Tausug - English



hisiyu-siyuvar.siyu-siyupronWhoever, anybody.Hisiyu-siyu in matibut magtanum mataud in maani niya.Whoever is industrious in planting will be able to harvest a lot.
hitaꞌnGroin, hollow part or fold of the body where the thigh joins the trunk.Hiyabas in hitaꞌ niya.His groin is chafed.Cf.paa6: The Parts of the Body
*hitadvtCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To stretch (something).Hitara ba in gūma ini kākuꞌ.Stretch this elastic for me.viST pat ma-.To become stretched.Mahitad in badjuꞌ mu bang mu tabiran.If you wring your shirt, it will become stretched.adjmagkahitadStretchable.Ayaw kaw magbī sin kakanaꞌ magkahitad.Don’t buy material that is stretchable.OV SYN.hinit
hiyunA Chinese incense stick.Paasuhi hiyu bang siyampal in anak mu.Burn sticks of Chinese incense if your child has measles.Cf.kamanyan
hiyulnA commotion, bustle.Unu in hiyul ha lawm sīni?What was the commotion in the movie house?vST act/pat mag-; pat ma-.Very little difference in meaning between mag- and ma-.To be or become agitated, excited (as of a group of people).Ayaw kamu mahiyul bang kamu makarungug timbak.Don’t get excited if you hear some shooting.Cf.lingughiluhalaꞌhalubilu
hiyuwaladj(Of a snack food) syrup-coated.Maymuꞌ isab in hiyuwal juwalan.The syrup-coated fried banana is sweet.
huꞌnapnFish scales (a term used by older people instead of sisik).Mataud huꞌnap sin istaꞌ kasig.Sardines have many scales.SYN.sisik
*hubadvtAR ag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To untie, unlash (something, as rope, string, or thread); unbelt; unfetter, unchain (as a necklace or bracelet).Subay hubaran in hukut ha siki sin manuk.The knot around the feet of the chicken should be untied.Hubari in tau yan. Way dusa niya.Untie that person. He is innocent.viST pat ma-.To become loose or untied.Nahubad in hukut tawmpaꞌ ku.My shoestring became untied.Cf.*puklas 1badbad
hubagn(A reddish, painful) swollen inflammation (on the skin).Maulꞌul in hubag sin lima ku.The swollen inflammation of my hand is throbbing.vpat -um-, mag-, mang-; ran -an.To develop a swelling, become swollen and inflamed.Himubag in lima niya.Her hand became swollen and inflamed.Cf.busulbawtut
*hūbatvag mag-; ran -an.RareTo teach (someone something); persuade (someone) to be good or do (something) good.Subay in manga maas maghūbat tuud ha manga kaanakan nila pasal sin kangian sin magsiga mariwana.Parents should really teach their children about the evil of smoking marijuana.OV SYN.hinduꞌ
hubaya-hubayaadjBy all means, without fail.Hubaya-hubaya tuud pakaria siya.Let him come by all means.Cf.amay-amayibut-ibut
hublaꞌvag -um-, mag-; ran -an.To cease, stop.Diꞌ siya paghublaan sin tandug iban hinglaw.He doesn’t stop being chilled and fevered.nhublaanStopping, cessation.Way na hublaan sin pagbunuꞌ ha gimba.There is no stopping of the fighting in the interior.Cf.hundung*hulaw
hublutvag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To draw, unsheathe (as a sword from the scabbard, or a pistol from the holster); uproot (something, as plants from the earth).Hubluta in ispara mu. Magsimpan kita.Draw your sword. We’ll fence.Ayaw mu hubluta in jambangan yan.Don’t uproot that plant.Cf.*larut*tangsuꞌ
hubuꞌadj(Of the body) bare, naked.Naghuhubuꞌ in manga bataꞌ-bataꞌ nagpayguꞌ.The little children bathing are naked.vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.-un and -an practically the same meaning. Often -an is used of taking off something from someone else.To undress, take off (something one wears, as clothing, shoes, wristwatch, or rings).Hubuun ku in badjuꞌ ini bat masigpit.I’m going to take off this dress because it’s tight.vipat ma-.(For an article of clothing, shoes) to come off.Nahubuꞌ in sinilas ku didtu ha tabuꞌ.My shoes came off at the market.Cf.*hukas
*hudhudvtCV 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.To pour out (something from a container as grains or powder, but not liquid).Hihudhud ta in bugas dayn ha karut.Let’s pour out the rice from the sack.vipat ma-.(For grains, powder, etc.) to leak out.Mahudhud in tirigu dayn ha karut.The flour will leak out of the sack.Cf.*asag 1
hūgvar. ofhulugvTo fall from a height, drop (something); to give (interest on money, change in a money transaction, an opinion); mail (a letter).
