Tausug - English



hadja2var. ofsadja2advAlways, at all times.
hadjiꞌnA person who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca.Subay diꞌ magsulban bang bukun hadjiꞌ.A person shouldn’t wear a turban if he is not one who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca.vag mag-, -um-.To make a pilgrimage to Mecca.Maghadjiꞌ aku pa Makka tahun ini.I will make a pilgrimage to Mecca this year.In maghadjiꞌ amu na hambuuk rukun sin āgama Islam.Making the pilgrimage is one of the (five) pillars of Islam.Cf.pagtawap*tawap
hāgnA big supporting pole, house post.Subay mapagun in hāg ha giꞌtung sin bāy mu.The central post of your house must be strong.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To provide (something) with big poles or posts.Subay hāgan na muna in bāy ampa lantayan.We should put up the posts of the house first and then the floor.Cf.tuku
hagakvag mag-, -um-, mang-.To cry in a loud voice.Naghagak in kambing.The goat is crying loudly.Piyahagak mu hadja in anak mu.You always cause your child to cry loudly.Marayꞌ awn masakit kaniya hangkan da siya naghagak.Maybe there’s something painful in her that’s why she cries loudly.OV SYN.tangisasang2
hagas-hagasnA whisper.Diyungug mu in hagas-hagas niya?Did you hear his whisper?vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To whisper, tell (someone something) in a soft or low voice.Usu. the listener puts his ear close to the mouth of the speaker.Hagas-hagasi siya bat way makarungug.Whisper to him so that nobody will hear it.SYN.higung-higung
hagaw-hagawadjDoubtful, uncertain, indefinite.Biyaꞌ hagaw-hagaw in pagtulak sin manga tau yan pa Sambuwangan.The trip of these people to Zamboanga seems to be indefinite.Cf.hawal-hawal
hagdannA ladder, stairs, steps.Nabaliꞌ in hagdan sin bāy namuꞌ pagsakat niya.The stairs to our house was broken when he went up it.vTV ag mag-, -um-; goal -un.To go up a ladder or stairs, use a ladder to climb (something, as a coconut tree).Humagdan kita pa bāy.We will climb up the stairs to the house.vAR ag mag-; -um-; ran -an.To provide (something) with a ladder.Hagdanan ta in niyug bat marāg.We will put a ladder at the coconut tree so that we can climb it.
hagdaratvar.haddaratn(In) the presence (of God).Yadtu hi Isa bihaun ha hagdarat sin Tuhan.Jesus is there now in the presence of God.
hagdilvar.hādil, hādir, hagdirvag -um-; ran -an.To attend (a meeting or gathering).Diꞌ kaw mabayaꞌ humagdil sin pagtiyaun?Don’t you want to attend the wedding celebration?
haggut11nColdness.In haggut sin hulaꞌ dī ha Nasuliꞌ!How cold it is here at Nasuli!vpat -um-, mag-, -un.(For a place, one’s body) to become cold.Haggutun kita bang timpu pangulan.We will get cold when it is rainy season.adjmahaggut(Of the weather, one’s body) cool, cold.Mahaggut in banuwa.The weather is cold.OV SYN.hagpay2adjmahaggutNot excited, calm, composed (with atay).Bang bukun mahaggut in atay niya nakapagkālu sila.If he were not calm they would have resorted to quarreling.atay3adjmahaggut(Of a doctor or healer) effective.Mahaggut in lima niya mangubat.He’s an effective healer.4adjmahaggutLucky.Mahaggut in lima niya ha pagꞌusahahan.He has a lucky hand when it comes to business.ANT.mapasuꞌpasuꞌ 3haggut-pasuꞌcomp.nGreat difficulties or dangers.
haggut2nA type of wood sold as medicine in the market, a medicinal herb.Painuma in bataꞌ nasasakit uttus haggut.Let the child who is sick with chicken pox drink a medicinal herb.
haggut ataynCalmness.adjmahaggut atayCalm, patient, composed.In nakuraꞌ ha paghulaꞌ subay mahaggut atay.A leader in a community must be calm.atay
haggut-pasuꞌnGreat difficulties or dangers, all difficulties (that come to one).Bang kaw mabayaꞌ dumayaw in parasahan, subay kaw sumandal haggut-pasuꞌ.If you want to prosper in life, you have to endure great difficulties.Sandali in haggut-pasuꞌ bat mu matalus in pagꞌiskul mu.Endure all difficulties so you’ll get through your schooling.
