Tausug - English


lingkatnBeauty.Way na makaliyu sin lingkat sin dayang-dayang.The beauty of the princess is incomparable.adjmalingkatBeautiful, lovely, handsome, pretty, fair, good-looking, fine, elegant, nice.Malingkat in badjuꞌ mu.What a lovely dress you have.Malingkat in sīni.The movie is nice.vST pat mag-, -um-.To become beautiful, lovely, handsome, pretty, fair, good-looking, fine, elegant, nice.Palingkatun ta na in pagꞌari-ari sin bāy.We’ll make the decorations of the house beautiful.Cf.jantikmanisarti
lingkudvag mag-, -um-.To sit, sit down.Lingkud kaw ha sīya.Sit on the chair.Hain kaw lumingkud?Where will you sit?Lumingkud na sadja aku dūm ini sampay pa mahinaat.I’ll just sit tonight till morning.Cf.pilang1nlingkuranA seat.Tawꞌi aku lingkuran ha sīni.Save me a seat at the movie.Cf.pūkut
lingkulnThe outer part of something circular (such as the moon), circular shape.In lingkul sin bulan itungun na tubus.The circular shape of the moon is almost perfect.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To form a circle, surround.Lingkuli in pagbalibulan sin hukut.Surround the volleyball court with a rope.Lingkulan niya in bāy niya sin sayng.He will surround his house with banana plants.Cf.libut
lingkungvtag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un; ran ka-…-an.To coil (something).Maglingkung in hās ha taas kahuy.The snake coils up in the tree.Lingkungun ku in buhuk mu.Let me coil your hair.Ayaw kaw sumuuk pa hās kalinkungan kaw.Don’t go near the snake, you will be coiled around.nlingkunganA spiral or coil (into which a rope, chain or other flexible body is wound).In lingkungan sin hās yadtu biyaꞌ manga lagguꞌ unu.The coiling of that snake is very big.Cf.kallit
lingugnConfusion, disturbance, trouble.Subay na way lingug ha Sūg ampa kita muwiꞌ.There should be no more trouble in Jolo and then we’ll go back.vtag mag-, mang-, -um-; pat -un.To disturb, trouble (someone, someone’s mind, etc.).Ayaw mu aku linguga sin parkalaꞌ mu.Don’t disturb me with your court case.adjmakalingugCausing a disturbance, causing trouble.Makalingug sadja dī in babai yan.The presence of that woman here is only causing trouble.adjmalingugTroublesome, controversial, unpacific.Malingug in pagbahagiꞌ sin lupaꞌ.The apportionment of the lot (among the heirs) is controversial.OV SYN.hiluhalaꞌCf.hiyulsasaw
lipanA variety of small boat.Nalunud in lipa nila sabab mataud in luwan.Their small boat sank because it had too much cargo.Cf.sakayanbangkaꞌ1 kumpit2sappit
lipaganAttention, concentration.Way na lipaga ku ha kaibanan hinang ku.I have no more concentration in my other work.vact maka-.To concentrate (on something), pay attention (to something), have time (to do something).Diꞌ aku makalipaga sin unu-unu hinang dayn ha pagꞌiskul ku sadja.I can’t pay attention to any other work aside from my schooling.Makalipaga pa isab aku himinang sin unu-unu hihinangun ha bāy.I still have time to do all the work in the house.Cf.*ayuput
lipat1adjTwice as much, double (as of profit in business).Lipat in untung niya ha bugas.He made a double profit from the rice.vtag mag-; pat -un.To multiply (as numbers).Lipata in pitu makaunum.Multiply seven by six.vipat ma-.To be doubled, (followed by a number affixed with mag-) multiplied.Malipat in untung mu bang kulang na in bugas.Your profit will be doubled if the supply of rice is less.Ha lawm sin hangka-bulan aku nagbisnis nalipat magꞌupat in kapital ku.In one month of doing business my capital was multiplied by four.Cf.dubli
lipat2vpat ma-.To lose sight of, forget, overlook (something).Ayaw kaw malipat sin sambahayang mu.Don’t forget your daily prayers.Ayaw kaw malipat kan Anang.Don’t lose sight of Anang. (She might go to the shore.)Subay kaw diꞌ malipat magꞌinum sin ubat mu.You must not forget to take your medicine.Cf.lupa1
lipat3vag mag-, -um-.To take a light sleep, nap, doze.Lipat na kaw bābā natutūg in bataꞌ-bataꞌ.Take a nap while the child is asleep.Cf.tūgbalaruꞌ
*lirungvag mag-; ran -an.To blink (and then quickly remove the gaze from someone) in anger or contempt (usu. of women).Līrungan niya in kalua niya.She contemptously blinked at her co-wife.SYN.*kirug
lisaꞌnA nit, the egg of the human louse.Magkatingug in lisaꞌ bang ubbukun.Nits make a noise when you squash them.Cf.kuyumadkutu
lisag1vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To beat, strike (something).Lisaga na in agung.Strike the gong.Lisaga siya sin kahuy yaun.Beat him with that stick.Cf.*pukpukkakal2nTime.Lisag pila na?What time is it? (lit. how many strokes [of a gong]).Cf.waktu
lissinvar.litsinnExtreme cleanliness.Kītaꞌ mu in lissin sin lawm bāy nila?Did you see the cleanliness of their house?vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To clean (something) very well.Subay kaw maglissin sin baran mu.You should clean your body very well.adjmalissinExtremely clean.Malissin in pagkakaunan nila.Their dining room is extremely clean.Cf.*lanuꞌ
listaTag.vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un, hi-; ran pag-…-an.To list (something), record (financial transactions as in sales).Maglista aku sin bayaan mahinaat ini.I’ll record the sales this morning.Listahun ku kaymu in utang mu kākuꞌ.I’ll list the amount of money you owe me.Piyaglistahan ku sin manga ngān sin tau nakautang kākuꞌ in nutbūk baꞌgu.I recorded the names of my debtors in the new notebook.
