Tausug - English


lamdusnA cork (used to cover a bottle).Haunu na in saub lamdus sin kassaꞌ tawyu?Where is the cork cover of the soy sauce bottle?
lamiadjmalamiFunny, droll, comical, amusing, entertaining, joyful.Malami tuud in pagsini-sini.The stage show was really funny.nlami-lamiFun, entertainment, celebration, amusement.Himagdir kami sin lami-lami ha bāy nila.We attended the celebration at their house.vag mag-, -um-.To have fun, enjoy (something), celebrate, amuse oneself.Maglami-lami kitaniyu ubus maghinang.Weꞌll celebrate (a party) after working.Cf.langugkuyag
laminnTransmission (of something, as a disease, bad or good manners) from one person to another.vag mang-, -um-; ran -an.To contaminate or be contaminated with something (as a disease or bad manners); (for something) to rub off (on one).Ayaw kaw magdaig ha tau kulapan bat kaw diꞌ kalaminan.Don’t go near a fellow with ichthyosis, you might get contaminated.Salugay nila nagbagay iban sin bataꞌ maingat yan kiyalaminan isab sila sin ingat niya.As long as they have been friends with that bright child his knowledge has rubbed off on them.vact/pat mag-.To spread, (for a disease) to be contagious.Hangkarayꞌ da maglamin in sakit bilas.Conjunctivitis is very contagious.Cf.latag
lamisahannA table.In lamisahan hi mastal Reyes hīnang ha Tawi-Tawi.The table of Mr. Reyes was made in Tawi-Tawi.vag mag-.To use a table (in eating, writing, etc.).Diꞌ siya mabayaꞌ maglamisahan ha ini.She doesn’t want to use this table.
*lamitvag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To share (something, esp. food, with someone).Lamit-lamita in kindi ha manga bataꞌ.Share the candy with the children.Cf.bahagiꞌ
lammanWeakness, illness, sickness; boredom.Subay dāhun pa huspital in bataꞌ ini sabab magsusūng in lamma niya.We must take this child to the hospital because its weakness is increasing (i.e., it’s getting weaker).adjmalammaWeak, ill, sick; bored.Diꞌ aku makahinang sabab malamma pa aku.I can’t work because I’m still weak.vact/pat mag-, -um-; ran -an.To become weak, ill, sick; be or become bored.Magsusūng in adlaw maglalamma in bataꞌ.The child is becoming weaker each day.Cf.ukuy
lampanCurry powder.Masarap in manuk butangan lampa.Chicken is delicious with curry powder.GENR.pamāpa
lampagadjCareless (also malampag).Lampag in bataꞌ ini makabagbag sadja lāy.This child is so careless, she always breaks plates.Mataud hinang makangiꞌ sin tau malampag.Much work can be destroyed by a careless person.vag mag-; pat -un.To carelessly leave (things around), fail to tidy up or put things back in their place.Lampagun mu sadja in panayaman mu pawyu-pawyu.You just carelessly leave your toys anywhere.nkalampaganCarelessness.Diꞌ ta kaw bīhan tamungun bang bihān in kalampagan mu.I won’t buy you clothes if that’s the way your carelessness is.
lampakvag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; ran -an.To put out matching funds, show one’s security stake (in a game).Diꞌ aku mabayaꞌ bang mu diꞌ lampakan in taun ku yan.I don’t want to play if you don’t match my stake.Duwanggatus in kiyalampak ku ha pagpanayaman.I put out two hundred as matching stake in the game of chance.Cf.taun1 tūk 1
lampasunA coconut husk used for scrubbing the floor, a mop.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To scrub (a floor with a coconut husk), mop (a floor).Lampasuhi in lantay.Scrub the floor.Cf.*lanuꞌtarapu
lampawadjMore, superior, greater (in degree, number, height, weight, size, etc.).Lampaw in daya niya dayn kātuꞌniyu katān.His riches are greater than all of ours.vag mang-, -um-; ran -an.Usu. with naka-.To outdo (someone), surpass, excel, exceed or be superior (in something, as degree, quality, value); be excessive.Nakalampaw in taud nila.They are superior in number.Nakalampaw in taas.Superior in height.Nakalampaw in buꞌgat.Superior in weight.Lumampaw siya dayn ha katān ha susūngun.He is going to surpass everyone in the future.Lampawan niya in kusug ku.He is trying to outdo my strength.OV SYN.labikaruklabbawCf.landuꞌ
lampayaꞌvar.tampayaꞌ1adj(Of a person’s face) broad, open, round.In tau kiyakitaan ku kimawaꞌ sin bāg lampayaꞌ in pamayhuan niya.The person whom I saw take the bag had a round face.2adj(Of an earthenware plate) large.Butangan in kaunun ha lāy lampayaꞌ.Put the cooked rice on a large earthenware plate.
