Tausug - English


pilisunA prisoner.Kiyakadinahan in manga pilisu.The prisoners are chained.vST pat ma-.To become a prisoner.Mapilisu kaw bang way magpiyansa kaymu.You’ll become a prisoner if there’s no one to provide bail for you.
*pillatvtag mag-; pat -un; goal -an.To turn back (the upper eyelid to show displeasure).Masapat siya magpillat sin mata niya.He is expert at turning back his eyelid.Unu in nakapillat sin mata mu?What causes your eyelid to turn back?Ayaw pillata in mata mu bang kaw maglangug ha bataꞌ-bataꞌ bat diꞌ mugaꞌ.Don’t turn back your eyelid when you play with the child so it will not be frightened.Cf.*pirat
*pillawvact/pat mag-.(For one’s eye) to blink, (for a lamp, candle, etc.) to twinkle or shine unsteadily.Nagpillaw-pillaw in palitaan.The lamp is twinkling.vag mag-; pat hi-, -un.To blink (one’s eyes).Amuna in kaamulahi niya magpillaw-pillaw sin mata.It’s her nature to twinkle her eyes.Pillawan in mata mu.Blink your eyes.Cf.kullap
*pilu1vag mag-; pat -un.To rub (something) between the hands, roll out (dough), rub off (dirt from the body).Subay piluhun makamataud in addun.The dough should be twisted many times.Piluha in lubag dayn ha buktun mu.Rub off the dirt from your arm.Cf.tabid*hilug2vag mag-.To twist (the body, as in dancing).In bayla sin manga kabataan bihaun, magpilu sadja sin hawakan.In the dancing of the young people now, they’re always twisting their waist.
piluk matanEyelash.Malingkat bang malantik in piluk mata.It’s pretty when eyelashes curl upwards.
pilyuTag.adjNaughty.Pilyu in bataꞌ ini.This child is naughty.
pindavag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To become different, pass from one phase to another, change; change, switch (something).Nagpinda na in tingug hi Utuꞌ.My boy’s voice has changed.Diꞌ siya mabayaꞌ pindahan in ngān niya.She doesn’t want her name to be changed.Nagpinda sila hulaan.They changed residence.Pindahi in badjuꞌ mu pa pula yaun.Change your dress to that red one.Subay mu pindahan in addat mu mangiꞌ.You should change your bad habits.Manjari ta pindahan in saraꞌ.We can change the laws.Ayaw kaw magpinda-pinda sin lingkuran mu.Don’t keep on changing your seat.Cf.sambiꞌ*hayn*layn*salin 1
pindangvag mag-; pat -un.To cut into parts (from the whole of something like fish or meat).Nagpindang aku istaꞌ bat awn makaun ku magbalik.I cut the fish into parts so that I will have something to eat again.Cf.*tuktuk1tamaꞌutud
*pinditvCV 3 ag mag-; pat -un.To carry (something) with the hand, dangling from the hand.Pindita in baldi pa bāy.Carry the pail (of water) to the house.
*pinigTapul/Lugusvag mag-; pat -un.To segregate (people), discriminate against (people).Subay diꞌ pinigun in manga miskin dayn ha dayahan.The poor must not be segregated from the rich.npagpinigSegregation, discrimination.Awn pagpinig sin manga tau ha hulaꞌ Milikan.There’s racial discrimination in the United States.Cf.pīꞌ 1kandī
pinjalaꞌvtag mag-; pat -un.To oppress cruelly, persecute.Napinjalaꞌ sila sin manga Jipun.They were persecuted by the Japanese.vipat ma-.To be in distress.Mapinjalaꞌ kitaniyu bang way na pagkaun.We will be in distress if there’s no more food.Cf.tiksaꞌ
pinjamannPoeticA place where we only pass by, temporary place to live in.Dunya ini pinjaman hapitan panayaman.This world is a temporary place to live in where we stay for a while and play.
