Tausug - English


patung2vag mag-; pat -un.To look at (something) carefully or earnestly.Patunga in bayhuꞌ niya.Look at her face carefully.Cf.atudilag1kitaꞌ 1*pandangliling
patutadjRight, just, lawful, morally good, proper, correct.Bukun patut jīlun in tau way dusa.It is not lawful to put an innocent person in jail.nkapatutanThat which someone has a just claim to; a right; power, privilege, property, etc. that belongs to someone by law, nature, or tradition.Way kapatutan mu magpaīg kākuꞌ dayn ha upis.You have no right to dismiss me from office.Cf.bunnal
*pausvag mag-; pat -un.To peel and chew (sugarcane).Ayaw na kaw magpaus tubu gana-gana mabaliꞌ in ipun mu.Don’t peel and eat sugarcane or you’ll break your teeth.npagpausThe act of peeling and chewing sugarcane.Hindui siya bang biyaꞌ diin in pagpaus sin tubu.Teach him how to peel and chew the sugarcane.Cf.pais
pāwvpat ma-.(For an emotion) to lessen, minimize, decrease.In addat niya mangiꞌ nakapāw sin bayaꞌ ku kaniya.Her bad character has lessened my love for her.OV SYN.baluba 1Cf.kūꞌkulang2 1
pawasadjUnlucky, ill-starred.Esp. spoken of a person who always or frequently loses an opportunity, loses in gambling, etc.In tau pawas mahunit magpakabāk hinang.It’s hard for an unlucky person to find work.Cf.bulsit
*pawlivag mag-, mang-; goal -an.To take revenge (for the death of one’s family or kin), avenge (such a death).Namawli in anak sin tau nabunuꞌ kahapun.The son of the man who was murdered yesterday took revenge.Pawlihan nila sa yan in pagpatay ha taymanghud nila.They will take revenge for the death of their brother.Cf.baws
*pawppuꞌnpagpawppuꞌAbstersion, cleansing (after defecation or urination).Bukun matimud in pagpawppuꞌ mu ha bataꞌ.Your cleansing of the baby is not complete.vAR ag mag-, mang-; ran -an.To cleanse (oneself or someone) with water (after defecation or urination).Bang kaw mihiꞌ subay kaw mamawppuꞌ.After you urinate you should cleanse yourself with water.Pawppuan ku mān in bataꞌ-bataꞌ.I’ll clean the child up with water.Bang ha Muslim diꞌ manjari in kātas hipamawppuꞌ.A Muslim can’t use paper for cleansing.
pawyu-pawyuadvEverywhere, anywhere.Pawyu-pawyu aku naglawag kaymu.I searched for you everywhere.Cf.pakain-pakainpakain
pāynUnhusked rice.Mataud in naani nila pāy.They harvested lots of unhusked rice.adjmapāyCharacterized by having lots of unhusked rice.Ayaw kaw magbī sin bugas mapāy.Don’t buy cooking rice that has lots of unhusked rice mixed in.Cf.bugaskaununkaun 2.2
payaadjLacking physical strength, weak (as from hunger, sickness, or exhaustion).Paya na siya ha paghinangan niya mabuꞌgat.He is already weak from working so hard.vpat ma-, magka-.To lack physical strength, be or become (physically) weak.Hangkan na siya napaya sabab hapdiꞌ.She is weak because of her hunger.OV SYN.luyaCf.hapuslamma
payguꞌ(from pa₂ + liguꞌ)vag mag-, mang-; pat -un; ran -an.To take a bath (mang-), bathe (someone [-an or -un]).Payguꞌ na kaw bābā awn tubig.Take a bath while there is water.Diꞌ aku mabayaꞌ mamayguꞌ bang mahaggut.I don’t like to take a bath when it is cold.Paygua ba in manghud mu.Bathe your younger sibling.Cf.*haplasliguꞌ
paylunDenial.Biyaꞌ bunnal in paylu sin tau ini.This man’s denial seems true.vag mag-, mang-; ran -an.Requires negative with the statement being denied.To deny (something).Ayaw kaw mamaylu, kītaꞌ ta kaw nagdā sin bāg.Don’t deny it, I saw you carrying the bag.Namaylu sila, sin way sila nakatakaw sin sīn.They denied that they stole the money.adjpamayluProne to deny.In tau putingan asal pamaylu.A liar is always prone to deny.
paypaꞌnThe midrib of a leaf (spoken of the palm tree and banana).Kawai ba aku paypaꞌ sayng.Get me a banana leaf midrib.
