Tausug - English



haitgimb. equiv. ofhaytnSharpness (of an object).
hajaratvag mag-, -um-; pat -un; goal/ben -an.To narrate, relate, or recount (something, as a story or ballad).Hajaratan ta kamu sin kissa hi Napsa Lagayan.I will relate to you the story of Napsa Lagayan.Hajaratun ku in kakari sin Kastilaꞌ.I’ll relate the story of the coming of the Spaniards.OV SYN.baytaꞌCf.kissa
hājatnPurpose, intention.Awn hajat ku pa sultan hangkan aku miyari.I have a purpose for the king that is why I’m here.vaux mag-, -un.To purpose, intend.Unu in hiyājat mu miyari?What is your purpose in coming here?Awn pa hājatun ku magtalus sin pagꞌiskul.There is something I’m still purposing to do, finish my schooling.OV SYN.najalCf.gawimaksudgasad
hāk1nAnything acquired grudgingly through fraud, corruption, bribery, usury, or extortion; work accepted that is not paid for; anything that is not freely given.Magkangiꞌ-ngiꞌ kaw bang kaw kumaun hāk sin manusiyaꞌ.You will become poor or sick if you acquire something that is not freely given you.Cf.kulliꞌ 1kugut 2*anyaya2vag mag-; ran pag-…-an.Does not occur with pa₂.To consider that (someone) has something against you.Paghākan ta kaw bang mu diꞌ tabukun in sīn ini.I will consider that you have something against me if you don’t accept this money.
hakhaknpaghakhakLoud laughter (expressing merriment).In paghakhak nila kabii diyurungug pa bāy namuꞌ.We heard their laughter last night over at our house.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To laugh loudly or unreservedly.Hakhak kaw balik ha dān bang ta kān diꞌ lubakan!Laugh loudly again on the road and I’ll really spank you!adjmahakhakProne to loud laughter.Maytaꞌ ba kaw yan mahakhak tuud?Why are you prone to loud laughter?Cf.katawahikhikdaghayuyumkisiꞌ 1
hakikanpaghakikaA sacrifice, a ritual slaughtering of a goat or cow performed sometime before puberty for a child.It is believed that the animal will testify in the afterlife that this child is actually the child of his parents. Without such a ritual the child would not recognize his parents in the afterlife.vag mag-; pat -un.To make such a sacrifice.Bang maghakika ha kāmuꞌ, hambuuk kambing, hangka-tau.When a sacrifice is made at our place, one goat is for one person.Subay hakikahun in bataꞌ.We should have a ritual sacrifice for the child.npaghakikahanThe thing sacrificed.Kambing atawa sapiꞌ in paghakikahan ha manga bataꞌ.A goat or a cow is what is sacrificed for the child.Cf.pagguntinggunting 2pagtimbangtimbang 1.2pagꞌislamislam 2kulban
hakīkatnTruth, sincerity.Ampa in hakīkat ku pa Tuhan diꞌ malipat.My sincerity to God shall not fade.
hakupvar.akupnA handful.Kawaꞌ na kaw hangka hakup bātung yan.Take a handful of peanuts.vag mag-; pat -un.To take up (something) by handfuls, scoop (something) in (one’s) hands.Hakupa sadja in asin sabab wayruun luluunan ta.Scoop up the salt in your hands because we don’t have a container.OV SYN.kamut
hakutvag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To transport, load or carry away (people or things) in a large quantity to another place.Hakutun ta in kapanyapan dayn ha bāy.We’ll carry away the things from the house.nmaghahakutA transporter, carrier.Kami in maghahakut sin manga luwan pa kappal.We are the carriers of the loads to the boat.Cf.1.1hatud
hāl11nCondition.Maunu-unu na in hāl sin pagꞌiskul mu?How is the condition of your schooling?Ha hāl sin pagbunuꞌ ha Lupaꞌ Sūg, kulang in pariksaꞌ ku.With regard to the condition of the fighting in Jolo, I don’t have much knowledge.nkahālanCondition, situation.Bukun marayaw in kahālan sin hulaꞌ.The condition of the country is not good.2nkahālanAn event, occurrence; gathering.Awn malagguꞌ kahālan hinang ha plasa.There will be a big event put on in the plaza.
hāl2nTreat, refreshment, merienda.Way minsan hāl niyu yan muwiꞌ na sadja kamu.You didn’t even have refreshment and now you are going home.
hal hiwalvar.hal hiyuwalnA happening or condition.Way panghāti ku sin hal hiwal niyu ditun.I have no information about what’s happening with you there.Mabassa mu ha katas habal in katān hal hiwal ha katilibut sin dunya.You can read in the newspaper all the happenings around the world.
halaladjLawful, permitted, not forbidden (by the law of the Islamic religion); ceremonially cleaned, kosher (generally refers to animals butchered for food by the priest or any religious person).Halal in kakaun walaꞌ tiyaꞌgahan sin āgama.Foods that are not forbidden by (the Islamic) religion are lawful.Mangiꞌ in humulid ha babai bang bukun ta halal kawin.It’s wrong to sleep with a woman if she’s not our lawful wife.vpat -un.To make (something) lawful (as a marriage).Subay halalun in paghambuuk nila.Their union should be made lawful.ANT.haram 1Cf.mural
halamannA yard (of a house), courtyard, lawn, ground (as a playground).In halaman nila tiyatanuman jambangan.Their courtyard is planted with flowers.vag mag-; pat -un.To plant (flowers, vegetables in the yard), beautify (the yard).Maghalaman kami sumping ha higad bāy.We will plant flowers beside the house.
halambiyaraꞌadj(Of a child) illegitimate.Anak halambiyaraꞌ in hipagꞌanak bukun halal kawin in inaꞌ amaꞌ.Children born with parents not legally married are illegitimate.