hugabvar. ofugabnThe hard inner shell of a coconut.
hugas1vAR ag mag-, -um-, mang-; ran -an.To wash, clean (something with water as hands, face, feet, or dishes).Hugasi in lima mu.Wash your hands.Cf.*dakdak 1linug22vag mag-, -um-, mang-; ran -an.To develop (negatives into photographs).Hugasan ku na in manga nigatib diyā niya mari.I’ll develop the negatives that he brought here.
*hugpaꞌvag maka-; ran ka-…-an.To encounter, come upon something (accidentally).Lugay nila naglunsul nakahugpaꞌ sila pa tau naggagās.During their travel they came upon people making a kaingin.
hugpuꞌnUpper hips.Simakit in hugpuꞌ ku sabab limingkud aku malugay.My upper hips are sore because I sat so long.Masangba in hugpuꞌ niya.She has large upper hips.6: The Parts of the Body
hugut1nTightness (as of a knot, tie, lid, door); firmness.In hugut sin paghukut niya landuꞌ marayaw.The tightness of the way he tied is really good.adjmahugutFirm, fast, tight, tightly closed.Mahugut in pagtambul sin lawang.The door is tightly closed.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To hold on (to something to avoid falling).Hugut kaw bat kaw diꞌ mahulug.Hold on tightly so you won’t fall.vST pat -um-.To become tight or tighter.Subay mu pahugutun in pagtambul sin mital bangbang.You must make the closing of the biscuit can tight (i.e., close it tightly).2adjmahugut(Of one’s faith) strong; (of one’s inner being) not overly emotional or unstable, calm.In tau mahugut in īman diꞌ masasat sin saytan.A man with strong faith cannot be tempted by the devil.Cf.*pagunkamdus 2
*hugutvAQ ag/goal mag-; pat -un.To pull (nits from the hair).Huguta in lisaꞌ ha buhuk ku.Pull the nit from my hair.
*hukaꞌ1adjmahukaꞌLoose, not tight.Pahuguta bang mahukaꞌ in hukut.Tighten it if the tie is loose.vtAR ag mag-; mang-; ran -an.To loosen (something, as a tie or knot, bracelet, lid, tourniquet, or wound dressing).Hukaan ta in pagbaggut bat maluhay hubaran.Let us loosen the knot so that it’s easy to untie it.viST pat -um-.To become loose.Himukaꞌ in hukut.The tie has become loose.Cf.haluy 12adjmahukaꞌEasily tempted or seduced, weak in faith, sentimental.Mahukaꞌ in īman niya ha manga babai malingkat.He is easily seduced by beautiful women.
*hukasvAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To undress, change clothes (after taking a walk), change clothes from new to old.Paghukas na kaw bat kita makahali-hali.Change your clothes so that we can rest.Hukasi na in badjuꞌ mu.Change your dress.Cf.*salin 1hubuꞌ
hukawnDislike, distaste, disinclination, disgust, unwillingness.Maytaꞌ bihayan in hukaw mu ha tau yan?Why is your dislike for that person like that?vact/pat -um-, mag-; ran ka-…-an.To dislike, have no taste for, detest, hate (something), loathe or be disgusted at (something).adjmahukawCharacterized by hating, detesting, disgust.Mahukaw aku sin tau putingan.I hate people who tell lies.Mahukaw in Tausug tagnaꞌ ha Bisayaꞌ.The Tausug detested Christians before.Cf.dugallisuꞌ 1