Tausug - English


hijājaꞌvar.ijājaꞌnRareAn explanation.Dungug kaw sin hijājaꞌ niya.Listen to his explanation.vag mag-, mang-; pat -un, hi-; goal -an.To explain, give the meaning or interpretation (of something), expound (something).Ayaw mu na aku hijājai kaingatan ku da.Don’t explain to me any more, I know it already.Hijājaan ta kaw sin pagkālu nila.I’ll explain to you about their quarreling.OV SYN.isturisuysuy
hīk-hīknSmall pieces of cloth left over (as after cutting cloth for a dress).Cf.pīs-pīs
hika-1prefixpfxUsed to form ordinal numerals.Siya in hikalima anak hi Babuꞌ Andrada.She is the fifth child of Aunt Andrada.
hika-2prefixpfxIndicates that the focused item or another clause is the reason for the action or the state signified by the verb stem.In hikaraug niya magbutu pasal mataud in malasa kaniya.The reason why he’ll win in the voting is that many people like him.
hikhiknA giggle, titter.In hikhik sin manga bataꞌ yan makaastul.The giggling of those children makes one annoyed.vag mag-, -um-.To giggle, titter.Ayaw kamu maghikhik. Magꞌamā hi inaꞌ.Don’t titter and giggle. Mother will be angry.adjmahikhikProne to giggle, titter.Mahikhik tuud isab in babai ini.This girl is very prone to giggle.Cf.katawapaghakhakhakhakdaghayuyumkisiꞌ 1
*hikladvCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To draw or stretch out (something) to the full width, spread out (something, as a sleeping mat, bedclothes, tablecloth, or folded map).Subay na kitaniyu masuuk matūg ampa hiklarun in baluy.It should be close to the time when we will sleep before we spread out the sleeping mat.
hikmatnEnchantment, magic hypnotism, charm.Kiyugdan siya hikmat sin tau yaun.He was hit by the charm of that man.vag mag-; ran -an.To enchant, charm, bewitch, hypnotize (someone).Ha isturi hi Rip Van Winkle kiyahikmatan siya sin manga tau sibiꞌ-sibiꞌ ha kakahuyan.In the story of Rip Van Winkle he was enchanted by the dwarfs in the woods.Cf.abat 1
hilagaꞌnThe name of a wind that blows from the north-northwest.hangin
hilalaungan(from laung₁)nAn utterance, remark, statement, talk or address (given to an audience), speech.Nataabbit siya dumihil hilalaungan ha pagtammat sin manga bataꞌ iskul.He was invited to give a speech at a graduation ceremony.vag mag-.To make a remark or statement, give a speech.Ayaw kaw maghilalaungan sin makakangiꞌ sin atay sin kaibanan.Don’t make a remark that may hurt other people’s feelings.Cf.bichara 1kabtanganlapalpamung
hilamnA mosquito.Mataud kutkut hilam ha buktun niya.He has many mosquito bites on his arm.adjmahilamSwarming with mosquitoes.Subay kaw magkulambuꞌ sabab mahilam tuud dī.You should use a mosquito net because there are many mosquitoes here.Cf.hamaꞌ
*hilangvag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To subtract, deduct, reduce (in number or quantity).Bang hilangan lima in hangpuꞌ pila in makapin?If you subtract five from ten how many are left?Kiyahilangan na kayꞌman pilak in sīn dīhil mu kākuꞌ.The money you gave me has been reduced by fifty pesos.Cf.kulang2 1kūꞌkabus 1
hilapnA slice (of something).Dihili kita hangka-hilap mampallam.Give me a slice of mango.Pilangka-hilap in nakaun mu?How many slices did you eat?vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To slice (something) thinly (as fruit or meat).Hilapa na in mampallam.Slice the mangoes.Cf.dīphuyaꞌutud
hilawadjRaw, unripe (as fruit); uncooked.Hilaw pa in manga mampallam.The mangoes are still unripe.vST pat ma-.To remain raw, uncooked, not thoroughly cooked.Pataura in tubig bat diꞌ mahilaw in panggiꞌ.Add water so that the cassava will not remain uncooked.ANT.hinug 1Cf.bulak
hillaꞌvAQ ag/goal mag-, -um-; pat -un.To pull (something) abruptly, jerk, hitch up (clothing).Hillaa in salban ha duhul sin badjuꞌ mu.Pull the thread on the edge of your dress abruptly.Cf.*utung*bisudguyud 1*dagtuꞌ
hilu1nDizziness, seasickness, state of being drunk.Inum kaw sin ubat ini bat maīg in hilu mu.Take this medicine to get rid of your dizziness.adjDizzy, seasick, drunk.Hilu in tau yaun sabab nakainum mataud tubaꞌ.That fellow is drunk because he drank plenty of toddy.viST pat ma-, mag-.To become dizzy, seasick, or drunk.Mahilu aku bang aku sumakat kappal.I become seasick when I get on a boat.vtpat -un.To make (someone) drunk.Hiluhun ta in jaga bat kita makasūd.We’ll make the guard drunk so we can get in.nmaghihiluA habitual drinker.Maghihilu in bana sin babai ini.The husband of this woman is a habitual drinker.2nConfusion (of mind).adj(Of the mind) confused, disturbed.Hilu in lawm pikilan ku bihaun. Ayaw mu aku sasata.My mind is confused now. Don’t disturb me.vipat ma-.To be or become confused or disturbed (in mind).Nahilu aku namikil bang pakain aku lumawag sīn.I am confused when I try to think where I will get money.vtCH 1 pat -un.To confuse or disturb (someone’s mind).Ayaw mu aku hiluha bang awn hinang ku.Don’t disturb me when I have work to do.OV SYN.sasaw3nTrouble, disturbance.vtag mang-; pat -un.To cause trouble.Awn manga tau mabayaꞌ manghilu ha pagtipun-tipun ini.There are people who want to cause trouble in this meeting.vipat mag-.For trouble to arise.Bang in gubnul iban mayul diꞌ masulut tantu maghilu.If the governor and the mayor aren’t brought to agree trouble will certainly arise.OV SYN.hiluhalaꞌ
*hilugvCH 1 ag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To rub off (something, esp. dirt and grime from one’s body, usu. with a smooth stone).Hiluga in lubag ha baran mu bang kaw mamayguꞌ.Rub the grime off from your body when you bathe.nhihilugSomething used for scrubbing off the grime (on one’s body).Būsi ba aku sin batu mu hihilug.Let me borrow your stone for scrubbing off grime.
