Tausug - English


dūng1nThe bow of a ship (the front or forward where it begins to curve).Nahipuꞌ sin luwan in dūng sin kappal.The bow of the boat is full of cargo.vTR ag mag-; goal -un.To head the prow (of a boat) or the front (of a vehicle in a certain direction).Dūnga sadja in subangan.Head the prow to the east.2ndūnganDestination, where one is going.Diꞌ niya kaingatan in dūngan niya bang harap pakain.He doesn’t know where he’s going.
dunganadvTogether with, along with, in company with.Dungan sila miyari kahapun.They came together yesterday.vag mag-; pat -un.(To do something) at the same time or together.Nagdungan sila nagbiyula.They played the viola together.Dunganun ku na in pagbayad sin tubig iban ilaw.I will pay the water and the light at the same time.OV SYN.dūraꞌ
dungawvag mag-, -um-.To look through (a window).Dimungaw aku dayn ha tandawan paglabay sin parid.I looked through the window when the parade passed by.Padungawun ku hi Indaꞌ bat mu kakitaan.I’ll ask Indaꞌ to look through the window so you can see.SYN.tandaw
*dungdungvag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To think over, ponder, consider or deliberate (something).Subay ta pagdungdungan in hinduꞌ sin maas ta.We must consider the advice of our parents.Dungdungi in hinduꞌ ku kaymu.You think about what I tell you.Cf.pikil*kannal
*dungguꞌvact -um-, mag-.(For a boat) to dock, to come to shore or port.Sūng na dumungguꞌ in kappal.The boat is ready to dock.ndungguanA place for boats to dock, pier.Ha jambatan in dungguan sin manga kappal.The place for ships to dock is at the wharf.
dunggutnA thin, short, smooth piece of bamboo (used for picking and killing human nits and lice).In dunggut pagꞌusalun ha pagkutu.The thin, short, smooth piece of bamboo is used for picking human nits and lice.Cf.sūd2
dungkugadjStooped, having the head and shoulders or the upper part of the body bent forward (spoken of an old man or woman.)Dungkug na in maas yaun.That old one is stooped with age.OV SYN.kuug
dungugvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To listen, hear, pay attention to or take heed (by listening).Dungug kaw sin nasihat.You listen to the sermon.Pagdungugun mu da in hinduꞌ ku?Do you listen to my teaching?Dunguga in hinduꞌ sin maas mu.Take heed to your parents’ counsel.Cf.taynghugnpangdungugThe sense of hearing.Mangiꞌ na in pangdungug sin maas yaun.The sense of hearing of that old man is already defective.
dungulgimb.duꞌngulnFirewood.Hilangi in dungul sin kāyu.Take away some of the firewood from the fire.vag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; ran -an.To add firewood (to a fire, esp. in cooking).Dungulan in kahuy pa kāyu.Add the wood to the fire.
dunyavar.junyanThe planet earth; the world.Piyapanjari sin Tuhan in dunya iban saraꞌ niya.God created the earth with its natural law.Cf.awanvag mag-.To be concerned or preoccupied with the things of this world.In tau magdunya sadja ha mahuli adlaw sumusun da.A man who is concerned only with the things of the world will regret it in the end.
dupa1nAn arm span (a measure of length or depth).Hangdupa in habaꞌ sin lubid.The length of the rope is equal to an arm span.vag -um-; pat -un.To measure (something) by arm spans.Dupahun ku naa in lakbang sin kakanaꞌ ini.I’ll measure by arm spans the width of this cloth.sukud12vag mag-.To extend one’s arms to the side.vpat pa-…-un.To punish someone by forcing his arms to be extended sideways for a long time (usu. with some heavy objects on both hands).Subay parupahun in manga bataꞌ yan bat magluga.We have to punish the children by making them extend their arms sideways for a long time so they’ll learn a lesson.
dupangadjStupid, silly, foolish (a derogatory term).In tau dupang kulang in pikilan.A stupid fellow lacks wit.nkarupanganStupidity, foolishness.Ayaw kaw magad sin karupangan niya.Don’t do like his foolishness.vtag mang-; pat -un.To fool (someone) or be fooled.Maluhay dupangun in tau dupang.It’s easy to fool a stupid person.Cf.julupbabbalasmak
duplaknA plant disease caused by an insect.Miyatay sin duplak in manga pananum.The plants died of a disease caused by an insect.vpat -un.(For plants) to be infested by insects.Diyuplak in pichay tiyanum ku.The pechay I planted was infested by insects.
*dupunvAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To press down (something) with the hand or finger (as a doorbell).Subay mu dupunan in daghal niya bat diꞌ magsuka.You should press down his chest with your hand so that he won’t vomit.Cf.daꞌgan
dūraꞌadvTogether with, along with, in company with.Dūraꞌ kami naggraduwit.We graduated together from school.vRC ag mag-.To do something together reciprocally.Magdūraꞌ na kita muwiꞌ.Let’s go home together.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To cause (something) to be in company with (something else).Dūraun ku na in pagꞌuliꞌ sin manga biyūsan ku kaymu.I’ll return all together what I’ve borrowed from you.SYN.dunganCf.sama-sama
durrinA precious gem.Walaꞌ pa aku nākitaꞌ palmata durri.I have not seen a gem called durri.Cf.intan 1kumalaꞌjamrudmussaꞌ 1
duruꞌnBreast, udder, milk gland.Malagguꞌ in duruꞌ sin babai dayn ha usug.A woman’s breast is bigger than that of a man.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To suck milk (from the breast, udder or bottle), nurse.Nagduruꞌ in bataꞌ-bataꞌ ha inaꞌ niya.The baby is sucking milk from the breast of his mother.nduruanAn artificial milk bag or bottle.sāw duruꞌcomp.nA relationship by nursing, wherein a baby nurses from the breast of a woman not its own mother and is considered a brother or sister of the real children of the woman.
*durugadjdurugan/marurug(Of a man) handsome, good-looking.In usug marurug kabayaan sin babai.A handsome fellow is admired by women.OV SYN.marayaw*dayaw 1panjang bassal
durulnAn indigenous confection usu. made of powdered rice, corn or flour mixed with coconut milk and sugar.Durul in inuman ta gana-gana mahapun.Our merienda this afternoon will be durul.vag mag-; pat -un.To make this kind of confection.Durulun ku in tapung ini bihaun.I will make durul out of this rice flour now.7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasions
dusanSin, crime, guilt, fault.Dusa malagguꞌ in magjina.Adultery is a great sin.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To commit a sin, crime, or fault.Magdusa pa parinta lāgiꞌ pa Tuhan in tau mamumunuꞌ.Murderers commit a crime against the government and even more sin against God.
*dusdusvag mag-; pat hi-.(For God) to punish (someone here on earth), bring (someone) low.Usu. means for God to take someone’s wealth away.Bang in mānusiyaꞌ hirusdus sin Tuhan kasiksaan in labayan niya ha dunya.If a man is punished by God, he’ll live a miserable life on earth.Cf.mulkaꞌ 1
dusinaTag.nA dozen.Pila dusina lāy in bīhun mu?How many dozen plates will you buy?
*dustaꞌvag mang-; pat -un.Does not occur with pa₂.To test (one’s honesty, intelligence, skill, or patience) with the intent to contradict or provoke.Ayaw mu dustaa in ingat sin mastal.Don’t try to test the ability of the teacher.nmangdurustaꞌOne who habitually tests with the intent to provoke.Mangdurustaꞌ siya sin unu-unu hinduꞌ sin agama.He habitually tests any religious teaching with the intent to provoke.Cf.sulay
dusukvar. ofdasukadjCrowded, dense, stuffy.
dusun1vag mag-; pat hi-; ran -an.To press (something) down.Hidusun ta in badjuꞌ pa lawm karut.Let’s press the clothes down into the sack.OV SYN.dasuk