Tausug - English



*haybatviST pat ma-.To be enticed, seduced, allured (by something).Ayaw kaw mahaybat sin lingkat sin babai yan.Don’t be allured by the beauty of that woman.nkahaybatanEnticement, seducement.Mataud in kahaybatan ta dī ha dunya.There are many enticements here in the world.OV SYN.haylan
*haykal-haykalvag mag-.ArchaicTo take a stroll, walk, or trip for pleasure.Maghaykal-haykal kitaniyu pa Manila.Let’s take a pleasure trip to Manila.SYN.*pasiyal
haylanvST pat ma-.Does not occur with pa₂.To be fascinated, attracted, tempted, enticed, allured (by something); be amazed, bewildered (by something).Nahaylan aku sin lingkat sin babai yadtu.I was fascinated by the beauty of that girl.Nahaylan aku sin ingat niya magsuling.I was amazed by his skill in playing the flute.Makahaylan in ilmuꞌ sin tau yaun.The esoteric knowledge of that man causes amazement (i.e., is amazing).Cf.ibuginu-inu 1tarsangngang*haybat
haylayavar.harirayanA religious festival (usu. one of the two named below).vag mag-, -um-, mang-.To celebrate such a festival.Mataud in tau Muslim maghaylaya kunsūm.There are many Muslims who will be celebrating the religious festival tomorrow.Haylaya Hadjiꞌcomp.vThe celebration on the the 10th day of the month Julhadjiꞌ (on this day some of the pilgrims are making a sacrifice [kulban] in Saudi Arabia).Haylaya Puasacomp.vThe celebration at the end of the month of Ramadan, occurring thirty days after the beginning of the fast.In Jolo gambling is usu. authorized for the week of the celebration. People visit each other’s homes, greeting each other and eating together. They relax in the refreshment parlors in town and attend movies. The atmosphere is one of celebration and merrymaking.
haymbuꞌgatunadjDignified (of a woman whose personality is worthy of esteem, respect or honor).Haymbuꞌgatun in asawa sin datuꞌ.The datuꞌs wife is dignified.Cf.humputhimpit
*haynvag mag-; pat hi-, -un; ran -an.No difference in meaning between -un and -an.To transfer (food, tools, small objects, etc.) or pour (liquids) from one container to another.Hayni kunuꞌ in piyanggang manuk ini.Will you place the barbecued chicken on another plate?npaghaynanA container into which (something) is transferred or poured.Unu in paghaynan ku sin tiyulaꞌ?What will I pour the soup into?Cf.*salin 2*hawn
haynduunadvJust now, recently, a while ago, a moment ago.Haynduun da siya nanaug.He left a moment ago.
haytgimb.haitnThe sharpness (of things, such as the blade of a weapon, pencil, teeth, or fingernails).Biyaꞌ diin in hayt sin pinsil mu?How is the sharpness of your pencil?vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To sharpen (an object).Aku in naghayt sin pinsil.I was the one who sharpened the pencil.Haytan ku naa in laring.I’ll sharpen first the knife.adjmahaytSharp, pointed.Mahayt in laring niya.His knife is sharp.
hayupnDomesticated animals (as water buffalo, cattle, chickens, ducks).Awn ipatan niyu hayup ha bāy?Do you have animals in your care at the house?Cf.sattuwabinatang 1
hirelA marker used to indicate that the word or words with which it occurs constitute or are standing for a personal name.Hi Bapaꞌ Kalbi in nakatabang kākuꞌ.Uncle Kalbi was the one who helped me.
hi-var.i-prefixpfxIndicates that something (semantically a patient) that is being conveyed or conceived as being conveyed is in grammatical focus.Hibutang natuꞌ na in manga būk ha lamisahan.Let’s put the books on the table.
