Tausug - English


pigtusvact/pat -um-, mag-; ran ka-…-an.To glance off (something), ricochet, curve.Mīgtus in pungluꞌ dayn ha simintu.The bullet glanced off from the cement wall.Kiyapigtusan siya sin pungluꞌ.He was glanced off by the bullet.vran -an.To change the direction of, curve (something).Pīgtusan niya tuud in pagtiluꞌ niya sin būla hangkan mahunit sāmbutun.He really curved (his throwing of) the ball that’s why it was hard to catch.Cf.liyap
pihaknA tribe, clan.OV SYN.bangsaadjNative (to a place).Pihak siya Tausug.He’s a native Tausug.Cf.purulvag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To separate or segregate (people), discriminate (against someone).Subay pihakun in tau mataud ini supaya di maglamugay.This crowd must be segregated so that they (i.e., different tribes) won’t be mixed together.Wayruun pagpihak tau ha Lupaꞌ Sūg.There’s no discrimination against people in Sulu.adjpihakan(Of a certain tribe) characterized (by something).
piilnActions, deeds.Amura in dayaw piil in marā pa ahirat.Your good deeds are the only things you’ll be able to bring to the afterlife.vag mag-; pat -un.To act, imitate (the actions of someone).Piilun natuꞌ in piil sin manga kanabihan amu in kiyalasahan sin Tuhan.Let’s imitate the actions of the prophets whom God loved.Cf.addattabiatlaku
pikalnWorry, anxiety.Diꞌ aku makakitaꞌ kahulaꞌ-hulaan sabab sin pikal ku ha manga anak asawa ku hikabīn.I cannot see places because of my anxiety over leaving behind my wife and children.adjWorried, anxious.Ayaw kaw mapikal sin pasal nila.Don’t be worried about them.vag mag-; ran ka-…-an.To worry, be anxious.Diꞌ aku makauwiꞌ pasal awn pa kiyapikalan sin pamikil ku.I can’t go home yet because there is something my mind is anxious about.Walaꞌ siya nagꞌūs-ꞌūs miyagad sabab kiyapikalan niya in hinang niya.She didn’t come along right away because she was worrying about her work.Cf.susa
pikatnA mucous discharge from the eye (often euphemistically called ‘sand’ or ‘sleep’ in English).Īgi in pikat ha mata mu.Get rid of the sand in your eye.vST act mag-; pat -un.To have a sticky discharge (on the eyes).Pikatun/Magpikat in mata ta bang kita bībilas.Our eyes have a discharge when we have inflammation of the eyes.Pamaꞌmus kaw madtu. Pīpikat pa kaw yan.Go wash. Your eyes are all sticky.Cf.liblib
pikilnA thought.Unu in pikil mu kākuꞌ?What is your thought about me (i.e., what do you think of me)?vag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To think.Pikila in manga anak mu.Think of your children.npikilanThe result of thinking, thought, idea, opinion, concept.Way aku kiyaamuhan sin pikilan mu.I don’t agree with your idea.npamikil(The act or process of) thinking, power of reasoning or of conceiving ideas.Biyaꞌ diꞌ magkugdan in pamikil mu yan.Your thinking seems to be incoherent.Cf.akkal 1taliꞌ*kannalway pikilancomp.nNot stopping to think, thoughtless.
*pikit1.1vCV 1 ag mag-; pat -un, hi-; ran -an.To stick to, paste (something somewhere).Pikitan in pattaꞌ ini ha dingding.Paste this picture on the wall.viact/pat -um-.To adhere to something.Diꞌ mikit in kātas ini pa dingding.This paper won’t adhere to the wall.npipikitpaste, glue.Timugas na in pipikit ini.This glue has hardened.1.2vag -um-.To cling (to someone, esp. of a child who is emotionally attached to his mother).Mīmikit sadja in bataꞌ ini ha inaꞌ niya.This child is always clinging to his mother.Cf.luway-luway2vag mang-.To affiliate with (a family) through marriage, marry into (a family).Mahunit in mamikit ha dayahan.It’s hard to marry into a rich family.npiyamikitanA relative by marriage, in-law.Ayaw kaw maghulaꞌ ha manga piyamikitan mu.Don’t live with your in-laws.
pikpiknA wing (of a bird or plane).Uturi in pikpik sin manuk-manuk bat diꞌ makalupad.Trim the bird’s wings so it can’t fly.
*pikuꞌvCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To bend (something, as iron or rattan).Pikua kunuꞌ in basiꞌ yaun.Will you bend that iron please.Cf.kallukkulluk
pikukadjCrippled (by having the arm bent, not from birth).Pikuk in buktun niya.His arm is crippled.Cf.pingkaꞌ
pikulnA unit of weight equivalent to 100 kilos.Pila mu bayaran in hangka-pikul lahing?How much will you pay for 100 kilos of copra?Cf.kīlu
*pikulvag mag-; pat -un.To squeeze (the neck with the purpose of choking), choke (someone).Pīkul niya in liug sin iban niya.He squeezed the neck of his companion.Cf.tabid*pugaꞌ
pikutnThe common housefly.Subay diꞌ patapuun in pikut ha pagkaun.Flies should not be allowed to light on food.
pilanHow much? How many?Pila in miyatay sundalu?How many soldiers died?Pila in kiyabī mu sin badjuꞌ yan?How much did you buy that dress for?Diꞌ ku kaingatan bang pila in kiyabī.I don’t know how much was paid.
pilaꞌvCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To cut down (trees).Pilaꞌ kaw duwa puun niyug.Cut down two coconut trees.Pagpilaꞌ kamu madtu kahuy.Go and cut down some trees.Magpilaꞌ kami kahuy kunsūm.We’ll cut down trees tomorrow.Pilaun ta in puun sayng ini.Let’s cut down this banana plant.Pilaan ta kaw hangka-puun niyug.I’ll cut down one coconut tree for you.Cf.*tuisutud
*piladvST pat ma-, magka-.To be lured, allured, tempted, enticed, seduced.Mapilad sa yan in īman mu sin lingkat niya.You’ll be allured by her beauty.In pilak makapilad sin īman sin tau.Money tempts people.
pilak1nSilver (the metal).Pilak in pūhan sin kalis niya.The hilt of his kris is silver.2nMoney, pesos.Awn hangpuꞌ pilak ku.I have ten pesos.Cf.altaanaltaꞌdayahandaya
pilanduk1nA mousedeer, chevrotain.4: Animals, Non-flying2nA rabbit.Malagguꞌ in taynga sin pilanduk.A rabbit’s ears are big.4: Animals, Non-flying
pilang1vag mang-; ran kapang-…-an.To sit on the floor with one leg crossed over the other, sit cross-legged.Namimilang in imam ha baluy.The imam is sitting cross-legged on the mat.Ayaw mu hiklara in palmaddaniꞌ mu duun, kapamilangan sa yan sin manga tau.Don’t spread your carpet there, people will sit cross-legged on it.Cf.lingkudpūkut
pilang2nA stove or fireplace (of sand and stones).Īgi in abu dayn ha pilang.Remove the ashes from the stove.Cf.dapulansukul1
pilayadjLame.viST pat ma-.To become lame.Maytaꞌ siya napilay?What made him lame?vtag mag-; pat -un.To make (something) lame.Pīlay niya in siki sin bagay niya.He made his friend’s foot lame.SYN.pingkaꞌ
piligruTag.adjDangerous, risky.Piligru pa bihaun in dān pa gimba.The road into the interior is still dangerous.nkapiligruhanDanger.Wayruun kapiligruhan dī minsan kita manaw tungaꞌ dūm.There is no danger here even if we go out at midnight.Cf.maanib*anib
pilihanadjFastidious, selective, choosy.Pilihan tuud in babai ini ha pagtamung.This lady is really fastidious in dress.Pilihan siya ha pagkaun.He’s selective about food.Pilihan siya ha magbagay.He’s selective in making friends.Cf.pīꞌ 1nA model, standard, pattern (esp. of a woman with beauty, wit, good morals).Siya in babai pilihan ha Lupaꞌ Sūg.She is a model of a Tausug woman.Cf.suntuan
pilik-piliknA whistle.Awn pilik-pilik sin pulis.The policeman has a whistle.vag mag-; goal -an.To blow a whistle (at someone).Naraak ka kaw sin pulis magpilik-pilik?Did the policemen ask you to blow the whistle?SYN.pītu
*pilinsavCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To iron (clothes, etc.).Pilinsaha ba in badjuꞌ ku ini.Will you iron this dress for me?npilinsahanAn iron.Awn pilinsahan nila kurinti.They have an electric iron.