Tausug - English



humbaladjSoft (as of soil that has been recently plowed). (Also mahumbal).Magtanum na kitaniyu pāy bābā humbal pa in lupaꞌ.Let’s plant the rice while the soil is still soft.Cf.lunuk 1.1
humputnModesty, reserved bearing, shyness, demureness (of women).Subay bihayaun in humput mu.Your modesty should be like that.adjmahumputDemure, reserved, modest.Mahumput siya.She is modest and reserved.vag -um-, magpa-.To act modestly, refined, reserved; do (something) carefully, properly as a woman should.Pagpahumput kaw maghinang.Do your work carefully, as becomes a woman.Subay kaw magpahumput bang kaw ha bāy sin tau.You should be reserved when you are at someone’s house.SYN.himpitCf.haymbuꞌgatun
humusnRareA contribution (of money or other forms of property), alms (not necessarily for religious purposes).In dīhil humus sin mayul hipaghinang iskul.The contribution given by the mayor was to build a school.Cf.sarakkapitlaꞌjakatmura
hunnA homemade cigarette (made from cigarette butts).In pagtāgun hun amu in pupud siga tipunun ampa sigahun.That which is called homemade cigarettes is used cigarette butts collected and then smoked.Hinangun hun in pupud siga ini bat diꞌ kawgun.We’ll make homemade cigarettes from these stubs so they won’t be wasted.Cf.banusu
hunaꞌ-hunaꞌnImagination, fancy, suspicion.Nabunnal in hunaꞌ-hunaꞌ niya.His suspicion was true.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To imagine, picture (something) in one’s mind; suspect (something).Hiyunaꞌ-hunaꞌ mu sadja in sakit mu.You’re just imagining your sickness.Cf.pikiltaliꞌhawatil
hunas1nLow tide, ebbing, receding of the tide.Mamayguꞌ na kitaniyu, hunas na.Let’s swim, it’s low tide now.vact/pat mag-, -um-.(For the tide) to flow back or out, recede, ebb.Maghuhunas in dagat.The tide is ebbing.ANT.taubnhunasanThe shallow water (of the sea, near the shore).Yadtu in bangkaꞌ niyu kiyabīn ha hunasan.There’s your boat. You left it in the shallow water.Cf.luggut2vran -an.To lose one’s wealth (esp. in business).Awn da adlaw hunasan da in manga dayahan.There will come a time when the rich will lose their wealth.
hunatvag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To extend (the body or limbs) to full extent (as in yawning, relaxing or reclining), straighten (something, as a limb that is doubled up, frizzy or kinky hair).Manghunat-hunat pa aku. Hiyapus tuud aku.I’ll stretch out for a while. I’m so tired.Hunata in buktun niya nangungkung.Straighten his arm, it has doubled up.Hipahunat niya in buhuk niya kingki.She’ll have her frizzy hair straightened.Cf.sikad*hutadhinit
hundaw1vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To look out through (an opening, as a window or mouth of a cave); view (something, esp. at a distance).Hundawa sila dayn ha tandawan.Look out for them through the window.Cf.sīb 1tandaw2vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To pay a brief visit, look in on or look up (someone).Hundawa in pangtungud mu pagdatung mu pa Manilaꞌ.Look up your cousin as soon as you arrive in Manila.
hundungvag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; ran -an.With hi-, the agents are all the people concerned. With -an, the agent is one person or a few people.To stop, cease from doing (something).Hundung na kaw magbissara!Stop talking!Subay hihundung in paglimut ha supaya way pagkālu.(We) should all stop so that there will be no quarreling.Hundungi na in pagpanayam mu.Stop your gambling.Hundungan ku na in pagpanaw dūm.I will stop going out at night.Cf.*hulawpuas 1.1huwashublaꞌ
hunit1nDifficulty, hardship.vact/pat mag-, -um-; exp ka-…-an.To encounter difficulty, hardship.Kahunitan kaw maghinang yan bang isa-isa mu.You’ll have difficulty working on that alone.vST pat -um-.(For something) to become difficult or hard.Humunit in pagꞌusaha bang malingug in hulaꞌ.Business becomes hard if the country is in trouble.adjmahunitDifficult, hard.Mahunit in hinang kiyasukuꞌ kākuꞌ.I am assigned to a difficult task.OV SYN.sigpit 22n(A high) price; expense.Diꞌ ku bīhun bang bihān in hunit sin dagangan mu.I won’t buy any if the price of your wares is like that.vexp ka-…-an.To be unable or scarcely able to afford the expense (of something).Kahunitan na in tau magpahinang bāy bihaun.People can scarcely afford the expense of building a house now.adjmahunitCostly, expensive.Mahunit na in pagꞌiskul bihaun.Going to school is expensive now.OV SYN.mahalgaꞌhalgaꞌ 1
hunub-hunubnRumor, hearsay, talk in a low voice.Unu in hunub-hunub diyungug mu ha kahigad-higaran yan?What is the rumor that you have heard around?vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To tell, report, or spread (something) as a rumor.Diꞌ in manga tau maghunub-hunub bang way kabunnalan niya.People won’t start telling rumors if there is no truth in it.Cf.higung-hagassuysuyhintub-hintub
hunusnA strong wind, typhoon.Iyabutan kami sin hunus ha giꞌtung lawd.We were caught by the typhoon in the middle of the sea.Cf.badju
*hungat1vact mag-.To gasp, pant (as from running), utter (something) hurriedly and breathlessly.Naghuhungat na siya namaytaꞌ kākuꞌ sin kītaꞌ niya.Panting she told me what she saw.SYN.pungat2vA speech impediment in which the voice sounds like someone speaking while panting or out of breath.8: Diseases
hungawnA leak of gaseous material or air (as from a tire or tank).Awn hungaw sin guma tarak ini.There’s a leak in this tire.vact/pat -um-, mag-.To give off air, leak.Humungaw in silikan tarak nakagiik bagbag kassaꞌ.The tire of the truck that rolled over a broken bottle will leak.Cf.singaw
*hungayvag mag-; pat -un.To seduce, persuade (someone to do something, usu. to do wrong); tempt (someone).Hungayun niya aku manakaw.He is tempting me to steal.