lampik1nA lining or layer (of the same or different material to protect against leak, pressure, etc. or make something thicker); saddlecloth (of an animal).Butangi lampik in baluy yan bat dumakmul.Put a layer under that mat so it will be thicker.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To put a layer or lining under or inside of (something so as to prevent leak, pressure, etc. or make something thicker).Lampikan ta in taykud sin kuraꞌ ini.Let’s put a lining (i.e., a saddle cloth) on this horse’s back.Lampiki yan sin kātas.Line that with paper.Cf.haniglapis1 bikal2vag mag-.(With bichara and preceded by negation), to speak directly, frankly or bluntly.Diꞌ maglampik bissara in tau yan minsan da hisiyu in kumangiꞌ in atay.That man speaks bluntly regardless of whoever gets hurt.OV SYN.*tumlang
lampin1nA piece of cloth for wrapping a baby, a diaper.Gantii in lampin sin bataꞌ-bataꞌ bang basaꞌ.Change the baby’s diaper if it is wet.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To wrap or put a fresh diaper on a baby.Lampini in bataꞌ-bataꞌ.Diaper the baby.
lampin2vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To whip, strike or kick (with a leg or a tail, as a crocodile tail); sweep (something toward or away from the agent) with the leg or tail; flip one’s legs.Malami maglampin in manga bataꞌ ha dagat.It’s joyful to watch children flip their legs in the sea.Nalampin siya sin buaya.He was struck by the tail of the crocodile.Hipanglampin ku in siki ku ha sumuuk kākuꞌ.I’ll use my legs to whip anybody who comes near me.OV SYN.*ladjaw 1
lampunA kerosene lamp (with a glass chimney around the wick).Sūi na in lampu magrib na.Light the lamp. It’s evening already.Cf.palitaankulayt
lampunvact/pat mag-.To be equal, be the same (in degree).Naglampun in karupangan sin manga bataꞌ yan.Those kids are really the same in their naughtiness.
lamud1nSomething added or mixed (with something to form a blend or mixture).Awn lamud gandum sin kahawa ini.This coffee is mixed with corn.Unu in lamud sin pansit?What is the (meat) mixed with the noodles?vag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; ran -an.To add (something to something else, as in cooking); mix (things) together.Lamuri ullang in sayul.Add shrimp to the vegetable.Lamuran na in tugun ku ha sulat mu.Include my order in your letter.Ayaw papaglamura in istaꞌ dakulaꞌ iban asibiꞌ.Don’t mix together the big and small fish.OV SYN.lamuklamugay 12nA participant, member, someone who has a part or is involved in something; involvement.Lamud kami ha parhimpunan sin manga Muslim ha Manilaꞌ.We are members of the Muslim association in Manila.Lamud ka kamu ha panayam ini?Are you participants in this game?Wayruun lamud niya sin pagpatay ha gubnul.He has no involvement in the killing of the governor.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.Sometimes rdp.To participate or take part in, join; associate with (someone); intervene, interfere, meddle.Lumamud aku magpanayam.I’ll join the game.Diꞌ aku mabayaꞌ lamuran maghinang sin tau lisuan.I don’t want a lazy person to join me in my work.Maytaꞌ kaw maglamud-lamud sin bukun parakalaꞌ mu?Why do you interfere when it’s not any of your affair?Liyalamuran sin parinta Milikan in unu-unu pakaradjaan ha kahulaꞌ-hulaan.The American government meddles with the affairs of other nations.OV SYN.lapay 1simbugCf.agad 1misraꞌ
lamugay1vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To mix, mingle; stir (things together).Liyamugay niya in kahawa pa tubig mapasuꞌ.He mixed the coffee with the hot water.Piyapaglamugay niya na in sukal iban tirigu.He mixed the sugar and flour.Subay diꞌ maglamugay in manga usug iban babai ha hambuuk bilik.The boys and girls should not be mixed in one room.Diꞌ aku mabayaꞌ maglamugay iban sin manga tau yan.I don’t want to mix with those people.OV SYN.lamud 1gawgaw2adjUntidy, disarranged, in a confused or disorderly condition, mixed up; confused and incoherent (as of speech).Lamugay in manga kakatasan ha lamisahan mu.The papers on your table are in a disorderly condition.Lamugay in pagbutang sin manga būk.The books are disarranged.Lamugay in pagbissara niya.His speech is confused and incoherent.vag mag, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To disarrange, jumble, throw (something) into disorder.Naglamugay in listahan sin ngān sin tau, hangkan kiyahunitan aku.The list of people’s names is disarranged, that’s why I have difficulty.Cf.lamugutpulak-palik
