Tausug - English


hanggupvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To puff (as a cigarette), inhale something into the mouth (as air or smoke).Sulay kaw kunuꞌ humanggup sin siga ku.You try to puff my cigarette.Cf.*hanggut
*hanggutvag -um-, mag-; pat -un.To sniff (something).Humanggut kita hangin ha higad dagat.Let’s sniff some fresh air along the seashore.Cf.hamut
hanghangvST pat -um-.To have or receive a large gaping slash (on one’s body, caused by a kris or sharp bolo).Himanghang na in paliꞌ niya ha buktun.He has a large gaping slash wound on his arm.
hanginnBreeze, wind, air.Way kumusug hangin adlaw yan.The wind is really strong today.Bang humuyup in hangin magpalupad kita taguriꞌ.When the wind blows we will fly the kite.Kulang hangin in silikan sin jīp mu.The tire of your jeep is low in air.adjmahanginWindy.Mahangin dayn dī ha pantan.It’s windy out here on the porch.vag magpa-; ran pa-…-an.To expose (something) to the air.Ayaw mu pahangini in manga bangbang.Don’t expose the cookies to the air.Cf.hunusbadjudalat
tunggaraꞌeast to southeast
sātansouth to southeast
barat dayasouth to southwest
habagatsouthwest to west-southwest
hangitgimb.haꞌngitnBad odor under the armpits (caused by perspiration, sickness, or lack of cleanliness).In hulas, makabahuꞌ hangit.Perspiration causes armpit odor.
hangka-(from *hang- + ka₁)adjpfxCombines with other words to form derived adjectives, e.g. hangka-atay ‘united’ (see table at atay), hangka-pikilan ‘like-minded’, and many others.One, a (the form of hambuuk used with count nouns).Dihili siya hangka-pinggan sabaw.Give him a bowl of soup.In tau naghuhulaꞌ ha hambuuk bāy subay hangka-atay supaya way pagkālu.The people living in the same house should be of one heart (i.e., united) so that there will be no quarreling.
hangka-bāy(from *hang- + bāy)vag -um-, mag-.To live together in the same house.Diꞌ aku humangka-bāy ha manga piyamikitan ku.I won’t live together with my in-laws.
hangka-lupa(from *hang + lupa₂)vact/pat mag-.To look like (someone).Maghangka-lupa kaw iban sin tau yaun.You look like that person.
hangkanadvBecause, for that reason, that’s why.Maytaꞌ kaw hangkan nākari?For what reason are you here?Hangkan siya miyari mabayaꞌ mamayguꞌ.That’s why he came, he wants to bathe.Cf.karnaꞌsabab
hangkarayꞌ(from *hang- + *dayꞌ₁)advA short time or while, a few minutes, a moment.Hangkarayꞌ da siya dī.He stayed here just a short while.Hangkarayꞌ da maubus in sīn mu ha panayam.You’ll lose your money in a short time in gambling.Katabangan mu aku maghugas lāy hangkarayꞌ?Can you help me wash the dishes for a few moments?Cf.sakadjapmagtuy
hangkatiyuꞌ(from *hang- + *tiyuꞌ)adjSmall or little (in number, quantity, or amount).Hangkatiyuꞌ da in dīhil niya kākuꞌ sīn.He only gave me a little money.Hangkatiyuꞌ da in kaingatan ku pasal niya.I know just a little about him.Awn hangkatiyuꞌ kasāan niya.He has his little faults.Makatausug siya hangkatiyuꞌ.He can speak a little Tausug.Hangkatiyuꞌ da in tau miyari.Only a few people came.Hangkatiyuꞌ in untung ta sin dagangan ini.We have a small profit from this merchandise.Cf.asibiꞌ
hangkuꞌvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To jerk, pull (something) jerkily (as reins or a fishing rod).Subay mu hangkuun bat dumayaw in panaw sin kuraꞌ.You should jerk (the reins) so that the horse will walk properly.Cf.*higtung*utunghillaꞌ
hangladnA beam for flooring, floor joist.Pila in hanglad bīhun ta?How many floor joists shall we buy?vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To furnish (a place) with floor beams or floor joists.Pagꞌubus magpatindug sin hāg bāy ampa na hanglaran.We’ll place the floor joists after the posts are erected.Cf.ayꞌay
hanglupnChicken lice, bird lice.Nahipuꞌ sin hanglup in pugaran manuk.The chicken’s nest is filled with chicken lice.adjmahanglupInfested with chicken or bird lice.Mahanglup in pugad sin manuk ku.My chicken’s resting place is full of lice.Cf.tumakutu
hanglusnA burn or scald (as from hot liquids, iron or steel, steam, or live embers).Ubati in hanglus ha lima niya.Apply medicine on the burn on her hand.vtCH 1 pat -un.To burn or scald (something).Hanglusun ku in lima mu sin tubig piyasuꞌ ini.I’ll scald your hand with this hot water.viST pat ma-.To be or become burned or scalded.Mahanglus kaw bang mu kaputan in basiꞌ mapasuꞌ.You’ll get burned if you touch hot steel.SYN.lūsCf.sunug
hangngaꞌvar. ofanghaꞌvTo threaten (someone).