*pinsanvST pat ma-.To die instantly (usu. used as a cursing word).Bang mān kaw mapinsan da.May you die instantly.In paliꞌ niya ha ū hangkan napinsan siya magtuy.His wound was on the head, that’s why he died instantly.vtpat -un.To kill (something).Pinsanun sa kaw yan sin banta mu.Your enemy will kill you.Cf.patay 1*ligis*tubagsalaklaglagbugtang
pinsilEng.nA pencil.Hayti in pinsil ini.Sharpen this pencil.
pintanPaint (a substance for protective or decorative coating of surfaces).Diꞌ manjari in pinta ini hipagpinta simintu.This paint can’t be used for painting cement.vag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To paint (something).Pintahun ta kalas in bilik mu.We’ll paint your room pink.
pintalnThe main string attached to a kite (that holds it firmly in balance).Subay makamdus in pintal sin taguriꞌ.The main string attached to the kite must be durable.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To attach a main string (to a kite).Subay ta pintalan in taguriꞌ mu.We must attach a main string to your kite.Cf.hapun
pintasvag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To pass by, go over or through (something).Pintas kaw dayn ha bāy namuꞌ bang kaw pa tabuꞌ.Pass by our house when you go to the market.Nakapintas na dayn dī in tiyatagaran mu?Did the one you are waiting for pass by?Mīntas sadja siya walaꞌ minsan naglingiꞌ.She just passed by without even turning her head.Ayaw mu siya papintasa dayn dī.Don’t let her pass by here.OV SYN.labayCf.timbayuntas
*pintingvag mag-; pat -un.To hang (something) by a support from above (so as to allow free movement or for something) to so hang; hang on (to something, as a jeep or truck).Pintinga in manga pattaꞌ ini.Hang these pictures.Unu in nagpipinting ha taas atup yaun?What is that thing hanging from the roof?Diꞌ makajari magpinting in pasahiru ha jip.Passengers are not allowed to hang on to the jeep.nA pendant of a necklace.Cf.gantung*sagnat
pintulnAchilles tendon.Piyalian siya ha pintul sin siki niya ha pagbunuꞌ nila.He was wounded on the Achilles tendon of his foot in their fighting.
pinturuꞌvar.pintuluꞌadjWell-trained.Pinturuꞌ in manga bataꞌ yan.Those children are well-trained.vag mag-; pat -un.To discipline, train, correct (someone), develop good character (usu. by giving disciplinary punishment).Subay pinturuun sin manga maas in manga anak nila bābā asibiꞌ pa.Parents should discipline their children while they are still young.In pagpinturuꞌ sin maas marayaw.The way the elders train them is good.Cf.hinduꞌ*biatpantun
pingagadjChipped, frayed, chewed.Bugitan na in mampallam pingag.Throw away the chipped mango.vtag mag-; pat -un.To chip off, break or cut off a small piece (of something).Pingagun niya in basu yan.She’ll chip off that glass.Ayaw pingaga in kapaya yan.Don’t chip off that papaya.utudvipat ma-.To become chipped, frayed, chewed.Bang mapingag in lāy yan bugitan na.Discard that plate if it gets chipped.Napipingag in higad lāy yan.The edge of that plate is chipped.Cf.tibiꞌ
pinggannA bowl, concave container for food.Butangan in sabaw ha pinggan.Put the soup in the bowl.
pinggud1vpat ma-.To become entangled, impeded, hampered (as of a horse in the reins or a child in its clothes).Napinggud in kambing ha kakumuhan.The goat got entangled in the bushes.Cf.gumun
pinggud2vag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To shorten (a rope or line).Subay pingguran in hukut sin lansa supaya makaabut pa jambatan.The hawser of the launch should be shortened so that it (the launch) can reach the wharf.Cf.*libud
pingkaꞌadjLame.Diꞌ makapanaw mabiskay in tau pingkaꞌ.A lame person can’t walk fast.viST pat -um-, mag-; pat ma-.To become lame.Subay upirahan in siki mu bat kaw diꞌ mapingkaꞌ.Your foot should be operated on so you won’t become lame.vact/pat mag-.To limp.Magpingkaꞌ siya sabab napiul in siki niya.He limps because his foot is sprained.OV SYN.pilayCf.piudpiul