*halapvag mang-; goal pang-…-an.To trust (someone).Diꞌ siya manghalap kākuꞌ.He doesn’t trust me.Panghalap kaw pa Tuhan.Trust in God.Hi Bapaꞌ in panghalapan sin Mayul ha hinang upis.Uncle is the one whom the mayor trusts in the office work.Hisiyu bahaꞌ in kapanghalapan ta magtungguꞌ sin bāy ha lugay ta way dī?Whom can we trust to watch over the house while we are not around?Cf.pangandul
halgaꞌ1nPrice, cost (of something); value.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To set a price or cost (of something), charge (an amount for something).Pila sīn mu halgaan in manuk yan?How much will you charge for that chicken?adjmahalgaꞌValuable, dear, expensive, costly.Mahalgaꞌ pa in martabbat dayn ha altaꞌ.Honor is more valuable than money.ANT.luhay 12nHonor, integrity.Way halgaꞌ sin tau way sipug.A shameless person has no integrity.
halhal1vact/pat mag-, -um-, mang-; goal -an.To protrude, hang out (as the tongue from exhaustion, heat, thirst).Manghalhal in dilaꞌ ta sin uhaw bang bihaꞌ ini way tubig.Our tongues will hang out from thirst when it’s like this with no water.2adj(With dilaꞌ) describing someone who is repeatedly taught something but who doesn’t obey or doesn’t learn (see matugas [tugas 2]).vact/pat -um-.(With dilaꞌ, to tell or teach someone something) repeatedly.Minsan humalhal in dilaꞌ mu maghinduꞌ ha bataꞌ yan diꞌ da magkahagad.Even if you repeatedly advise that child, he won’t take heed.
halinRest.In hali sin tau magꞌaani, malugay.The rest of harvesters is long.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To rest (from work), cease (from work) in order to rest.Halihan ku in hinang bat makalaul.I’ll rest from my work because it is tiring.OV SYN.hali-hali
hali-halinA short rest.In hali-hali namuꞌ hangkarayꞌ da.Our short rest was only for a short time.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To take a rest, rest a short time.Hali-halihan ta naa in pagꞌiskul.Let us rest for a while from school.Subay pahali-halihun na in manga maas taniyu.We have to let our parents rest.npaghali-halihanA resting place.Marayaw tuud in kahinang sin paghali-halihan sin manga magꞌaani.The resting place of the harvesters is very well constructed.OV SYN.hali
halimunnA charm (consisting of certain spoken or written formulas which when learned will produce invisibility).In magꞌammal halimun diꞌ pagkakitaan.If one meditates on the invisibility charm he cannot be seen.adjhalimunanHaving the power of invisibility.Halimunan hi maas Jikiri.Old Jikiri has the power of invisibility.
halinnDeterioration, change (always with negative way).Way pa halin sin makina ini, baꞌgu pa.There is still no deterioration in this sewing machine (i.e., it’s undamaged), it’s still new.vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To change, alter, or damage (something).Ayaw halina in unu-unu na kiyabutang ha lawm sulat.Don’t alter anything in that letter.vipat ma-, magka-.(With negative) to remain the same, intact, unaffected, undamaged or unaltered.Minsan siya magpalingkat way da nahalin in dagbus niya.Even though she beautifies herself, she still looks the same.Diꞌ da aku mahalin minsan niyu aku diꞌ bagayun.I won’t be affected anyway, even if you won’t befriend me.OV SYN.hagin
halipanThe highest religious official in the state during the Sulu Sultanate, usu. in the mosque of the Sultan.Halipa in nagnakuraꞌ ha pagsambahayang ha masjid sin sultan.The one leading the prayer in the king’s mosque was the halipa.SYN.muwallamCf.imambilalhatib
halipuluadjImpolite, discourteous, ill-behaved, ill-mannered (esp. of a person who overpasses the authority or the right of others.)Halipulu in mulid magbissara bang in mastal nagbibissara.A pupil is impolite if he talks while the teacher is talking.vag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To misbehave, be rude, discourteous, or disrespectful; shame (someone).Ayaw kaw maghalipulu mari.Don’t come here misbehaving.
halliꞌ1vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To be watchful or alert (to danger), take precautions, protect oneself or avoid (something, as sickness, enemy, accident, disgrace, a fight, or trouble).Paghalliꞌ-halliꞌ kamu. Sumūd in mundu dūm ini.Be on the watch. The bandits might raid the town tonight.OV SYN.jaga2vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To reserve (something, as food, water, a seat).Hallian ta man kaw lingkuran ha jīp.I’ll reserve you a seat on the jeep.Cf.tagama