Tausug - English


liyapvar.liapvact -um-, mag-.To curve, swerve, drift from a course.Limiyap in ariplanu.The airplane drifted from its course.OV SYN.bikluꞌ
liyu1nThe other side, a place behind (something).Kiyabākan nila siya ha liyu bāy.They found him behind the house.vag -um-, mag-, mang-; goal -un; ran ka-…-an.To go beyond a boundary or limit, overtake, surpass, outshine (something); go or move to the other side of (something).Kaliyuhan taniyu in jīp yaun bang mu pakusugun in pagparāgan sin jīp natuꞌ.We can overtake that jeep if you make our jeep go faster.Kiyaliyuhan niya in ingat ku ha iskul.He surpassed my knowledge at school.Limiyu aku madtu pa hansipak dayn ha ād yaun.I’ll go to the other side of that fence.Cf.labivact/pat magsa-.To become interchanged, mixed up.Nagsaliyu in kapatus nila sabab hangka-dagbus.Their shoes became interchanged because they looked alike.2vag mag-.To go (to another place) and stay (for some time, esp. of a husband who has more than one wife).Māhang siya magliyu pa asawa niya puun.He seldom goes and stays with his first wife.3vrdp. RC ag mag-.(For people) to loan or give financial help (to one another), (do something) reciprocally, (with pikilan) exchange (ideas).Diꞌ sila kasigpitan sabab magliyu-liyu sila.They don’t run into difficulty because they help one another.Magliyu-liyu kitaniyu pikilan bat kabaakan in kahatulan sin hulaꞌ.We’ll exchange ideas so that we’ll find peace and order in our land.
*liyu-lapalnpagliyu-lapalAn exchange of words, opinions, remarks or retorts on equal terms, give-and-take, discussion.Subay paawnun in pagliyu-lapal bat kamu maghati-hiyatihi.There should be a discussion so you’ll understand each other.vag mag-, mang-.To have an exchange of words, opinions, remarks or retorts.Mabayaꞌ in mayul ha Tiyanggi magliyu-lapal iban in kamayul-mayulan ha katān kawman sin Lupaꞌ Sūg.The mayor of Jolo town wants to have a discussion with all the mayors of the municipalities of Sulu province.
liyukunanvar. oflūkunannThe underpart of the knee, back of the knee.
liyuurannDescent, lineage, ancestry, family; clan.Wayruun maghihilu dayn ha liyuuran namuꞌ.No one is an alcoholic in our family.Hangka-liyuuran kami.We come from the same lineage.Cf.magtalianaktalianakmagtawtayanaktawtayanak
luꞌdanggimb. equiv. ofluddangvTo sink; suffer bad consequences or blame.
*luꞌdukvar.luddukvran -an.To become nauseated.Liyuꞌdukan siya pagkitaꞌ niya sin litsun.He became nauseated when he saw lechon.Makaluꞌduk in ubat ini.This medicine causes nausea.Cf.suka
luadvCH 1 ag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To pry (something).Luara in batu yaun sin kahuy.Pry the rock with the wood.Liyuad niya in lantay.He pried the floor.Luarun ku in dingding bat aku makakitaꞌ.I’ll pry the walls so I can see.SYN.*luit 1
luagnWideness, dimensions, extensiveness.Kabayaan ku ingatun in luag sin bilik ini.I want to know the dimensions of this room.viST pat -um-.To become wide, spacious, extensive.Tupaki in gisiꞌ sin badjuꞌ mu bat diꞌ lumuag.Patch the tear in your dress so it won’t get wider.vtag mag-; ran -an.To widen (something).Luagan ku in bilik ini.I’ll widen this room.Makiput in kusina ini. Subay paluagun.This kitchen is narrow. We must widen it.adjmaluagWide, vast, spacious, extensive.Maluag in lupaꞌ nila.Their land is extensive.Cf.lakbangablang
*luatnluluatanA joint (of the body).Simakit in luluatan ku yan ha pagpanawan.My joints ache from the trip.
