Tausug - English



hinaꞌbu2adjEnough, sufficient.Hinaꞌbu na in sīn dīhil mu.You have given me enough money.Cf.sarang
*hinakinvag mang-.To shake or jiggle the leg (voluntarily when sitting upright [esp. of men]).Ayaw kaw manghinakin bat diꞌ majugjug in lingkuran.Stop jiggling your leg so the chair won’t shake.
hinang1.1nWork, task, chore, stint, manual labor, job.In hinang niya ha bāy maghugas sadja kakaunan.Her household chore is only washing the dishes.Awn hinang niya ha parinta.He has a job in the government.vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To do, build, make, work on (something).Hinanga ba ini kākuꞌ.Will you make this for me?Haunu kaw maghinang?Where are you working?Ha Parang sila maghinang bāy.They’ll build their house in Parang.adjhinang-hinangCounterfeit, not genuine.In sīn ini hinang-hinang.This money is counterfeit.Cf.paltik1.2vran -an.(With ngiꞌ) to find fault against (someone).Hinangan niya ngiꞌ in taymanghud niya.He’s finding fault against his brother.1.3nA feast, party, or celebration (if followed by a number or the word kamattiyan, refers to a death remembrance celebration).Kuꞌnu in hinang pitu?When is the seventh day death celebration?
hinang tū3rd-day
hinang pitu7th-day
hinang kawhaan20th-day
hinang kaꞌpatan40th-day
hinang hanggatus100th-day
kamattiyan 11000th-day
kamattiyan 2first and subsequent anniversaries
2vrdp. ag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.Does not occur with pa₂.To practice sorcery, black magic; cast a spell on or charm (someone).Hīnang-hinang mu siya hangkan siya miyayaꞌ kaymu.You cast a spell on her that’s why she fell for you.Hinang-hinangun ta in banta mu bat kangugun.We will charm your enemy so he will become crazy.npanghinang-hinangSorcery, black magic.Bang kaw kiyugdan panghinang-hinang diꞌ kaulian in sakit mu sin duktul.If your illness is caused by black magic it can’t be cured by medical doctors.nmanghihinang-hinangA sorcerer.Manghihinang-hinang in apuꞌ sin bataꞌ yan.The grandfather of that child is a sorcerer.Cf.anting-anting 1pantak
hinapusan(from tapus)adjAt the end, final, last.Siya in hinapusan piyatawag sin mayul.She was the last one called by the mayor.nEnd, conclusion.Adlaw ini in hinapusan sin paghukum sin parakalaꞌ nila.Today is the conclusion of the trial of their case.Awn hinapusan sin unu-unu katān.Everything has an end.nkahinapusanEnd, conclusion, finale, consummation.Ini in kahinapusan kalangan.This song is the finale.Biyaꞌ way kahinapusan sin hinang mu yan.It seems like there’s no end to your work.Awn kahinapusan sin pagbagay sin hulaꞌ ta iban sin manga Milikan.There’s an end to the friendly relation between our country and the Americans.Cf.*huliduhultapustubtub 1
hinaynSlowness, sluggishness.Bang bihan in hinay mu manaw malugay kita dumatung.If that’s how the slowness of your walk is, it will take us a long time to get there.adj./advhinay-hinaySlow(ly), sluggish(ly).Subay hinay-hinay in panaw mu bat diꞌ makabatiꞌ in natutūg.You should walk slowly so that those sleeping won’t wake up.Cf.lallayluming
hindarelSee hi (rel.).Plural personal marker.Hinda Bapaꞌ Kamlian in nakabī sin lupaꞌ namuꞌ.It was Uncle Kamlian and his family/companions who bought our land.
hinduꞌnTeaching, advice, counsel, instruction.Dugaing in hinduꞌ sin tau yaun.The teaching of that person is different.vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat hi-; goal -an.To teach, instruct, educate (someone), give advice or counsel (to someone), point out, tell or reveal (something, esp. something hidden).Hinduan kākuꞌ bang haunu tiyawꞌ in pilak.Tell me exactly where he keeps the money.Cf.panduꞌnmanghihinduꞌOne who teaches, educates, gives instruction, counsels, points out, reveals, or tells (something).Ikaw ka in manghihinduꞌ ha kabataan dī?Are you the one who teaches the children here?Cf.mastal
hinitadjFully stretched, taut (as of stretchable cloth or an elastic band); full (as of one’s stomach [often a term of mockery or criticism]. Also spoken of the human skin esp. when a thin person becomes stout).vtCH 1 pat -un.To stretch (something).Mugtuꞌ in gūma bang yan hinitun mu na mayan.The elastic will break if you just keep stretching it.viST pat ma-.To become stretched.Ayaw tabiri in kamisita yan bat diꞌ mahinit.Don’t wring that shirt when you wash it so it won’t become stretched.adjmagkahinitStretchable.In kamisita Banlon magkahinit.A Banlon shirt is stretchable.OV SYN.*hitad
hintiꞌnGrated coconut meat cooked with sugar and made into small balls to be used as a confection for affairs and as a filling for confections (bangbang).vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To provide (a confection) such a filling.Subay hintian in daral.The tarts should contain a coconut filling.