hiluhalaꞌnUproar, disturbance, disorder, confusion, panic.Landuꞌ in hiluhalaꞌ ha lawm Tiyanggi bihayaun.There is much confusion in the town now.vtCH 1 ag mag-, mang-, -um-; pat -un.To disturb or cause (someone) to panic; create trouble.Ayaw kamu manghiluhalaꞌ mari.Don’t come and create trouble here.Ayaw niyu hiluhalaa in tau natutūg.Don’t disturb someone sleeping.vipat ma-.(For a place or people) to be troubled, be in confusion.Mahiluhalaꞌ in manga tau bang way tubig.The people will be troubled if there’s no water.OV SYN.hilu 3Cf.lingug
hilunu1adjSoft, boneless, weak.In kagang nabī ku hilunu.The crab I bought was soft.vact/pat mang-, mag-.Does not occur with pa₂.To become soft, boneless, weak.Nanghilunu in biꞌtis sin tau yaun sabab nasakit malugay.The legs of that man became soft because he was sick for a long time.Cf.lunuk 1.12adj(Of crabs, snakes, etc.) molting.vact/pat mang-, mag-.(For crabs, snakes, etc.) to shed skin, molt.Kītaꞌ ku in hās naghilunu pasal sin yaun in pais niya ha daig niya.I can see that the snake has molted because there’s its skin beside it.
*hilutvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To massage gently (a part of the body that is sprained).A massage is given by a local midwife to a wife who does not become pregnant in her first year of marriage, or to a pregnant woman in order to straighten the fetus.Hiluta in siki niya bat diꞌ humubag.Massage his foot gently so it won’t become swollen.Hīhilut in tiyan sin babai burus.The abdomen of the pregnant woman was massaged.Cf.*pisul
himmatnRareCare, concern, solicitude (also panghimmat).Way panghimmat ku sin parakalaꞌ nila.I’ve no concern about their case.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To care about (someone).Paghimmata da in anak mu.Care about your children.Cf.paruli*upiksaꞌ*ayura
himmilnMoistness, dampness.adjmahimmilDamp, moist, (of fabric as cloth, lace, or thread).Mahimmil pa in badjuꞌ mu.Your dress is still damp.Cf.hamis
himpitnModesty, demureness, shyness, (of women’s behavior, dressing or speaking habits).In himpit sin babai yaun marayaw.The modesty of that woman is good.adjmahimpitModest, demure, reserved.In babai nakauna mahimpit dayn ha bihaun.The women of earlier times were more modest than the women of today.vag mag-, -um-.Usu. with pa₂.To act modestly or demurely, behave properly.Subay hinduan in manga bataꞌ yan magpahimpit.Those girls should be taught to behave properly.SYN.humputCf.haymbuꞌgatun
himumungan(from pamung)nStatement, declaration, words spoken, speech.Marayaw isab in himumungan niya haynduun.What she said just a moment ago was nice.Parayawa in himumungan mu bang kaw magbissara.Make your speech good when you talk.vag mag-.To speak (connotes formally).Subay kaw maghimumungan ha manga raayat.You should speak to the citizenry.Cf.lapal
hinaꞌnShame, disgrace, dishonor.In hinaꞌ makarihil lummiꞌ ha kamaas-maasan.Shame can give disgrace to one’s elders.adjmakahinaꞌShameful, disgraceful.Makahinaꞌ in palangay sin bataꞌ ini.The character of this child is disgraceful.Makahinaꞌ ha kampung in hinang mu.What you did is disgraceful to the family.vag mang-, magpang-; pat -un.To put (someone) to shame, disgrace, or dishonor, humiliate (someone).Ayaw hinaa in tau ha mayran.Don’t put a person to shame in public.Cf.biassipug
hinaꞌbu1advWhile, during, in the course of, in the time of.Hinaꞌbu aku nagkakaun dimatung in bagay ku.While I was eating my friend arrived.SYN.saꞌbu1