hangpuꞌadjTen.Hangpuꞌ in hangka-tuhug.There are ten in one string.Hangpuꞌ-hangpuꞌ sīn in kindi.The candies are ten cents each.umbul
hangsulag(from *hang- + sulag)nOne piece (of anything).
hapaꞌvAR ag mag-, -um-, mang-; ran -an.To plug, block up, blockade, fill up, shut up, stop up, obstruct (a passage or an outlet as a road or pipe); set a trap, lie in wait (for someone, usu. with intention to harm); ambush or waylay (something).Hiyapaan in katān labayan pa Tiyanggi.All the entrances to the town of Jolo are shut up.Kiyahapaan sila sin mundu.They were waylaid by the bandits.Cf.agpang
hapaknDryness (of hair).Lubiha bat maīg in hapak sin buhuk mu.Oil your hair with coconut emulsion so that you will get rid of the dryness of your hair.adjmahapak(Of hair) dry, without oil.In buhuk mahapak maluhay hagikhikun.Dry hair easily gets dandruff.vST pat -um-.(For hair) to become dry.Bang mu diꞌ paglanahun in buhuk mu, humapak.If you don’t put oil on your hair it will become dry.Cf.tahay 1
hapalvag -um-.To learn, understand (something) well (as a school lesson).Mabayaꞌ aku humapal sin pangadjiꞌ Kuraan.I want to learn Koranic reading well.Diꞌ aku makahapal sin bissara niya.I can’t understand well what he said.vpat -un.To speak clearly, explain or elucidate (something); memorize (something).Hapalun ku kaymu in bichara niya.I’ll explain to you what he said.adjmahapalCharacterized by good apprehension, memory, mastery of a lesson; (of speech) intelligible, clear, grammatical.Bukun mahapal in bichara niya. Ha lawm ilung niya magguwaꞌ.His speech isn’t clear. It comes out from his nose.Mahapal siya mangadjiꞌ.He is good in reading apprehension.Cf.mapaham*pahamingathantaphampat
hapatvar. ofhampatvTo understand (something) clearly, explain fully, elucidate.
hapdiꞌnHunger (for food).In hapdiꞌ namuꞌ ha Bangngas diꞌ kasandalan!We couldn’t stand our hunger at Bangngas!adjmahapdiꞌHungry.Bang kaw mahapdiꞌ kaun na kaw.Eat now if you are hungry.vST pat mag-, -um-, -un.To be or become hungry.Hapdiun kita bang magpanayam balatin.We will get hungry if we play balatin.Pahapdiun nila in manga pilisu.They’ll cause the prisoners to become hungry.Cf.gutasbungtas
hapdusnStinging, smarting pain (as in applying an astringent-type medicine to a wound).Diꞌ ku kasandalan in hapdus sin paliꞌ ku.I can’t bear the stinging pain of my wound.adjmahapdusPainful, stinging.Mahapdus tuud in paliꞌ ku.My cut really is stinging.vact/pat -um-, mag-; exp ka-…-an.To feel piercing, stinging pain.Kahapdusan kaw bang ta ubatan in paliꞌ mu.You’ll feel a stinging pain if we treat your wound.Cf.bisasakit 1
hapit1vAQ ag/goal -um-, mag-; pat -un.To stop by, stop in, stop by to get (something).Hapit naa kamu ha bāy bang kamu muwiꞌ.Pass by our house when you go home.In kappal dayn ha Sūg pa Manila humapit ha Sambuwangan.The ship from Jolo to Manila stops by at Zamboanga.Hapitun ku in ambung duun ha hansipak bāy.I’ll stop by to get the basket at the other house.