Tausug - English


likus1vag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To enclose (something), confine (something) by or as by binding.Līlikus sin ād simintu in bāy nila.Their house is enclosed by a cement wall.Subay likusun sin bāgun in manga patung yan.We have to bind those bamboos with vine.nlikusanA circumference; enclosure.OV SYN.*tikup2nlikusanRange or sphere of authority, jurisdiction.Masi sila ha lawm likusan sin saraꞌ agama.They’re still under the jurisdiction of religious laws.
lilingnScrutiny, close observation.Ha liling niya kapangandulan in tau yan.According to his scrutiny that fellow can be trusted.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To scrutinize or observe (something) closely.Lilinga kunuꞌ kākuꞌ in gallang ini.Will you scrutinize this bracelet for me.adjmalilingKeen in observing or scrutinizing.Maliling siya sin addat sin tau.He is keen in scrutinizing a person’s personality.Cf.patung2tanding
lillaꞌvag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To surrender, yield or give up.Subay kaw lillaꞌ na ha kabayaan nila.You have to yield to their demands.Cf.surindiljaidvpat hipag-.To give something with all sincerity.Hipaglillaꞌ ku in hulas sangsaꞌ ku kaymu.I give my service to you with all sincerity.Cf.ihilas
*lilungnpaglilungAn auction.Kuꞌnu in paglilung sin manga pamulawan?When will be the auction of the gold jewelry?vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To sell something at auction.Maglilung in padjak sin manga siyandaꞌ pamulawan.The pawnshop will auction off the pawned jewelry.
lilusnA watch, clock, dial, disk with gradations or figures.Kitaa ha lilus bang lisag pila na.See by the clock what time it is.vag mag-, -um-.To wear a watch.Ayaw kaw maglilus bang kaw mamayguꞌ dagat.Don’t wear a watch when you bathe in the ocean.
lima1nHand.Hugasi in lima mu bang kaw kumaun.Wash your hands when you eat.vag mag-; pat -un.To do something (usu. eat) with one’s hands.Maglima kami kumaun.We eat with our hands.6: The Parts of the Body2adjFive.Lima in gulamay sin lima taniyu.We have five fingers on our hands.umbul
limasvAR ag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To bail, remove water from a boat with a bail.Subay limasun in tubig ulan ha lawm bangkaꞌ yadtu.The rain water should be bailed out of that dugout canoe.Limasi in bangkaꞌ ta.Bail (the water) out of our dugout canoe.nlilimasA scoop for bailing (usu. a coconut shell).Ugab in lilimas sin sakayan namuꞌ.The bailer for our outrigger canoe is a coconut shell.
limāya1adjFree, independent, unconstrained.Bukun kaw limāya dayn ha maas mu salugay way bana mu.You are not independent of your parents as long as you have no husband.vag mag-, -um-.To become free, independent, unconstrained; direct (oneself).In tau katān mabayaꞌ maglimāya ha baran niya.All people want to direct their own lives.nkalimayahanFreedom, independence.Wayruun kalimayahan sin tau katān sin timpu Jipun.There was no freedom for any of the people during the Japanese times.Cf.mahardikaꞌ
limāya2nA kind of spirit being, familiar spirit.
limbangnOne member of a pair (as of gloves or shoes), a match (for something), (one’s) mate.Yari in limbang sin tawmpaꞌ mu.Here’s your other shoe.Mahunit magpalagguꞌ manga anak bang way limbang mu.It’s difficult to bring up children without your mate.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.(For something) to pair with (something else), (for someone) to act as a helpful companion (esp. a spouse).Amu ini in sapatus maglimbang iban yan.This is the shoe that pairs with that.Asawa in lumimbang ha bana magbuhiꞌ ha manga anak nila.The wife acts as a helpful companion to her husband to provide subsistence for their children.Cf.tāibaniban 2
*limbayvag mag-; pat hi-.To swing (the arms back and forth at one’s sides).Ayaw limbayan in lima mu, awn tau ha ulihan mu.Don’t swing your arms; there are people behind you.adjmalimbayCharacterized by swinging the arms back and forth.
limbitn(Weaker) family members of people who are feuding, (as the wife and small children, who are not an asset).Nagpaguyan in manga limbit sin magkuntara pa dāira sin Tiyanggi.The family members of the feuding parties (from the interior) evacuated to Jolo town.
limpa-limpavact/pat mag-.To be or become irritable and restless (as of a sick person), be or become delirious.Naglimpa-limpa hadja in bataꞌ-bataꞌ dayn sin mahinaat.The child has been delirious since this morning.Cf.*dabdab
limpaꞌnTrack (of a wheel, etc.), (foot)print; scar (on the skin after a wound, burn, etc.).Urula in limpaꞌ sin siki niya.Follow the prints of his feet.vact/pat -um-, mag-, mang-.To leave a track or a scar.Limimpaꞌ sa yan in paliꞌ mu bang umuliꞌ.Your wound will leave a scar when it heals.limpaꞌ sikicomp.vExample, footsteps (i.e. vocation).Urula in limpaꞌ siki sin inaꞌ mu.Follow the footsteps of your mother.
