Tausug - English


lindangnA love charm (used to win someone’s love by uttering a magical formula during the waxing of the moon).Lindang in nakapalunuk sin atay niya mayaꞌ ha usug yaun.It was a love charm that softened her heart and made her love that man.vCH 1 ag mang-, mag-, -um-; pat -un.To use such a charm (on someone).Līndang siya sin usug mabayaꞌ kaniya.She was charmed by the man who wants her.Maingat aku manglindang babai ha supaya mayaꞌ kākuꞌ.I know how to charm a girl so that she will love me.Cf.hinang 2
lindiadjEnvious, desirous to be the same (as someone).Ayaw kaw malindi ha pagkahi mu sawkat dayahan.Don’t be envious of your fellows just because they are rich.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To be envious and thus imitate (what someone does), imitate the current style or fashion (esp. in dress, shoes, etc.).Naglindi magpahawpuꞌ buhuk in manga babai bihaun.Women today are imitating the current style of wearing their hair short.OV SYN.singud
lindu-randamnRomantic love and longing for someone.In lindu-randam ku kan dayang hisulat ku ha kalangan.I’ll write in a song about my love and longing for my sweetheart.Cf.kasiluuy2 lasa
lindum1nDarkness, deficiency of light.Marayꞌ sa yan mulan bang bihān in lindum sin hulaꞌ.Perhaps it will rain if this is how dark it is.adjmalindumDark, having very little light.Malindum ha lawm sīni.It’s dark inside a movie house.vST pat -um-.To become dark.Lumindum in lawm bilik bang mu tambulun in manga tandawan.The room will become dark if you close the windows.Cf.tigidlum2vact/pat mang-, magpang-.(With pangitaꞌ), to become angry.Bang ku siya yan pagkakitaan magpanglindum in pangitaꞌ ku.Whenever I see that fellow I become angry (lit. my sight becomes dark).OV SYN.andum 2
*lindungvpat ma-.(For royalty, esp. a king) to die, expire, pass away.Nalindung na in sultan sin Lupaꞌ Sūg.The sultan of Sulu has passed away.SYN.*maruhumCf.patay 1*wapat
*linsaadjmalinsaWiggly, squirmy; uneasy, restless (in the place one is lying or sitting due to discomfort, worry, etc.).Ayaw kaw malinsa, mahilu aku.Don’t be wiggly, it annoys me.vact/pat mag-.To squirm, be uneasy.Hangkan siya maglinsa bihān sabab mangiꞌ in parasahan niya.The reason she is uneasy is that she’s not feeling well.Cf.limpa-limpahiballingas
lintaꞌnA leech, a blood-sucking worm.Magpanupsup duguꞌ in lintaꞌ.Leeches suck blood.
lintangnA bamboo buoy (used to mark the anchorage of a fish trap).Buntangi lintang bat diꞌ malawaꞌ in panggal.Put a bamboo buoy so that the fish trap will not be lost.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To put a bamboo buoy (on a fish trap).Lintangan namuꞌ in katān būbu.We’ll put a bamboo buoy on all the fish traps.
lintikanadjCovered with tiny patches or spots of two colors (esp. black and white, often of chickens).Lintikan in inaꞌ manuk yan.That mother hen is covered with tiny patches of black and white.Cf.manassaluꞌbuttikan
lintubadj(Of one’s face) fat, rounded out.Malintub in pamayhuan hi Amina.Amina is fat in the face.Cf.tambuk
lintuhudvAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To kneel.In bataꞌ maingat maglintuhud.The child knows how to kneel.Limintuhud aku ha lantay.I knelt on the floor.SYN.luhud
lintutunA circumscribed elevation of the skin containing serous fluid, vesicle, blister.Ayaw turika in lintutu ha lima mu.Don’t prick the blister on your hand.vact/pat mag-, mang-.To form a vesicle or blister.Maglintutu in pais bang bakas nalūs.Your skin will blister if you have a burn.Cf.bintulhubag
*lintuwangvact/pat mag-, -um-, mang-. exp ka-…-an.To writhe or wriggle (due to extreme irritation or pain).Naglintuwang na in hās pagsūd sin basiꞌ nalalaga pa simud niya.The snake wriggled in pain as the burning rod went into its mouth.