paysiꞌadjMiserly (usu. of Chinese merchants).In dagbus sin Lannang paysiꞌ ini.Pshaw! you miserly Chinese.Cf.kuriputkaykitikutan/maikutikutmabista*bista
payukannA sea turtle.Bang mangiklug in payukan mataud tuud.When a sea turtle lays eggs there are very many.Cf.bauu
payungnAn umbrella.Dā kaw payung, gana-gana mulan.Carry an umbrella. It may rain.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To use an umbrella, cover (someone) with an umbrella.Payungi in iban mu bat diꞌ mabasaꞌ sin ulan.Cover your companion with your umbrella so she won’t get wet.Subay kita magpayung. Mapasuꞌ tuud in suga yan.We’d better use an umbrella. It’s very hot today.Cf.ubul-ubul1
vag mag-; ran ka-…-an.To owe (in gambling because of not having put one’s bet on the table).Guwaan na in sīn mu sabab kiyapīhan na kaw mataud.Bring out your money, because you owe a lot now.
pīꞌ1vag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To choose, select, pick out, discriminate, decide.Pīꞌ na kaw sin kamatis kabayaan mu.Pick out the tomatoes you want.Ikaw na in magpīꞌ sin kabayaan mu.You make your choice.Diꞌ siya magpīꞌ tau.He doesn’t discriminate between people.Pīꞌ na kaw bang unu in hinangun ta.Decide on what we are going to do.Pīan ta kaw sin hinug kapaya.I’ll pick out a ripe papaya for you.adjmapīꞌChoosy, fastidious, hard to please, discriminating.Mapīꞌ siya ha pagkaun.She is a fastidious eater.2vag mag-, mang-; ran -an.To remove unhusked rice or other particles (from cooking rice).Pīan ku na in bugas bat matugnaꞌ.I’ll remove the unhusked rice from the cooking rice so we can cook it.
*piꞌpiꞌnag mag-, mang-; ran -an.To sit on the floor with knees bent and arms folded over the knees (the legs are not crossed).Ayaw kaw mamiꞌpiꞌ duun, malummiꞌ.Don’t sit there, it’s dirty.OV SYN.pilang1Cf.pūkut
piꞌtangnA white metal (made by mixing zinc with brass).Pangayui kita piꞌtang ha magpapatliꞌ.Ask some white metal for us from the solderer.Cf.tumbaga
piddasvar.pidlasnA flat-bottomed boat (for carrying freight on rivers or along the shore in shallow water, similar to a barge but smaller).In piddas sasakatan umuntas tubig atawa manusul ha daplakan hunasan.A flat-bottomed boat is used to carry passengers or freight across a river and along the seashore.vTV ag mag-; goal -un.To travel on such a boat.Magpiddas kita pa Bangngas.We’ll travel on a flat-bottomed boat to Bangngas.Cf.bangkaꞌ1
pidjunAngle, corner (usu. in the phrase upat pidju ālam/dunya).Nalibut niya in upat pidju ālam.He has gone around the four corners of the universe (i.e., toured the world.)
pidpidadvTremblingly (as from fear, cold, hunger, excitement).Pidpid na siya timabuk sin sīn.He received the money tremblingly.Pidpid na siya dimāgan.He fled tremblingly.vag mag-, mang-.To tremble, shiver.Mamidpid sa kān sin hapdiꞌ bang kaw diꞌ makakaun duway adlaw.You’ll tremble with hunger if you don’t eat for two days.SYN.tatatOV SYN.*jugjug
pigiꞌ1nButtocks.Ha pigiꞌ siya īnjiksiyunan sin duktur.The doctor injected him in the buttocks.2nThe flanks (of a mountain).Yadtu na sila ha pigiꞌ būd.They are there on the flanks of the mountain.
*pigsikvar.tigsik1vtAR ag mang-; ran -an.To splatter, spatter, (something on something) (as of water, grease, splintered metal, or mud).Ayaw kaw magpigsik sin tubig malummiꞌ yan.Don’t splatter that dirty water.Pīgsikan niya aku sin tubig.She splashed me with water.viact/pat mag-, -um-; ran ka-…-an.To splatter, spatter.Kiyapigsikan sin pisak in badjuꞌ ku.My dress got spattered with mud.Kiyapigsikan siya sin supik sin murtal.He was spattered with the shrapnel of the mortar.Tabuni in kakaun bat diꞌ kapigsikan sin lummiꞌ.Cover the food so it won’t be splattered on by dirt.Cf.*sabulak2vran -an.To share (something with someone).Pigsiki aku mari sin sīn diyaugan mu ha pagpanayaman.Share the money you won from gambling with me.