Tausug - English


pastiꞌnThree of a kind (in certain card games).Dimaug siya nagpanayam sabab in sugal niya pastiꞌ sadja.He won the game because his cards were always three of a kind.
pasu1nA clay flowerpot.
pasu2vag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To horserace.Masūb in manga karatuan magpasu.Datus enjoy horseracing.Pasuhun ku na in kuraꞌ ku.I’ll enter my horse in the race.Pasuhan ku na in kuraꞌ ini kunsum.I’ll race this horse tomorrow (i.e., I’ll be the jockey).
pasuꞌ1nHeat, warmth, high temperature.Diꞌ kasandalan in pasuꞌ sin hulaꞌ yan.I can’t bear the heat of this place.vtag mag-; pat -un.To heat (something).Pasuun ku mayan in mistang.I’ll just heat the gruel later.viST pat -um-, -un.(For something) to become hot, (for someone) to feel hot.Pasuun kaw lumugay.After a while you’ll feel hot.adjmapasuꞌHot, warm.Mapasuꞌ bang panuga.It’s so warm during the summer.Mapasuꞌ in pais niya.Her skin is hot (i.e., she has a high temperature).2nAnger, temper.Subay mu diꞌ dūlan in pasuꞌ mu.You should restrain your temper.vST pat mag-, -um-.To become angry, be in a bad mood, become short-tempered.Ayaw mu siya paglanguga gana-gana masuꞌ.Don’t tease him, he might get angry.Ayaw kaw magsuuk ha tau miyamasuꞌ.Don’t get near a person who is in a bad mood.Cf.dugalastulamāmulkaꞌ 1adjmapasuꞌ(With ū) quick-tempered, hotheaded.Ayaw kaw maglangug ha tau mapasuꞌ ū.Don’t tease a quick-tempered person.3adj./advmapasuꞌUnlucky (of a day or month [e.g., for planting], a house, one’s hands).Mapasuꞌ in bāy bang bakas giyaban sin hās.A house is unlucky if a snake has gotten up into it.ANT.mahagguthaggut1 4
pasuꞌ ataynHot temper, short temper.adjmapasuꞌ atayHot-tempered, short-tempered.In magnakuraꞌ subay bukun mapasuꞌ atay.A leader should not be hot-tempered.atay
pasuꞌ duguꞌadjmapasuꞌ duguꞌFond of love-making, sensual, amorous, passionate.In kaibanan datuꞌ mapasuꞌ in duguꞌ.Some datus are amorous.
pasulig(from pa₂ + sulig)nBaking powder, yeast.In pasulig hipagpabuskag sin bangbang.The baking powder is for making the cookies swell.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To add baking powder (to something, as batter or dough).Subay pasuligan in addun ini.This batter should have baking powder added to it.
pasungnA kind of cone-shaped confection (made of a very light dough of wheat or rice flour mixed with coconut milk and sugar, and boiled in a banana leaf cone).vag mag-.To make this kind of confection.vpat -un.To make (flour or rice flour) into this confection.Pasungun ku in tapung ini.I’ll make cone-shaped confections with this rice flour.7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasions
pasuwaꞌnMoney given away as goodwill (by a person who wins in gambling).Dīhilan niya aku pasuwaꞌ sabab dimaug siya nagpanayam.He gave me money as goodwill because he won in gambling.vag mag-; pat hi-; goal -an, -un.(For one who wins in gambling) to give away money (he won).Hipasuwaꞌ ku in hangpuꞌ pilak ini ha bagay ku.I’ll give away these ten pesos to my friend.Cf.*hampit
pataꞌnA section (of a bamboo or sugar cane).Mabayaꞌ aku mamī hangka-pataꞌ patung.I want to buy one section of a bamboo.Nangayuꞌ aku hangka-pataꞌ tubu.I asked for one section of sugar cane.vag mag-; pat -un.To cut (a bamboo or sugar cane) into sections.Magpataꞌ sila sin manga patung.They’ll cut the bamboos into sections.
patagadjLevel, horizontal (plane), (of elevations) the same.Patag in taas sin bāy ini iban iskul yadtu.The elevation of this house and that school house is the same.vag mag-; pat -un.To level (something).Patagun ta in halaman sin bāy ini.Let’s level the yard of the house.npapatagA level (carpenter’s tool).Kalagihan ta in papatag ha paghinang bāy.We need a level in constructing a house.Cf.pantay 1datag
patahan1nThreshold, doorsill.Yaun siya nagtitindug ha patahan lawang.She’s there standing at the threshold.2nA platform on which rice is threshed.