-hisee-isuffixsfxImperative marker.
hibalnMovement, motion, movableness, mobility (see also kuhibal).Biyaꞌdiin in hibal sin tau nahihilu sin alak?How is the movement of a man drunk with wine?vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To move (something slightly).Bang mu hibalun in manga katas yan lubakun ta kaw.If you move those papers, I’ll hit you.adjmahibalMovable, mobile, uncomfortable (as always moving while sleeping), restless.Mahibal siya.He is always moving.SYN.malinsa*linsaCf.lingas
hibuknNoise.In hibuk sin manga bataꞌ-bataꞌ diꞌ katūgan.You can hardly sleep because of the noise of the children.adjmahibukNoisy.Ayaw mahibuk magbissara bat sila diꞌ masasat.Don’t be noisy when talking so that they will not be disturbed.vag mag-, -um-; goal pag-…-an.To make a noise, be noisy; shout (at someone).Ayaw kaw maghibuk.Don’t be noisy.Cf.bukagtanug 1
hidāyatnA making known, announcement, proclamation.Yari in hidāyat sin sultan hipasaplag ha katān.This is the proclamation sent by the king for all of us to know.Cf.pahātiparaakpabaytaꞌbaytaꞌ
hidhidvag mag-; pat -un, hi-.To rub (something on another surface, as medicine or oil on one’s skin or dirt on a dress).Ayaw mu hidhiran in lummiꞌ pa badjuꞌ ku.Don’t rub the dirt on my clothes.Cf.*pahid*gidgid
hidjaꞌvag mag-; pat -un.To spell out (the Arabic letters of a word, esp. used in Koranic studies).Hidjaa in batang sulat ini.Spell out the letters in this word.
hidjulvtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To disturb, bother (someone, as a baby sleeping, someone studying, working, or contemplating); touch (something and thus cause it to be disarranged, mislaid, misplaced); displace (something).Ayaw niyu paghidjula in hinang ku.Don’t touch my work.Diꞌ mahidjul in bataꞌ ini tumangis magtuy.This child can’t be disturbed but that he cries right away.adjmahidjulDisturbing, bothersome.Mahidjul tuud in kangug ini.This crazy fellow is very bothersome.Cf.hilu 3lingugsasawsasat
higad1nThe edge, rim, brink (as of high places); shore of the ocean.adjFrom the coast, coastal.Hangkan sila tiyawag tau higad pasal naghuhulaꞌ sila masuuk pa higad dagat.That’s why they’re called coastal people because they live near the seashore.ANT.gimbavag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To be on the edge (of something, as sitting on the outside seats of a bus), travel on the edge of the road or on the seacoast, or (of sea travel) near the shore.Bang in kappal lumabay dayn ha pūꞌ, subay diꞌ magpahigad.When a ship passes by an island, it should not travel near the shore.Ayaw pahigara in bataꞌ yan, gana-gana mahulug.Don’t let that child sit on the edge, she might fall.Cf.duhul2nThe place immediately beside (something, as the shoulder of a road).Butangan na duun ha higad lawang.Put it there at the side of the door.Yaun in tarak ha higad dān.There’s the truck along the side of the road.OV SYN.daig 1
higad simudnThe lip (the body part).In manga Nigritu marakmul in higad simud nila.The lips of the Negritos are thick.6: The Parts of the Body
*higtungvAQ ag/goal mag-; pat -un.To jerk (something).Higtunga in hapun sin taguriꞌ mu.Jerk the string of your kite.OV SYN.*sintakCf.*utunghillaꞌ
higung-hagasnRumors, whisperings.Unu in higung-hagas pasal sin manga tau nasaggaw?What is the rumor about the men who were captured?SYN.higung-higung
higung-higungnCurrent rumors circulating around, whisperings.Unu in higung-higung diyungug mu ha lupaꞌ?What’s the rumor you heard there outside?vag mag-; pat hi-; goal -an.To whisper (something to someone).Higung-higungi sadja aku sin pabaytaꞌ.Just whisper to me the message.SYN.higung-hagas
higupvAQ ag/goal mag-, -um-; pat -un.To sip (something, as soup or gruel).Higup naa kaw sin sabaw mapasuꞌ.Take a sip of hot soup.Higupun ku na in sabaw.I’ll sip the broth.
hijabnVeil, the holy veils (in the seven heavens).Mataud hijab in liyabayan hi Nabi Muhammad sin pagkadtu niya pa pitung lapis langit.Prophet Muhammad passed through many holy veils when he ascended to the seven layers of heaven.Cf.turung