan.One should add turmeric to the dish made with coconut milk.Cf.luuya
dullaggimb.*duꞌlagvag mag-, -um-, mang-; ran -an.To look steadily and intently (at someone), stare (at someone) with eyes wide open (as in anger, fear, surprise, wonder).Saꞌ diyullag in mata pagkitaꞌ ha patay.He became wide-eyed when he saw the corpse.Dullagi in bataꞌ bat mugaꞌ.Stare wide-eyed at the child so he will be afraid.SYN.liggatCf.atudkitaꞌ 1ilag1*idlap
dulugvag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.To contribute (money, an idea, etc.).Dumulug aku kayꞌman pilak hipagdayaw sin taytayan.I’ll contribute fifty pesos for the repair of the footbridge.Marayaw bang awn pikilan hikadulug niyu.It’s good if you can contribute some ideas.
dūmnNight (as opposed to day).Dūm na in hulaꞌ way pa dimatung hi Utuꞌ.It’s already night but Sonny has not yet arrived.vact -um-, ma-; ran -an.To be overtaken by the night.Dā kamu ilaw, gana-gana dūman kamu ha dān.Carry a light, for you might be overtaken by the night.advdūm-dūmEvery night.Magkadtu siya pa paghinangan niya dūm-dūm.He goes to his work every night.
dumpulvar. oftumpuladj(Of objects) dull.
dumulvag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To look down (at something).Dumuli in siyusulat mu.Look down at what you’re writing.Cf.tukkuꞌanduk
dunatnA kind of confection made from flour, doughnut.
*dundangvag mag-; pat -un.To swing, sway to and fro (as of something suspended); rock (as a child in a cradle).Dundanga in bataꞌ-bataꞌ bat makatūg.Rock the baby so she can go to sleep.ndundanganA swing, cradle.Makatūg marayaw in bataꞌ-bataꞌ bang ha lawm dundangan.The baby can sleep well when in the cradle.Cf.buwahan*buwa
dunuknA flood, deluge.Mataud in miyatay sin dunuk.Many died in the flood.vact mag-, -um-; ran -an.To flood.Nagdunuk in lawm Tiyanggi sin kusug sin ulan.Jolo was flooded as a result of hard rain.SYN.latapCf.lanawumbak tawpan