Tausug - English


hapit2var. ofapitadvAlmost, nearly, about to.
hapit-hapitnAn indigenous confection made from cassava.7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasions
*haplasnA sponge bath.vAR ag mag-, mang-, -um-; ran -an.To take or give (someone) a sponge bath.Manghaplas sadja aku sabab kulang in tubig.I’ll just take a sponge bath because water is scarce.Haplasan ku in bataꞌ-bataꞌ.I’ll give the child a sponge bath.Cf.payguꞌliguꞌ
hapunnFishing line, string (for kite, made of cotton or abaca fiber).Pila in habaꞌ sin hapun sin taguriꞌ mu?How long is the string of your kite?Cf.naylun
*hapunadvmahapunAfternoon (see mahapun).vact -um-.(For time) to reach the afternoon.Subay na humapun ampa kita muwiꞌ.We’ll go home when it reaches afternoon.Kawaun ta kaw mari bang humapun-hapun na.I’ll come and get you (when it’s) later in the afternoon.vran -an.(For someone) to be (in a place) until late in the afternoon.Hiyapunan kami didtu ha bāy nila.We stayed at their house until late in the afternoon.
hapusnWeariness, tiredness (as from work or a long walk).Hapus da in makaraug ha tau yan bang magsuntuk.It’s only weariness that can defeat that person in a fight.adjmahapusWeary, tired.Mahapus na siya ha panawan.He is tired from walking.vST pat -un.To become weary, tired.Hapusun aku bang manaw pa malayuꞌ.I will become tired if I walk far.vran -an.(With napas) to become short of breath or winded (from exertion).Paghapusan aku napas bang aku maghagdan mataas.I get winded whenever I climb a long stairway.SYN.laul
hapus-napasnShortness of breath, early stages of asthma.In tagnaꞌ sin tau tubuan, hapus-napas. Bang lumaas na duun ha baran niya, in ngān niya sungut.When it first comes on the person, it’s just shortness of breath, but if it stays a long time with him it’s called asthma.OV SYN.sungut8: Diseasesvpat ma-, -un.To be or become winded or out of breath (from exertion).Mahapus-napas in tau bang lumurup.A person who dives becomes out of breath.
haram1adjForbidden, prohibited, unlawful in a religious sense, ritually unclean.In Muslim diꞌ magkaun babuy sabab haram.Muslims don’t eat pork because it is religiously unlawful.vpat -un.To reject (something by considering it forbidden).Haramun ku na in sīn yan. Diꞌ na aku tumaymaꞌ.I reject that money (as something unlawful). I can’t accept it.ANT.halal2intjAn exclamation to support the veracity or truth of one’s word.Haram! Way aku nakakawaꞌ sin sīn mu.Hell! I didn’t take your money.
harap1nFront, frontage, foreground; the direction towards which the face is turned or which something is facing toward.Himundung in tarak ha harap sin bāy nila.The truck stopped in front of their house.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To face, go in a direction, entertain (someone), attend to (something).Harap kaw mari kākuꞌ.You face me.Harap siya pakain?In which direction did she go?Harapa in manga bisita mu.Entertain your visitors.Diꞌ ku maharap in iskul ku sin taud sin hinang ha upis.I can hardly attend to my school work due to the pressure of my office work.Cf.alup 1balharapderv.vTo come face to face with someone (esp. in settling some trouble, dispute or intricate matters).2nharapanEuph.The genitals (of either male or female).Kamayaꞌ kaw kugdanan in harapan mu sin sipaꞌ niya.Be careful; your genitals might be hit by his kick.SYN.alupanalup 2
haratnAcridness, bitterness (as of pomelo or grapefruit, cigarettes, compressed tobacco leaf).Diꞌ aku kumaun bang bihayan in harat sin suwaꞌ gadja yan.I won’t eat it if the bitterness of the pomelo is like that.adjmaharatAcrid, bitter, sour.Maharat in siga Champion.Champion cigarettes taste bitter.Cf.paitaslum
hariꞌTag.nA king.vag mag-.To reign as king.Anak in maghariꞌ bang matay na in amaꞌ.The son will reign as king when the father dies.SYN.sultan
hariinvar.hāinadvIn or at what place? where? which?Hariin mu biyutang in būk?Where did you put the book?Hariin tungud in bāy nila?Where is their house located?Hariin in badjuꞌ kabayaan mu?Where is the dress you want?SYN.haunuCf.pakain
harirayavar. ofhaylayanA religious festival (usu. refers to Haylaya Puasa or Haylaya Hadjiꞌ).
*haruknkaharukRareThe state of slack (of a current of water), calmness.Bukun bihaini in kaharuk sin dagat sin katulak namuꞌ.The calmness of the ocean wasn’t like this when we set out.adjmaharukBarely moving, slack, calm.Bang maharuk in dagat marayaw in pagtulak-tulak.It’s enjoyable to travel if the seas are slack.Cf.linaw
harungvar. ofalungv(For fish) to come (to a light).
*harungvag -um-, mag-; ran -an.To watch or observe (someone doing something), listen (to people) talking (usu. of children who watch while their parents are having conversation with visitors or when there’s somebody eating).Ayaw na humarung bang in maas nagbibissara iban tau.Don’t stand around and listen when your elders are talking with others.Cf.kuruꞌ 1tungguꞌ
harusadjProper, befitting, allowable.Bukun harus in magpangtungud minsan magtiyaun.It’s not proper for first cousins to get married.Cf.patutwajib
hāsnA snake.In hās, kabubugaan sin tau.Snakes are feared by people.
hās tangkignA water snake.Kamayaꞌ kamu surukun sin hās tangkig bang kamu mayguꞌ dagat.Be careful not to be entered into by a water snake when you swim in the sea.
*hasaꞌvCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To whet, sharpen (something, esp. a bladed weapon such as a bolo, knife, or kris).Hasaa in sulab laring.Sharpen the blade of the knife.nhasaanA sharpening stone.Cf.gīl
hātannWritten character, handwriting, penmanship.Marayaw in hātan niya.He has good penmanship.Cf.sulat
hātinMeaning, understanding.Subay mu ingatun in hāti sin bissara niya.You should know the meaning of his words.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un, ka-…-an.To understand, learn or know the meaning (of something).Diꞌ ku kahātihan bang maytaꞌ siya naghinang bihadtu.I don’t understand why he did that.vRC ag mag-.To have an understanding or a mutual agreement, (esp. one that settles differences or is informal and not made public).Naghāti na kami sin pasal yan.We have our understanding regarding that matter.vpat -un.To verify, find out (information), analyze (something).Hātihun ta bang kuꞌnu maubus in hinang ha diksiyunari.Let’s find out when the work will be over on the dictionary.Cf.maanaingatpahātiderv.nInformation, notice, announcement, message, explanation.
hatiꞌrelAnd then.Baytai kami sin datung mu. Hatiꞌ, bat kami makapagsakap.Inform us of your arrival. And then we can get ready.
hatibnA Muslim leader in the mosque above the rank of bilal but below the rank of imam.Hatib in amaꞌ sin bagay ku.The father of my friend is a Muslim leader in the mosque.
hatikuadvPresumably, probably, most likely; maybe, perhaps.Hatiku ikaw in nagkawaꞌ sin sīn ku hangkan da kaw diyugalan.It is most likely that you took my money, that’s why you are angry.Hatiku walaꞌ niya kiyaingatan.Perhaps he didn’t know.Cf.marayꞌ*dayꞌkalu-kalugana-gana 2