Tausug - English


lagublubnA loud noise (as of an engine, thunder, a cannon, the hooves of running horses or cattle).Diyurungug mari in lagublub sin mutur hi Faysar.We can hear from here the loud noise of Faysar’s motorcycle.vact/pat mag-, -um-.(For an engine, thunder, a cannon, etc.) to make such a sound.Haynduun sadja limagublub in kanyun.The cannon made a loud noise just now.Ayaw mu palagubluba in jīp mu dī.Don’t let your jeep make any loud noise here.adjmalagublub(Of a motor or any mechanical device) noisy.Malagublub tuud in makina yan, subay sa yan lanahan.That sewing machine is noisy. It should be lubricated.Cf.hibuk
lagudlud1nThe dragging (of something), the swift descent (of a wheeled vehicle, big rocks, felled trees, etc.).vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To drag, haul (something).Ayaw kaw maglagudlud sin sīya.Do not drag the chair.Liyagudlud sin kuraꞌ in batang.The horse hauled the log.vact/pat -um-.To roll swiftly downward (with either much or little sound produced, as of a vehicle).Limagudlud in tumubil.The automobile rolled swiftly down.OV SYN.guyud 1Cf.ludludlakud-lakud2nThe sound of something being dragged along or of something falling down swiftly (as big rocks or felled trees).Diyungug namuꞌ in lagudlud sin manga kahuy pīlaꞌ.We heard the sound of the felled trees falling down.
lagundiꞌnA name given to several varbenaceous shrubs the fruit of which is believed to prevent aging.5: Plants
lagungnA kind of lanzones (large, nearly perfectly round, and with big seeds).Bukun malandag hiragang in buwahan lagung.Lanzones lagung are not saleable.
lagungkadnA disturbing noise (as of dragging chairs, slamming doors, or throwing things around the house).Unu bahaꞌ in lagungkad ha bāy yaun kabii?What was all that disturbing noise at that house last night?vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To make such disturbing noises.Ayaw kamu maglagungkad duun makabatiꞌ in manga pangdaig bāy.Don’t make such disturbing noises. You’ll wake up the neighbors.adjmalagungkadCharacterized by disturbing noises.Malagungkad tuud in bataꞌ ini maglanuꞌ sin bāy.This child is very disturbingly noisy in cleaning the house.Cf.hibukhulangkadkularak
lagunglungnThe sound produced by hollow objects.Kari kaw dunguga in lagunglung sin puga.Come listen to the hollow sound of the water jug.vact/pat mag-, -um-.(For something) to make such a sound.Ayaw kaw magbī sin tirmus diꞌ maglagunglung.Don’t buy a thermos that doesn’t make a hollow sound.
lagupuknThe snapping or cracking (of joints).Diyungug ku in lagupuk sin gulamay lima mu.I heard the snapping of your fingers.vact/pat -um-, mag-.(For one’s joint) to snap or crack.Diꞌ lumagupuk in bakul siki ku.My big toe won’t snap.SYN.kulapuꞌ
*lagutvtag mag-, mang-, -um-; pat -un.To strike or hack (someone with a whip or bladed weapon).Nalagut in tau yaun sin kalis sin banta niya.That fellow was hacked with a kris by his enemy.utudnlalagutA whip, lash, rod or anything used for whipping.Ayaw lubaki in anak mu sin lalagut kuraꞌ.Don’t whip your child with a whip used for a horse.Cf.*lubak
lahangnSpread, separation, distance apart.Ayaw singuri in lahang sin pagꞌanyam niya baluy.Don’t copy the way she makes sleeping mats with the weaving far apart.adjmalahang/māhangFar apart (in distance or time).Malahang magꞌanak in asawa niya.The pregnancies of his wife are far apart.vST pat mag-, -um-.To become far apart.Lumahang in pagbutang sin tambuku bang mu diꞌ sukurun.The placing of the buttons will become far apart if you don’t measure the distance.ANT.*sikutCf.lawak
lahasiyaꞌ11nRelatives.Mataud lahasiyaꞌ ku ha Parang.I have a lot of relatives in Parang.vRC ag mag-.(For people) to be relatives.Maglahasiyaꞌ sila iban sin manga tau ini.They are relatives of these people.Cf.kampung
lahasiyaꞌ2var.rahasiyaꞌnA secret.Ayaw mu pagbaytaan in lahasiyaꞌ biyaytaꞌ ku kaymu.Don’t tell anybody the secret I’ve told you.vag mag-; pat hi-; goal -an.To reveal a secret or confide (something to someone).Lahasiyaan ta kaw sin pasal sin sīn nalawaꞌ.I’ll confide to you the secret behind the missing money.
lahiꞌnA variety of bamboo.Often used to make shafts for local three-pronged fish spears.