*hungkuyvag mag-; pat -un.To shake (a branch of a tree).Dimāg siya pa taas sin kahuy ampa niya hiyungkuy in manga sanga sin kahuy.He climbed the tree and then shook the branches of the tree.Hungkuyun ku in sanga bat mahulug in baymbing.I’ll shake the branches so the balingbing will fall.OV SYN.*tautCf.*jugjug
hungsuyvar.ungsuynA tobacco pipe.Hungsuy in pagmaratan sin manga lannang.A pipe is the thing the Chinese use for smoking opium.vag mag-.To use a tobacco pipe.Manga kamaasan in maghungsuy.Old folks are the ones using a tobacco pipe.
hungutnA small bank (for coins, made from a hollowed out nut, about the size of an egg).Hitawꞌ ku in pisita ku ha hungut.I’ll keep my change in a bank.Cf.alkansiyabaung-baungtumpung
*hūp1vact/pat -um-; pat -un.To permeate, saturate, penetrate thoroughly; be absorbed; be complete.Diꞌ hūpun sin tubig in kakanaꞌ ini.Water won’t soak into this material.Diꞌ humūp in lasa niya kaymu bang kamu naglalawak.His love for you won’t be complete if you are far apart.2vexp ka-…-an.To be absorbed or engrossed (in something); be lost in thought.Kahūpan kaw tuud bang mu mabassa in būk ini.You will really be engrossed when you read this book.adjmahūpWholly occupying one’s attention.Mahūp in pagkaun niya minsan in anak niya nagtatangis.Her food wholly occupies her attention even when her child is crying.
*hupayvact/pat -um-; ran pag-…-an.To cease, calm down, stop.Subay na humupay in lingug ha lupaꞌ ampa kitaniyu gumuwaꞌ.The trouble outside should calm down, then we’ll go out.Diꞌ siya paghupayan sin sakit ū.His headache doesn’t stop.Cf.hundungpuas 1.1hipus1 huwas
hupiꞌnTaro.Pagsayulun in batang sin hupiꞌ.The stem of taro is cooked as a vegetable.Colocasia esculenta5: Plants
hupit-hupitnEvil speech or slander about (someone’s) wife or husband (having the intention of causing them to divorce).Nagbugit hi Amina iban hi Amil sabab nagkahagad hi Amina sin hupit-hupit sin inaꞌ niya.Amina and Amil divorced because Amina believed the slander of her mother about her husband.Makamula ha magtiyaun in paghupit-hupit mu.Your slander will destroy the marriage.vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To speak ill of, malign, slander someone’s wife or husband (with the intention of causing them to divorce).Subay mu diꞌ hupit-hupitan in anak mu bat diꞌ makapagbugit.You should not malign your child’s spouse to her so that they won’t divorce.Mangiꞌ in maas maghupit-hupit ha manga anak.It’s bad for parents to malign their son or daughter-in-law.Cf.*hupuꞌ-hupuꞌ
*hupuꞌ-hupuꞌvag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To speak persuasively or convincingly (so that someone will do or not do something).Hupuꞌ-hupuan ku tuud siya marayaw supaya siya magad na muwiꞌ.I will speak very persuasively to her so that she will come home with us.Subay hupuꞌ-hupuan sin pulis in namunuꞌ yan, supaya siya mamaytaꞌ sin kasabunnalan, bang maytaꞌ siya namunuꞌ.The police should speak persuasively to that murderer so that he will tell the truth about why he murdered.Cf.hupit-hupit
huru-huru1vtag mag-; ran pag-…-an.To go in great numbers or by groups; flock to (something).Ayaw na kaw magbaytaꞌ bat na isab diꞌ maghuru-huru mari katān.Don’t tell anyone so they won’t all flock here.Cf.baanvipat ma-.To happen in great numbers or all at once.Nahuru-huru sadja in pungluꞌ piyanimbak ha tau yaun.The bullets all came out at once at the shooting of that man.2nAn automatic firearm (so named because the bullets come out in great numbers rather than one by one).
hurupnClear pronounciation (of letters or words).Nakalanduꞌ in hurup sin Arab magbichara.The Arab pronunciation of words is extremely clear.adjmahurupHaving clear or correct pronunciation.Mahurup in guru magnasihat.The teacher has clear pronunciation when teaching.vag mag-, -um-.To pronounce (a letter or word) correctly.Pahurupun ku kaymu in pagbassa sin sulat ini.I’ll make the pronounciation of this letter clear for you.