listunnLong sticks of lumber of small dimension, thin lengths of wood.Magkagunahan aku listun hipaghinang ku sīya.I need some thin lengths of wood for making a chair.Cf.pasagiꞌ
lisuꞌ1nLaziness, indolence.Ayaw dūli in lisuꞌ niya.Don’t condone her laziness.vag mag-, -um-.Sometimes rdp.To be or become disinclined (to work), be or become bored.Maīg kaw dayn ha hinang mu bang kaw maglisuꞌ-lisuꞌ.You’ll get fired from your job if you are disinclined to work.Lumisuꞌ in tau maghinang bang mapasuꞌ in suga.A person becomes disinclined to work when it’s hot.Makalisuꞌ ha bāy sadja bang way da hinangun.It’s boring just to stay at home doing nothing.adjlisuan/malisuꞌLazy, indolent.In tau lisuan way kasūngan.He who is lazy has no future ahead of him.2nAnnoyance, disgust.vag mag-, -um-.To be or become annoyed or disgusted (with something).Makalisuꞌ magdungug ha tau naglalata sadja.It’s annoying to listen to someone who is always nagging.adjmalisuꞌAnnoyed, disgusted.Malisuꞌ aku ha tau yan.I am annoyed by that person.
litlitvag -um-, mang-.To force one’s way by pushing or pressing.Ayaw na kaw lumitlit way da katuputan mu dī.Don’t try to squeeze in, you can’t be accomodated here.Cf.siꞌlut
*litunpaglituThe act of being a middleman (in trade or business selling commodities which one did not produce oneself).Mataud in untung niya ha paglitu.There is plenty of profit in being the middleman.vag mag-, -um-, mang-; ran -an.To act as middleman in trade or business, sell goods one did not produce oneself.Maglitu kita duyan.Let’s buy durian and sell it again.Lituhan ku in mampallam ini.I’ll sell these mangoes that I bought.npalilituAn intermediate dealer between the producer of goods and the retailer or consumer, middleman.Ayaw kaw magbī istaꞌ ha palilitu.Don’t buy fish from the middleman.Cf.taratu
lituknA small slender stick or switch.Ha hambuuk inaꞌ bagid kayꞌman in taud sin lituk niya.In a matchbox there are fifty matchsticks.In lituk langkay paghinangun sasapu.The slender sticks that form the backbone of palm leaves are used to make brooms.Lituk sasapu in piyanglubak niya ha anak niya.He used the little switches of a broom to spank his child.
liugnNeck; neckline, collar.Mahabaꞌ in liug sin tau yaun.That fellow has a long neck.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To put a collar on (something).Liugi in badjuꞌ ku.Put a collar on my dress.adjliliuganHaving a collar.Liliugan in badjuꞌ niya.Her dress has a collar.
liyabinA wrench.GENR.panyap
liyal1nThe balancer of a kite.2nRocking (back and forth) sideways (i.e., left to right).In liyal sin taguriꞌ sarang.The sideways rocking of the kite is enough.vpat mag-, -um-.To rock (something back and forth) sideways.Ayaw kaw magliyal sin bangkuꞌ.Don’t rock the chair.adjmaliyalCharacterized by rocking sideways.Maliyal in tau yaun manaw.That person rocks sideways while walking.OV SYN.paglinggayuꞌ*linggayuꞌCf.*linggang*labad
liyangnThe recess or niche in the side of a (Muslim) grave (where the dead body is laid).Hisūd muna in patay pa liyang ampa tampanan sin pasagiꞌ.The dead body is placed inside the niche of the grave and then closed off with boards.npaliyanganA place of burial, grave.OV SYN.kubulCf.kandangtampatkubba
liyang lahadnA grave of a datu or a salip.