limpasagvag mag-, -um-.To struggle forcefully to move, break loose (by moving violently); wriggle, writhe (as of a person in pain).Naglimpasag in tau kiyugdan sin timbak.The person (who) got hit is writhing.Bang mahugut in paghukut sin sapiꞌ diꞌ makalimpasag.If the cow is tied tightly it cannot break loose.Kaputi in manuk bat diꞌ makalimpasag.Hold the rooster so it won’t break loose.OV SYN.hibalpaspad*iggual
limpungadjHaving a missing or extracted tooth.Ayaw na kaw kumatawa bang kaw limpung.Don’t laugh if you have a tooth missing.vST pat ma-.Does not occur with pa₂.To have a missing tooth, lose a tooth.Malugay in tau malimpung bang magmamaꞌ.If a person chews betel nut it will be a long time before he loses any teeth.
limuꞌnSweetness (as of sugar, honey, or syrup).Diꞌ mainum in limuꞌ sin kahawa ini.The sweetness of this coffee can’t be drunk (i.e., it’s too sweet to drink).viST pat -um-, mag-.To become sweet.Ayaw mu na ganapi sukal in addun bat diꞌ lumimuꞌ.Don’t add sugar to the dough or it will become sweet.Palimua in tubig butung.Sweeten the coconut juice.adjmalimuꞌ/maymuꞌSweet.Lawng sin duktur diꞌ aku makakaun sin unu-unu malimuꞌ.The doctor said that I cannot eat anything that is sweet.ANT.pait
*limuꞌ-limuꞌvag mag-, mang-.To eat a snack.Īmbayt niya kami maglimuꞌ-limuꞌ.He invited us to eat a snack.npaglimuꞌ-limuꞌSnack, refreshment.Subay awn paglimuꞌ-limuꞌ pagꞌubus natuꞌ maghinang.We should have a snack after we finish working.Cf.imun-imun
limug1vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.(With tayꞌ or ihiꞌ) To defecate or urinate involuntarily (because of sudden fear or pain).Nakalimug siya ihiꞌ sin bugaꞌ niya.She wet unconciously because of fear.Naglimug tāyꞌ hi Indaꞌ sabab sin sakit tiyan.Indaꞌ defecated involuntarily because of stomachache.2vCH 1 pat -un.To dirty (something).Līmug nila in badjuꞌ ku sin pisak.They dirtied my shirt with mud.
limugmugadj(Of speech) confusing, incoherent, not easily understood, not clear.In bichara niya limugmug.His talk is not easily understood.In kabtangan niya limugmug in hurup.The pronunciation of his words is not clear.Cf.lamugay 2
*limun1viST pat ma-.To be entirely covered, out of sight, submerged.Nalimun in baran niya sin buhangin.His body was submerged in sand.Subay na malimun in suga ampa kitaniyu manaw.After the sun is out of sight (i.e., sets) we will go for a walk.vtpat -un.To completely cover (something with something else, as with water or sand).Subay limunun sin tubig in manga panagatun ini.These shellfish should be covered completely with water.Cf.*lunudluddang 1lugumhagum2vST pat ma-.To be very deeply (in debt).Hipagdagang niya na in bāy niya sabab nalimun na siya sin utang.His house is up for sale because he is very deeply in debt.
limusTag.vAR ag mag-, mang-; ran -an.To beg for (something, esp. money).Masipug aku manglimus.I’m ashamed to beg.nmanglilimusA beggar.Dihili bugas in manglilimus yan.Give rice to that beggar.Cf.santiliꞌ
limutnGossip, anything spoken maliciously of someone in his absence.Unu in limut diyungug mu?What gossip did you hear?vag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To gossip, talk maliciously of an absent person.Bukun marayaw in maglimut.It is not good to gossip.Limutun niya sadja in bagay niya.He always talks maliciously about his friend.Cf.bichara-bicharapitnatumbiꞌ
linawnCalmness (of the sea, weather), motionlessness (of the sea).Marayaw in pagtulak-tulak bang bihaini in linaw sin hulaꞌ.The departures will be good if the calmness of the weather is like this.vST pat -um-.To become calm, motionless.Tagaran ta luminaw in hulaꞌ ampa kita tumulak.Let’s wait till the weather calms and then we’ll set out.adjmalinawCalm, still, tranquil.Malinaw in dagat adlaw yan.The sea is calm today.
linayatnDewlap, (the fold of skin that hangs from the throat of cattle).Marakmul dakuman in linayat sin sapiꞌ mandangan.The dewlap of the bull is very thick.