*lahilvact/pat -um-.To come to light, appear visibly.In unu-unu kasabunnalan minsan hitapuk lumahil da.Whatever is true even though it is hidden it will come to light.Piyalahil sin Tuhan hi Isa Almasi mari pa dunya.God caused Jesus Christ to appear here on earth.Cf.nyataꞌ
lahing1n(A mature, ripe) coconut (with meat).Kuguta ba kākuꞌ in lahing.Will you grate the coconut for me?niyug2nThe flesh or meat of the mature ripe coconut.niyugvAR ag mag-; ran -an.To add fresh coconut meat (from the mature coconut to a food).Lahingan ta in bibingka ini.We’ll add fresh coconut meat to the steamed rice cakes.Subay liyalahingan in bangbang ampa mananam.Confections should have fresh coconut meat added in order to be tasty.
lahuꞌnAn eclipse (of the sun or moon).Bang awn lahuꞌ subay kunuꞌ mamayguꞌ in manga burus ha lusung ha supaya way ila sin bataꞌ hipagꞌanak nila.It is said that if there’s an eclipse then pregnant women should bathe in a mortar so their children won’t be born with birthmarks.vact/pat mag-; pat -un.For an eclipse to occur.Liyahuꞌ in bulan kabii.There was an eclipse of the moon last night.
lahudnA swollen mark (on skin produced by strokes of a lash or whip), welt.Mataud lahud sin bataꞌ ini ha taykud.This child has many welts on his back.vact/pat mag-, -um-; ran -an.To have welts.Ayaw kusuga in paglubak mu bat diꞌ lahuran in anak mu.You shouldn’t whip hard or your child will have welts.Maytaꞌ liyahuran in baran mu yan?Why does your body have welts?Cf.bintulbusul
lahutnA variety of Tausug knife with a sharp-pointed blade.Lahut in panghuyaan sin sapiꞌ.Use the sharp-pointed knife to cut the beef.Cf.laringutakpisawjanap
*laisvag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To pull or draw (something) up with little effort, (as a skirt, curtain, or mosquito net).Laisa ba in kurtina yan.Will you draw up that curtain.Cf.*utunghillaꞌ
lakaꞌ-lakaꞌnLicentious or lewd words.Diꞌ tūpun in usug magbissara lakaꞌ-lakaꞌ.It’s not proper for men to speak licentious words.vag mag-, -um-, mang-; goal -an.To utter licentious or lewd words.Bang manga babai in magkālu asal maglakaꞌ-lakaꞌ sadja.If women quarrel they naturally utter licentious words at each other.OV SYN.lakat-lakatCf.lumuꞌ
lakabnA flood.Awn sadja lakab bang makusug in ulan.There is always a flood when there is heavy rain.vact/pat mag-, -um-; ran -an.To flood.Mahang maglakab dī kāmuꞌ.It seldom floods here.Cf.dunuklatapumbak tawpan
lakad1vag mag-, -um-, mang-; goal -un.To step to (a place with big steps).Lakarun ku dayn dī pa hansipak.I’ll step from here to the other side.vran -an.To step over (something).Lakaran ku sadja in ād yaun.I’ll just step over that fence.2vran -an.To skip or miss something.Kiyalakaran ku in hangka-dān walaꞌ nabassa.I skipped a line in my reading.Kiyalakaran ku hi Anang walaꞌ naitung.I missed counting Anang.Cf.liyu 1
lakamadj(Of a ring) plain.In singsing lakam, wayruun palmata.A plain ring does not have a gem in it.
lakatnDampness, dankness, slight muddiness.Tarapuhi niyu in lakat ha kusina.Wipe up the slight muddiness in the kitchen.vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To scatter (something watery, soggy, or sloppy); slop (something).Ayaw kamu maglakat sin sabaw ha lamisahan.Don’t slop the soup on the table.viST pat ma-.To be spilled upon, splashed with.Nalakat in badjuꞌ niya sin pinta.Her dress got paint spilled on it.adjmalakatDamp, dank, slightly muddy.Malakat in dān bang pangulan.The road is slightly muddy when it’s raining.Cf.basaꞌhamishimmil
lakat-lakatadj(Of speech) abusive.Diꞌ aku mabayaꞌ magdungug sin bissara lakat-lakat.I don’t like to listen to abusive talk.vag mag-; goal -an.To speak abusively.Ayaw kamu maglakat-lakat bang awn manga bataꞌ nagdurungug.Don’t speak abusively when there are children listening.OV SYN.lakaꞌ-lakaꞌ
lakbangnWidth (as of a board or paper).Biyaꞌdiin in lakbang sin pasagiꞌ kagunahan muꞌ?What width of a (i.e., how wide a) board do you need?vST pat -um-.To become wider.Lumakbang in gūma bang hitarun.The rubber will become wider if it is stretched.Palakbangun ku in paghinang sin hanig kantil.I’ll make the bed cover wider.adjmalakbangWide.Subay malakbang dayn dī in digpiꞌ hipagbubung.We need a wider board than this for the ridge board.Cf.luagablanggayad