hintub-hintubnRareNews, small gossip.In hintub-hintub sin tau pasal niya bukun bunnal.The small gossip of the people about him is not true.vag mag-.To gossip.Naghintub-hintub na isab sila.They are gossiping again.SYN.hunub-hunubCf.suysuylimut
hinu-hinunIridescence.vact/pat mag-.To have or show shifting changes in color (as seen from different angles).Maghinu-hinu in kakanaꞌ yan.That cloth shows shifting changes in color.Cf.*kanaw-kanaw 1.1
hinug1adj(Of fruit) ripe.Malimuꞌ in hinug sayng.Ripe bananas are sweet.vpat ma-.(For fruit) to become ripe.Kaunun natuꞌ in mampallam bang mahinug na.We’ll eat the mangoes when they become ripe.Pahinugun taniyu naa in sayng ampa kaunun.We’ll wait till the bananas become ripe, then we’ll eat them.ANT.hilaw2adj(Of a cold) at the stage at which mucous comes out freely when the nose is blown.Bukun pa hinug in ulapay ku.My cold is still not at the stage where mucous comes out freely.
hīngvag mag-, -um-.Often rdp.To look over one’s shoulder, look around.Hīng kaw pa ulihan bat mu siya kakitaan.Look over your shoulder so you’ll see him.Ayaw na kaw maghīng-hīng bat kita diꞌ hikabīn sin jīp.Stop looking around, we might not catch the jeep.Panghīng-hīng kaw. Kalu ta siya kabaakan.Look around. We might be able to find him.Cf.atudkitaꞌ 1lingiꞌ
hingas1nA disturbed or uneasy condition, restlessness, disquiet.Malawaꞌ in hingas mu bang awn na hinangun mu.Your restlessness will be gone once you have something to do.vpat -un.To feel anxious, uneasy, restless or disturbed, be disquieted.Mahingas aku bang way hinang ku.I feel uneasy without work.Makahingas in bāy ini.This house gives a feeling of discomfort.Bang kaw hīngas uwiꞌ na kaw.If you feel uneasy you may go home now.adjmahingasDisturbed, uneasy, restless.Mahingas siya bang mataud tau ha bāy.He’s disturbed when there are many people in the house.SYN.lingas
hingas2nAn attraction (to someone, esp. of the opposite sex).vpat -un.To be attracted (to someone).Hīngas siya ha babai yaun.He is attracted to that girl.
hingga1Lu. equiv. ofsahingga1relAs long as.2advBesides.
hingga2nA mark, notch.Marayaw na in hingga sin manga hāg yan.The notches on those posts are good now.OV SYN.lugut
hinglawnFever.Mataas in hinglaw sin bataꞌ yan.The child has a high fever.vST pat -un.To develop a fever.Ayaw kaw magpaulan bat kaw diꞌ hinglawun.Don’t be in the rain, you’ll get a fever.
hinguꞌgimb.hingnguꞌadjLoose, wobbly, shaky (as a pole, sore teeth, a house, a bridge).Mahinguꞌ na in ipun ku katān.All my teeth are loose.viact mag-.To be loose.In ipun maghinguꞌ maluhay sumakit.A tooth which is loose easily becomes painful.vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To loosen, shake, or wobble (something).Hingua in ipun mu, Utuꞌ, ha supaya maluhay hublutun.Wobble your tooth, Sonny, in order that it will be easy to pull.vST pat -um-, ma-.To become loose.Mahinguꞌ na in ipun hi Utuꞌ.The tooth of Sonny is becoming loose.Cf.*jugjuggingguꞌ
hipuꞌadjFull, (of a jar, room, information, etc.); considerable, ample, (of problems, sorrow, wealth, etc.).Hipuꞌ sin tau in sīni.The movie house is full.Hipuꞌ siya sin daya.He has considerable wealth.viST pat ma-, -um-.(For something) to become full.Nahipuꞌ na in barilis sin tubig.The barrel has become full of water.vtag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To fill (something).Hipuun ta sin tubig in baldi.Let’s fill the pail with water.Cf.dagsuk
hipus1adjFinished.Hipus na in hinang ku.My work is finished.vact mag-.To be or become quiet without sound (implies an end, cessation or discontinuance of noisy activities, as of household chores, traffic, quarrel or fight, or cannonade).Himipus in pagkanyun tungaꞌ dūm.The cannonade became quiet at midnight.Cf.bahittuk
hipus2vag mag-; pat -un.To arrange (something); pack (things for travel).Subay maghipus kita sin manga tamungun ta sabab marayꞌ na in tulak natuꞌ.We must pack our clothes because it’s almost time to leave.OV SYN.mumus 1
hīs1vAR ag mang-, mag-, -um-; ran -an.To push (something) to one side, level grains with the brim of a container (by using a stick to remove or push away the excess, as of measuring rice in a ganta).Hīsa in bugas bang kaw magtupung hipagdagang.Level the rice with the brim (of the ganta) when you measure it to sell it.Cf.tupad2vAQ ag/goal mag-, -um-; pat -un.To collect (money won in gambling or a game of chance).Hīsun ta na in sīn. Dimaug na kita nagpanayam.We’ll collect the money. We won the game.
hisabvag mag-; pat -un.To investigate, judge (used only in religious context as in the Day of Judgment).Pagꞌubus tiyupun in sangkakala, hisabun na sin Allahu Taala in katān īpun niya.After blowing the trumpet, Allah will investigate all his slaves.Cf.*hukum
hisiyuvar.siyupronWho? whom? (with ngān) what?Hisiyu in iban mu?Who is your companion?Hisiyu in ngān sin bataꞌ-bataꞌ?What is the baby’s name?