patay1nA dead body (of a human or animal).Pila in taud sin patay naitung mu?How many dead bodies have you counted?Cf.bangkaymayatadj(Of an animate object) dead.Patay na in amaꞌ niya.His father is dead.vtag mang-; pat -un.To kill (someone).Siya in mamatay ha gubnul.He will kill the governor.Piyatay niya in nakabunuꞌ ha amaꞌ niya.He killed (the person) who murdered his father.viag -um-.To die.Matay kaw bang kaw diꞌ magpaubat.You’ll die if you don’t seek medical treatment.Lillaꞌ aku matay bang pasal mu.I’m more than willing to die for your sake.Cf.*marihang*lindung*wapat*maruhumvtag mag-.To kill (reciprocally).Lānga in manga tau magkālu bat sila diꞌ magpatay.Stop the people who are quarreling so that they won’t kill each other.Cf.bunuꞌmatayderv.vTo wail as in mourning or lamentation.2.1vpat -un.To shut or turn off (an engine, light, water tap, radio).Pataya in ilaw.Turn off the light.Piyatay niya in makina sin jip.He turned off the jeep’s engine.Cf.pūng2.2vi(For something) to come to an end (as if being killed, deadened).Miyatay na in bayaꞌ ku kaniya.My affection for him has died.OV SYN.lawaꞌ2 2.3adjpatay-pataySlow, lacking vigor and enthusiasm to act or do (something); sluggish, inactive, indisposed to exertion, slothful.Bang kaw patay-patay wayruun kasūngan mu.If you’re so slow and inactive you won’t amount to anything.Ayaw kaw magkawaꞌ sin tau patay-patay maghinang.Don’t hire a slothful person.Cf.lallayluming3vag -um-.(To do something) intensely, earnestly or persistently (in an attempt to achieve or gain something).Matay na siya magꞌusaha saꞌ way da matawꞌ niya minsan hambuuk sīn.He works extremely hard to earn money, but he can’t save a single cent.Matay na kaw mamayaꞌ-mayaꞌ kaniya saꞌ diꞌ da siya mayaꞌ kaymu.You are persistently courting her, but she’ll never fall for you.Cf.tuyuꞌ4adjpiyapatay(Of water) boiled.Tubig piyapatay in pagꞌinumun namuꞌ.We drink boiled water.5adj(Of an excuse [daawa]) flimsy, ineffectual.Ayaw kaw magdungug sin daawa patay.Don’t listen to flimsy excuses.
patay in suratanadjHaving no luck in getting married, destined to be unmarried (lit. fate is dead).Mataud na in nangasawa kaniya, saꞌ sampay bihaun way nakabana. Marayꞌ patay in suratan niya.Many (men) have asked her hand in marriage, but until now she is unmarried. She’s probably destined to be unmarried.
patiadvAlways, characterized by, given to.Pati hapdiꞌ in manga bataꞌ ini.These children are always hungry.Pati babai in apuꞌ ku usug.My grandfather is given to sexual promiscuity with women.Pati inum in liyuuran namuꞌ.Our clan is given to drinking alcoholic drinks.
pātihaꞌnThe opening chapter of the Koran.Pātihaꞌ in puunan sin sambahayang.The beginning of prayer is marked by the opening chapter of the Koran.vag mag-.To mutter or recite the opening chapter of the Koran.Magpātihaꞌ aku bang sūng matūg.I recite the opening chapter of the Koran when I’m about to sleep.
patiknA slave of or subject of a sultan.Diꞌ makaalup in patik pa sultan.A slave cannot face his king.Cf.banyagaꞌīpun
patikuwannA coffeepot, teapot.Hinang kaw kahawa ha patikuwan.Make coffee in the coffeepot.SYN.kapitira
patliꞌvag mag-; pat -un.To solder, patch, repair (metal).Papatlian in anglit ini.Have this pot soldered.nmagpapatliꞌA solderer, a person who repairs metal.Dāha pa magpapatliꞌ in tangki buslut.Take the broken tank to the solderer.Cf.*pikit 1.1
pattaꞌnA picture, portrait, photograph, sketch, map.Pakitaan kākuꞌ in pattaꞌ niya kalu ku kakilahan.Show me his picture, I might recognize him.vag mag-; pat -un.To take a photograph (of something).Pattaun ku in manga bataꞌ maggraduwit.I’ll take pictures of the graduating children.
pattinA box, trunk, (with basiꞌ) safe.Tawꞌan ha patti basiꞌ in pilak mu.Store your money in the iron safe.Cf.bakag2labban
patuꞌnA duck (larger-bodied than itik and with a shorter neck).Maingat lumanguy in patuꞌ ha tubig.A duck knows how to swim in water.1: Birds and Flying Insects
patuknA woodworking tool for scraping.Consists of a wide chisel fixed in a head made of woven rattan at the end of a long curved handle. The striking angle of the chisel blade can be adjusted.Kagunahan sin karpintiru in patuk.Carpenters need the scraping tool.
patulakannA kind of indigenous confection made from pounded rice mixed with sugar and shredded coconut, wrapped in banana leaves, and boiled.Masarap iban maymuꞌ in patulakan.The pounded rice confection is sweet and delicious.vag mag-.To make this kind of confection.Hinang kaw tapung magpatulakan kita.Make rice flour and we’ll make pounded rice confection.7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasions
patung1nBamboo.Hinangun ta dagtung in patung ini.We’ll use this bamboo for a water container.Cf.kayawanlahiꞌ