Tausug - English


lawaknFarness, distance between.In lawak niya kākuꞌ hangpuꞌ mitru.His farness from me is ten meters.adjmalawakFar apart or far away in space, remote; distant (in relationship).Malawak in manga kabāyan ha gimba.The houses in the interior are far apart.Pangtungud ku siya saꞌ malawak na.She is my distant cousin.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To be or get apart from.Ayaw kaw maglawak dayn ha manga iban mu.Don’t get apart from your companions.Cf.layuꞌ
lawan1nThe opposite, exact contrary thing.In lawan sin mangiꞌ marayaw.The opposite of wrong is right.
lawan2vag mag-; ran -an.To play with (a baby so as to make him smile or stop crying).Lawani in bataꞌ-bataꞌ bat diꞌ tumangis.Play with the baby so he won’t cry.
lawang1nA door, gate.In lawang sin bāy yaun tiyatambul.The door of that house is closed.2nEuph.The female vulva.
lawaynSaliva (running from the mouth).Pahiri in laway sin anak mu.Wipe your child’s saliva.vact/pat mag-.To drivel saliva, to drool.Naglalaway in bataꞌ-bataꞌ.The baby is driveling.adjlawayanContinuously driveling.Hangkan da lawayan in bataꞌ yan marayꞌ way nakaun sin inaꞌ in piyangiraman niya.The reason the baby is continuously driveling is probably that the mother didn’t eat what she craved when she was conceiving.Cf.luraꞌ
lawd1nThe high sea, the deep sea.Ha lawd sila iyabutan sin hangin makusug.They were struck by a strong wind on the high sea.vag -um-.To move out to the deep sea.vag mag-.To travel far from the shore.Maglawd in kappal bang lumabay dayn ha Sitangkai, hangkan sila lumawd pasal sin mahabaꞌ in hunasan.The ships travel far from the shore when they pass by Sitangkai; the reason why they move out to the deep sea is that the shallow water extends far out.Palawrun ta in sakayan.Let’s take the vinta out to the deeper ocean.Cf.tawidkarajum
lawd2vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To transplant (a plant).Lawra na in kapaya.Transplant the papaya seedling.
Lawd SikutraꞌnThe Red Sea (the body of water separating the Sinai Peninsula from the rest of Egypt).Sin timpu hi Musa bakas tiyahayan in Lawd Sikutraꞌ.During the time of Moses the Red Sea dried up once.
*lawigvAR ag mag-, -um-, mang-; ran -an.(For a vessel) to be at anchor, anchor (a vessel).In kappal yan naglalawig kiyalangpasan kabii.That ship that is at anchor was plundered last night.Lawigan ta in kumpit masuuk pa jambatan.We’ll anchor the boat near the pier.Palawiga in sakayan ta ha ūt sin Bangngas iban jambatan.Anchor our vinta between Bangngas and the wharf.Cf.*antungsāw2
lawitvag mag-…-an.To go around for no reason, spend time unprofitably by rambling about.Marayaw pa kaw dimī ha bāy dayn sin maglawitan.It is better for you to stay at home than to go around for no reason.Cf.*lunsulsāsabkāmbuyan
lawm1.1nDepth, (as of the sea or a cut); the inside, interior of (something).Biyaꞌdiin in lawm sin dagat piyaglanguyan niyu?How deep was the ocean where you were swimming?Pīpinta in lawm sin bāy nila.The interior of their house is painted.Cf.luunnkalawmanThe uttermost depth, deepest spot.Yadtu sila namingit ha kalawman.They are fishing in the uttermost depth.adjmalawmDeep.Malawm in paliꞌ niya.He has a deep cut.viST pat -um-, mag-; ran -an.To become deeper.Tagaran ta lumawm in dagat ampa kita magsakayan.We’ll wait till the ocean deepens and then go out with the canoe.Palawma in pagkaliꞌ mu.Make your digging into the soil deeper.1.2nThe depth (of one’s thoughts).adjmalawm(Of one’s thoughts) deep, perceptive, keenly intuitive; (of words) hard to understand.Malawm in pamikil sin tau balꞌakkal.A wise man has deep thoughts.ANT.babaw 2.12nlawman(Someone’s) roof, home, care, protection, support and guidance (in the phrase ha lawman).Bang way pa paghulaꞌ mu subay kaw ha lawman sin maas mu.If you’re still unmarried you should remain under your parents’ roof.In bataꞌ yan limagguꞌ ha lawman namuꞌ.That child grew up in our home.3nThe seriousness (of a disease).adjmalawm(Of a disease) grave, serious.Subay kaw magpauspital sabab malawm in sakit mu.You should be hospitalized because your illness is serious.