linug1nAn earthquake.Makusug in linug kabii.The earthquake last night was strong.vact/pat mag-; ran pag-…-an.For an earthquake to occur.Unu in hinangun ta bang maglinug?What’ll we do when an earthquake occurs?Mawmu paglinugan in hulaꞌ Bisayas.Earthquakes frequently occur in the Visayan islands.
linug2gimb.liꞌnugvAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To rinse, wash something lightly (without soap or other cleanser, as plates, etc., before washing them with soap).Linugan ku in lāy.I will rinse the dishes.Cf.hugas 1bunglaw
lingagadjFoolish or weak-minded (esp. because of old age), absentminded, senile.Lingag na hi Bapaꞌ Sahipa.Uncle Sahipa is senile now.OV SYN.līanCf.bingaw
lingasnUneasiness, displeasure, discomfort, restlessness.Bang bihān da in lingas mu dī marayaw pa kaw muwiꞌ na.If your uneasiness here is like that, it will be better for you to go home.adjmalingasUneasy, uncomfortable, ill at ease, restless, disturbed.Malingas aku dimī isa-isa ku.I am uneasy about staying here alone.vST pat -um-, -un.To feel or become uneasy, uncomfortable, ill at ease, restless, or disturbed.Diꞌ ka kaw lumingas magpantalun sin masigpit yan?Won’t you become uneasy wearing those tight pants?Cf.hingas1 malinsa*linsa
lingat-lingatvag mag-, mang-, -um-.To look quickly here and there (as of someone astounded or on guard); be inattentive (by looking here and there).Nanglingat-lingat in babai pagsūd niya pa bāy.When the girl entered the house, she took a quick look here and there (in surprise).Manglingat-lingat kita bang awn kabugaan ta.We look quickly here and there if there’s something we’re afraid of.Bang kaw manglingat-lingat sadja, diꞌ magjatu in hinang mu.If you are inattentive, you won’t finish your work.Cf.atudkitaꞌ 1
lingautvact/pat -um-; pat -un.To feel very hot and muggy, feel oppressively, uncomfortably hot.Pangabkab kaw bang kaw līngaut.Fan yourself when you feel very hot and muggy.adjmalingautHot and muggy, oppressively or uncomfortably hot.Malingaut isab dī ha lawm bāy ini.It is really uncomfortably hot in this house.Cf.pasuꞌ 1
*linggangvtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To rock or sway (something), roll (something) back and forth.Ayaw mu lingganga in bangkaꞌ bat diꞌ maraub.Don’t rock the dugout canoe or it will tip over.vipat ma-.To be or become tipsy.Nalinggang na in panawan sin tau yaun, marayꞌ hilu.That fellow’s walking has become tipsy, probably he’s drunk.adjmalinggangCharacterized by rolling, rocking, swaying back and forth.Malinggang in kappal bang maalun.The ship rolls back and forth when there are big waves.Cf.liyal 1lunggang
linggasadj(Of coconuts) overripe.Bī kaw lahing linggas pa tabuꞌ.Buy overripe coconuts at the market.Cf.hinug 1laꞌsaw
*linggayuꞌnpaglinggayuꞌThe act of moving the head tipsily (as in drowsiness or drunkenness).Aku in mahilu sin paglinggayuꞌ sin tau yaun.I’m the one who gets dizzy because of that fellow’s moving his head so tipsily.vact/pat mag-, -um-; pat -un.To move one’s head in such a manner.Diꞌ sa yan maglinggayuꞌ bang way kiyaruꞌ.He wouldn’t move his head so tipsily if he weren’t sleepy.
linggiꞌnA kind of fishing net (usu. made of nylon with a heavy object on one side like zinc and a lighter object on the other side so that one side will sink and one will not).Marayaw in awn linggiꞌ supaya siguru in istaꞌ.It is good to have a fishing net in order to be sure of catching fish.vAQ ag/goal mang-, -um-; pat -un.To fish with this kind of net.Linggiun ta in baanan istaꞌ ha lawd sin jambatan.Let’s net the school of fish out from the pier.Cf.layapukut
lingiꞌvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To turn the head, look over the shoulder.Lingiꞌ kaw pa lawa mu.You turn your head to the left.Cf.atud