lamugutadj./advNot in order, untidy, sloppy, unsystematic.Lamugut in pagsulat sin manga ngān.The names are not written in order.In tau lisuan lamugut in hinangan.A lazy person does a sloppy job.Lamugut in paghinang niya.His way of working is unsystematic.vag -um-, mag-; pat -un.To do something in a disorderly, sloppy, or unsystematic manner; mess (something) up; be thrown into an agitated confusion.Maglamugut in hinang mu bang kaw magꞌūs-ꞌūs sadja.Your work will be sloppily done if you’re always in such haste.Liyamugut niya in manga kakatasan ha lamisahan ku.He messed up the papers on my table.Naglamugut sadja nagsuntuk in manga kabataan.The kids are agitatedly and confusedly fistfighting.Cf.lamugay 2sulang-salingpulak-palik
lamuknFish, seafood, or meat (cooked with vegetables or noodles, as minced meat, chicken, shrimp, or dried fish).Unu in lamuk sin sayul liyutuꞌ mu?What meat did you use with the cooked vegetables?vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To add fish, seafood, or meat (to vegetables or noodles).Lamuki ullang in pansit.Add shrimp to the noodles.adjmalamukAccompanied by plenty of fish, seafood, meat, or chicken.Masarap in pansit bang malamuk.Pansit is delicious if it has plenty of chicken, meat, and shrimp in it.Cf.lamud 1
lamunnNearsightedness, shortsightedness (from natural causes, foreign bodies in the eyes, or old age).In lamun sin mata niya dayn ha kabataꞌ-bataꞌ pa.She has been nearsighted since childhood.vact/pat mang-, -um-; pat -un.(For the eyes) to be or become blurred or bleary (due to strain, etc.; often accompanied by a giddy feeling).Bang kaw magbassa malugay manglamun in pangatud mu.When you read for a long time your vision becomes bleary.Cf.*abung2
lana1nOil (a general term, but usu. refers to cooking oil).vag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To put or add cooking oil to something (-an), make cooking oil (-un); oil (something).Kugut kaw lahing, maglana kita.Grate some coconut, we’ll make cooking oil.Subay lanahan in makina.The machine should be oiled.adjmalanaCovered with or containing oil, oily, greasy.Malana in unud sapiꞌ.The beef is oily.nlanahanA container used to make or extract oil.Biyagbag nila in lanahan hi Apuꞌ Agasi.They broke the oil maker of grandfather Agasi.lana lahingcomp.nCoconut oil, cooking oil.lana mahamutcomp.nPerfume.lana gāscomp.nKerosene.2vAR ag mang-; ran -an.To fawn on (someone to obtain favors), butter (someone) up.Lana-lanahan ta siya bat kita dihilan sīn.Let’s fawn on him so he will give us money.Cf.abbu 2animu
lanab1nFlavor, taste (esp. of food).Way lanab sin pagkaun bang way asin niya.Food has no flavor if it has no salt.adjmalanabTasty, delicious.Malanab in pagkaun.The food is delicious.vST pat -um-, mag-.To become tasty.Lumanab in lamay bang awn bitchin niya.The viand becomes tasty when it has vetsin.Cf.nanam 1sarap1 2nThe pleasure enjoyed in sexual relations.
lanasnThe period within which ripe fruits (like mango or durian) fall easily.Ha lawm hangka-pitu ini amuna in lanas hinug mampallam.It will be ripe mango fall period within this week.viaux ma-.For almost all or a great many (of the focused item) to fall or be affected as indicated by the verb (see examples).Nalanas in duyan kabii.A great many durian fell last night.Nalanas miyatay in manga kuminis ha Bitnam.A great many communists died in Vietnam.Nalanas in dahun sin kahuy yan.Almost all the leaves fell from that tree.Nalanas na in ipun ku sabab maas na aku.Almost all of my teeth have fallen out because I’m old.vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.(For an agent [as a person, wind, or fire]) to cause all, almost all, or a great many (of the focused item) to fall or affect them as indicated by the verb.Lanasun ta na in bunga sin mampallam pādpād usibaan sin kabataan.Let’s harvest all the fruit on the mango tree rather than let the children damage it.Liyanas sin manga mundu piyatay in pasahiru ha taas tarak.The outlaws killed almost all the passengers on the bus.Cf.ayas*ambat 1