hagikhiknDandruff.Mataud hagikhik ha ū niya.He has plenty of dandruff.vST pat -un.To develop dandruff.Palanua in paghugas mu sin buhuk mu bat kaw diꞌ hagikhikun.When you wash your hair make it clean, so that you won’t get dandruff.
haginvpat mag-, -um-, magka-; ran -an.To be changed (in quantity, quality, or condition); (with negative, as usu.), remain the same, stable, steady or constant; remain intact, uninjured, or unimpaired.Bang kahaginan in manga dagangan ini maggantiꞌ kaw.If something will be missing in these commodities you’ll have to pay.Kiyugdan siya saꞌ walaꞌ nahagin sin pungluꞌ.He was hit by the bullet but he remained uninjured.Way hagin sin taud sin tau maghadjiꞌ pa Makka tahun-tahun.The great number of people going on pilgrimage to Mecca remains the same every year.Walaꞌ nahagin in īman niya pa Tuhan.His faith in God remains constant.Diꞌ magkahagin in taud sin dakdakan minsan da adlaw-adlaw magdakdak.The load of washing remained the same even though (we) washed every day.Walaꞌ da kiyahaginan in sīn dīhil mu kākuꞌ.The money you gave me is still intact.OV SYN.halin
hagmaladj(Of talking) through (one’s) nose.Hagmal siya magbissara.He’s talking through his nose.Cf.pungaꞌ
hagpaynColdness (of things touched, e.g., snow, ice, water, or food).adjmahagpayCold (as of ice).Mahagpay in ays.The ice is cold.vST pat -um-, mag-.(For an object) to become cold.Pahagpayun ta in tubig ha prijidir.We will cool the water in the refrigerator.Cf.haggut1 1
*hagtuꞌnThe ritual jerking of someone’s hair (to determine the origin of someone else’s sickness, to determine the spirit responsible which should therefore be placated).In labhaꞌ di makāꞌ sin hagtuꞌ subay abat sadja.The labhaꞌ type of curse can’t be cured by ritual jerking of hair; it is only the abat type of spirit curse that can be cured (that way).vag mag-, mang-; ran -an.To divine by jerking (someone’s) hair.Pahagtuan ku hi Aisa kan Babuꞌ bat kaingatan in sakit niya.I’ll ask Auntie to divine by jerking someone’s hair to determine where the sickness of Aisa originated.
hagubhubnA humming sound (as of a human voice, a kite, the whistling of wind, thunder at a distance, the whir of birds’ wings).Diyurungug mari in hagubhub sin taguriꞌ niya.The humming of his kite could be heard here.vact mag-, -um-.To make such a sound.Naghagubhub dakuman in baanan kabug limabay.The flock of bats made a humming sound when they went by.Cf.lagublub
haguk1nSnoring.Makusug in haguk niya.His snoring is loud.vact/pat mag-, -um-.To snore.Asal in tau maghaguk bang natutūg.It’s natural for people to snore when they are asleep.SYN.*hagung2vran -an.To fool, bluff (someone) by pretending or purposefully snoring or snorting (thus making the noise associated with ghosts).Ayaw mu aku haguki. Diꞌ da aku mabugaꞌ.Don’t snort like a ghost at me. I’m not afraid.
hagumgimb.haꞌgumvAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To soak (something, as clothing, food, or a part of one’s body).Hagumi in tamungun ha tubig bat maluhay makawaꞌ in lummiꞌ.Soak the clothes in water so that the dirt will be easily washed out.Cf.luꞌgum
*hagungvact/pat mag-.To snore, breathe noisily (as in one’s sleep).Diyungug ta kaw naghagung kabii.I heard you snoring last night.SYN.haguk 1
hagunghungnA reverberating sound.Diyungug mu in hagunghung?Did you hear the reverberating sound?vact/pat mag-.To make a reverberating sound.Maghagunghung in tirmus.The thermos makes a reverberating sound.Cf.ulangigsagingsing
hagupitnA tree with rough leaves (used for smoothing a surface as furniture or boards), any material used for smoothing, thus sandpaper.Kagunahan in hagupit pagpalanuꞌ sin bangkuꞌ ini.We need rough leaves to smoothen this chair.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To sandpaper or smooth (a surface).Hagupiti in lamisahan, Utuꞌ.Sandpaper the table, Son.
hāinvar. ofhariinadvWhere?