lubaꞌadv(With pa₁) all the more if, how much more if (concerns an unfulfilled condition).Lubaꞌ pa kaw bang malingkat ampa kaw diꞌ mangudjuꞌ.All the more if you were beautiful you could mock (i.e., if you were beautiful you would have a right to mock).Malasa tuud siya ha anak niya īpat sadja, lubaꞌ pa hatiku bang anak niya tuud.She really loves her child who is only adopted, how much more I think if it were her own child.Cf.labi
lubagnDirty scarfskin which rolls off when rubbed, dirt.Payguꞌ kaw bat maīg in lubag mu.You bathe so the dirt will come off.viST pat -un.To become grimy.Hangkarayꞌ in tau lubagun bang mabagunbun in bāy.A person quickly becomes grimy when the house is dusty.adjmalubag(Of a person’s skin) dirty, grimy.In bataꞌ yaun malubag.That boy is grimy.Cf.kalunglummiꞌ 1
*lubakvAR ag mag-, -um-, mang-; ran -an, -un.No difference in meaning between -un and -an.To beat, whip, spank (someone).Ayaw lubaki in bataꞌ.Don’t spank the child.Cf.binasa
lubangnA depression, pit, hole or deep furrow in the ground, ditch, trench.Nahulug siya pa lubang.He fell into a pit.vAR ag mag-, mang-; ran -an.To make a depression, pit, hole in the ground, ditch, trench.Maglubang sila ha higad sin dān.They’ll make a ditch along the road.Cf.lubbak
lubasnThe residue (of fresh grated coconut meat after the oil has been pressed out).Pakaunan in lubas sin lahing ha manga itik.Feed the coconut residue to the ducks.SYN.sapal
lubawadjDiscolored, faded (as of clothes or fabric).Lubaw na in badjuꞌ niya.Her dress is faded.vipat ma-.To become discolored or faded.Hangkarayꞌ malubaw in badjuꞌ bang mu hibuwad ha suga.Your dress will readily become faded if you dry it in the sun.Cf.daanbaluba 1alit
lubbaknA wide depression or hole in the ground, a hollow on the head (as caused by a blow), a depressed scar on the skin.Hitapuk ta in kambing didtu ha lubbak.We’ll hide the goat there in the hole in the ground.vact/pat -um-, mag-.(For the ground) to sink (i.e., develop holes).Lumubbak in lupaꞌ bang daran umulan.The ground will sink if it rains often.Cf.kibaklubanglubbung
lubbungnA curved depression (in a surface such as a tin can or plate).adjConcavely curved, (of the eyes) deeply set.Lubbung in mata niya.Her eyes are deeply set.viST pat -um-.To become depressed, hollow or sunken (as of the eyes, face, or the head if it receives a blow).Lumubbung in bayhuꞌ mu bang kaw kumayug.Your face will become hollow if you become thin.vtCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To curve (something), make (something) concave.Lubbungun ku in mital ini hinangun ku lāy.I will make a hollow in this large tin can and make it into a plate.ANT.budjulCf.lubbakkubbung
*lubivag mag-, -mang-, -um-; pat -un.To rub grated coconut (into the hair as a shampoo).Lubiha in buhuk mu.Rub your hair with grated coconut.
lubidpūꞌsubidnA rope made of intertwisted strands of fiber (often hemp).Dāha mari in lubid hipaggantung ta sin kambing.Bring here the rope for stringing up the goat.vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To braid (something).Lubirun natuꞌ in manga bāgun ini.Let’s braid these vines together.Cf.lupis
lublubvag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat hi-; ran -an.(For animals or people) to wallow in the mud, (for vehicles, etc.) to get stuck in the mud.Masūb lumublub ha sapaꞌ in kābaw.Carabaos love to wallow in the mud of the river.Limublub in jīp ha pisak.The jeep got stuck in the mud.
lubuadjDilapidated, old, run-down.Lubu na in bāy nila.Their house is dilapidated.vtCH 1 ag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To destroy, demolish, raze (something).Lubuhun natuꞌ in taytayan ini bat diꞌ makalabay in manga tarak.We’ll destroy this bridge so the buses can’t cross over.vipat ma-.To fall or break down completely, collapse, become destroyed or ruined.Ayaw kamu magtipun ha pantan gana-gana malubu.Don’t gather together on the porch as it may collapse.OV SYN.lungsadCf.ngiꞌ 1
lubugadj(Of a liquid) turbid, muddled.Lubug in tubig bang ulan.The water is turbid when it is raining.vtag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To make (something) turbid, muddy.Liyubug niya in tubig.He muddied the water.vipat ma-.To become turbid or muddied.Ayaw lamugaya in kahawa bat diꞌ malubug.Don’t stir up the coffee so it won’t become turbid.
*lubungvCV 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.To bury (something).Lubungan in altaꞌ yan pa lupaꞌ bat way makakawaꞌ.Bury the treasure in the ground so no one will get it.Cf.kubul
lūdvTV ag mag-, -um-; goal -un.To come down from higher ground, travel downhill.Lūd kaw pa higad bī istaꞌ.You go down to the coast and buy fish.ANT.tukadnlūrunSlope, embankment, downhill area, falling ground.Nahulug in tarak ha lūrun.The truck fell at the embankment.