lawm-tiyannA disorder of the abdomen (not just the ordinary stomachache).Laung sin mangungubat lawm-tiyan in sakit mu.The herb doctor says that your sickness is a disorder of the abdomen.8: DiseasesvST pat -un.To develop a disorder of the abdomen.Ayaw na kaw magꞌagad magbaskitbul gana-gana lawm-tiyanun kaw.Don’t go along with them playing basketball or you may develop a disorder of the abdomen.
lawng1var.laung2vag mag-, mang-; pat ma-; ran ka-…-an.To make a mistake, error, be mistaken; deceive, delude, mislead.Nalawng aku nagꞌitung sin sīn.I made a mistake in counting the money.Maap-maap dakuman Indaꞌ kiyalawngan ta kaw anak ku.I beg your pardon, young lady, I mistook you as my daughter.Ayaw mu aku lawnga bat kaingatan ku in saraꞌ.Don’t try to deceive me, for I know the regulations.Cf.*salu*sāꞌ
lawng2var. oflaung1vUnaffixed.To say (something), think (something).
lāynA dish, plate.Luwaga in kaunun pa lāy.Ladle the rice onto the plate.SYN.tapak
layanA casting net.Mataud istaꞌ in nakawaꞌ sin laya nila kabii.Many fish were caught with their casting net last night.vag mag-, mang-, -um-; pat -un.To fish with a casting net.Didtu kitaniyu maglaya ha daig bungsud.Let’s fish with a casting net near the fish corral.Cf.linggiꞌpukut
layaꞌadj(Of plates, dishes, pans, etc.) flat.Butangan in liyandang-landang istaꞌ ha lāy layaꞌ.Place the fried fish on a flat plate.ANT.kubbungCf.papad 1
layagnA sail (the square sail used on small boats).Mabiskay dumāgan in sakayan bang butangan layag abila mahangin.The vinta sails fast when you put a sail on it, especially when it’s windy.vag mag-; goal -un.To sail (to a place).Maglayag kita pa Siasi.Let’s sail to Siasi.Cf.banug
*layagvact/pat nag-…-an.Does not occur with pa₂.(For) menstruation to be delayed.Bang kaw diꞌ duguun manga tū bulan hāti niya naglayagan in pagduguꞌ kaymu.If you don’t menstruate for three months it means that your menstruation has been delayed.Cf.tarasaw
layagannSorghum (a grain similar to rice, but taller and with coarser heads).Sown in among rice. Cooked the same way as rice.Andropogon sorghum5: Plants
layal agung tagul banuwanArchaicA royal gong (used for summoning the sultan’s subjects, esp. used in oral literature).Bang lisagun na in layal agung tagul banuwa magtipun in katān patik pa astanaꞌ sin sultan.When the royal gong is sounded then all the subjects of the sultan assemble at his residential palace.Cf.agung
layasgimb.laꞌyasvact/pat mag-, mang-, -um-.To be plentiful, be in excess; have more than enough, a superabundance, a profusion, an oversupply.Naglayas na in altaꞌ nila.They have a superabundance of wealth.Naglalayas na in bayaꞌ niya ha babai yaun.His desire for that girl is in excess (i.e., is excessive).Layas-manglayas in kakaun ha bāy nila.They have an oversupply of food in their house.Cf.labilasay 1
laylatulnA Muslim saint (who returns to earth and if seen will bring good luck to a person), apparition, angel.Said to appear at the end of the fasting month.Sukuran kaw bang kaw mākitaꞌ laylatul.You will have good luck if you see an apparition of a Muslim saint.Cf.awliyaꞌ
laylayadjTorn, tattered.Laylay in piyapantalun niya.He is wearing tattered pants.Cf.tastasgisiꞌgiritlaklak 1saksak